Subaru Dog Tested | Subaru Commercial | Windshield Wiper

63 thoughts on “Subaru Dog Tested | Subaru Commercial | Windshield Wiper

  1. I have a dark blue Subaru outback & 2 bull dogs! They love the Subaru, Mera would drive if she could!

  2. I don't know about Subaru's, but their dog commercials are great.

  3. Subaru has the best commercial right now. Who's the talent behind this?

  4. my bull does not slubber like that …looks like KY coming out his mouth ehhhhh!

  5. Finally some great commercials. Subaru got my attention. Smart approach!

  6. весело

  7. My mother-in-law has an English Bulldog, he slobbers pretty bad too! Hilarious!

  8. Driving dogs. That's adorable. What's not so adorable is the repair costs on these things when they suffer engine failure. Mine spun it's rod bearings just after warranty expiration. Total engine loss, and an ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLAR repair bill.

  9. perritos encantadores!!!
    jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja

  10. what is the name of the song playing in the back ground and who sang it?

  11. The way the two dogs look at each other at 0:16 😂😂. So damn funny!

  12. I cannot believe people didnt like this! These are THE BEST COMMERCIALS hands down! Keep them coming! LMAO!

  13. This dog drives much better than me 🙂
    Please, Add Subtitles/CC for your native or favorite language!
    (mouse over at the lower right of the video screen and click on Settings button > Add Subtitles/CC > Select languages)

  14. These Funny Dog Commercials Seem To Be More Funnier Then The Human Counterparts. Dog Commercials Always Make Laugh.

  15. Best commercials ever. Right up there with the Budweiser clydesdales.

  16. I get the humor but most bulldogs don’t slobber like this. Time to show our bullies some love instead!

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