100 thoughts on “SureTrader Broker Review DAY TRADING UNDER 25K!

  1. Is every purchase you make with Margin when you use suretrader or can you chose to use your own equity?

  2. i must tell you that there is other brokers also.

    and colmex. no pdt and a tone of leverage. chek it out uf you want. i use colmex.

  3. I heard the demo version is not like the real one. If someone knows what is the difference??

  4. guys. can i short sell stocks with cash account if not then i open a margin account can i then short sell stocks with no interest if i am not holding it overnight…pls answer

  5. If u are in the US you'll have no way around the PDT cuz it's Finra regulated
    Unless ur from Canada or else where than you good and you have no PDT shit

  6. But why does SureTrader have such shit reviews online. I DONT UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hey can you help me if i'm having a loss of $300 in suretrader with a margin account to 1:6 they will send me a margin call

  8. I have a question for you. I bought the DEMO to check it out and I noticed the moving average lines seem to have breaks in the lines. Did you have this issue?

  9. DO NOT open a SureTrader account people, they're the worst broker out there. They have it setup in away that all odds will be against you. High commission fees, hidden fees, horrible support staff and an awful platform that crashes multiple times everyday. They will liquidate any position you have whenever they feel like, even if you're up in the green. Don't make a mistake opening an account with those crooks. The owner of SureTrader, Guy Gentile was officially charged with securities fraud by the US Attorney’s Office in 2016. Don't make the same mistake I made. I ignored all warnings from others' comments and reviews. I even ignored my own friends' advice who used them in past. Hey, we all live and learn and I've learned my lesson the hard way. I've recovered what I lost with these crooks and now making real money with other brokers. If you're looking to avoid the PDT rule like I was, don't use SureTrader, just open three different account with multiple brokers to have more trades per week. That's what I did after leaving those crooks and I've been very successful since. Don't make the same mistake I made!

  10. great video, perfect commentary about suretrader and trading. Great opportunity, I look forward to using this broker soon.

  11. can you remove money daily in suretrader or is it weekly? is their a cap to how much you can remove or is there a percentage?

  12. Patrick, thank you so much for this video. My only concern is order execution, have you had any issues with the web version? Not sure if I want to pay for the desktop, but I might get the mobile app. Support told me no difference in execution between web/desktop but wonder if it's true. I've heard of limit orders not executing timely (after they are already in place specifically). Can you speak to this?

  13. To use their website now in the U.S. you have to have a key code. That was my experience a couple of days ago. However I have had an account with them for about a year now and have had no problems with them funding or withdrawing and the platform has been down a couple of times, but they took care of it and had it running.

  14. with using suretrader pro platform is it a monthly fee to use it or is it a one time fee? if so how much is it?

  15. Just trade futures, higher risk and leverage. But you don't have to worry about this pdt.

  16. In the final step "software and data subscription" which elements did you choose? What are professional fees about? Thank you!

  17. The way Suretrader gets around the PDT is they aren't located in the USA prison camp the home of the insane orange clown and no net neutrality. The question is how much will the doggie in the window cost when the internet providers charge to access stock sites?

  18. TD is fucking awful. the countless bugs with their software and the severe issues with their servers have cost me almost all of my profit over the past few months. that's precisely why i'm looking for other platforms right now

  19. WARNING: SureTrader sucks BIG TIME! Horrible site. I live in the USA. Their site will NOT allow me to see anything about suretrader unless registered. A pop states a US IP address is detected. They require an email address they send a code that is supposed to allow viewing of their web site. NONE of the codes worked. The support email took days to respond to requests with empty emails in response. They don't answer the phone sometimes they have voice mail. Some numbers don't even work. Once registered there is a bogus phone number. I found a way to register. In the first second or so I found a link before the pop disallowed me to view their site. After several weeks and MANY questions able to get registered and then look at the crappy site fees etc. Total dangerous rip off. There are so many problems with SureTrader if they were in the USA they would need to be shut down. The fees are INSANE. Good luck figuring them out. Good luck on figuring out what they will allow you to buy and at what price. Now I'm in the process of trying to get them to close my account. I would ****NEVER*** give them a dime. Good luck. Oh plus they claim to have demo site. It requires another registration process with Dash Trader or some other place. The demo is only good for 7 days. Plus if you want to use the real platform at Suretrader it cost
    Here are "some" of the fees I was finally allowed to see after registering.
    Withdrawl 40.00
    Less than 15 trades per Q 50.00
    0 – 250,000 4.95
    3.5% processing fee for Credit Cards
    SureTrader Pro + Mobile Apps below included 49.00
    iPhone or Android App 35.00
    Trade fee 1 is $0.0000256 of the total dollar amount of securities sold.
    That I assume is the tip of the iceberg. It's cheaper at Thinkorswim at $14.00 a trade.
    If you work out the fees and the required $500.00 account balance you will have a hell of a time trying to buy anything and break even. Horrible broker.

  20. Quick question, I'm thinking of opening an account and dropping 2k in it. My strategy is to SHORT pre-market runners.. What do you think?
    And how much commission am I willing to pay to execute a trade? between 1k to 2k shares?
    Thanks for you time man!

  21. I'm not an IT expert. I currently have an Hp Envy laptop Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz 16GB RAM. Do you think that is enought for day traiding?

  22. Been having issues with their platform. The buying power doesn’t update so you have to call them every day to update. Also, the platform didn’t work today in the after market today. Platform is very glitchy

  23. Hey, I have a suretrader account. I am having a hard time figuring out the trailing stop loss. How do I set it? Do I put lets say .19. what do I put in the box for that? any help would be great!

  24. Just curious plan on opening an account with suretrader I'm a u.s resident in the future if I wanted to transfer all my funds to a u.s broker like TD that's possible right?… Sorry maybe a dumb question

  25. Amazing video, super concise, answered a ton of concerns elegantly.

    Funny that hearing something as simple as "Yes, you can withdraw your money" is important haha.

    Thanks so much!

  26. Yup, I think you're right, You're totally wrong, it's because they're based in Barbados, and the law only applies to US based brokers

  27. TradeZero is another option and you should test it and let me know what you think 😉 and then go with Lightspeed 🙂

  28. 1. Isn't Suretrader not available in the US?
    2. Is it even worth starting an account with $500 because of fees/commisions?
    3. Do they have a free demo account?
    4. Can you deposit/ withdrawal with a bank or wire transfer?
    5. Is the Sure Trader pro platform free or does it cost money?

  29. For those of us living in Europe are there any european brokers not raping you like SureTrader??

  30. Someone have used it platform , could tell us your experience ?

  31. Speed trader has recently returned to their glory days . They have added back most of the OTC routes that they lost and executions are once again superb.

  32. I use speed trader almost exclusively for buying and their routing fees are still MUCH cheaper than anywhere else.

  33. But unlike Interactive brokers, one downside of Speed Trader is that you can rarely find shares of OTC stocks there. Interactive brokers remains the best if you speak about OTC stocks which is my specialty .

  34. have you done a video to show how to get in fast then get out fast on suretrader

  35. Do I need to pay additional for the U.S. Market Nasdaq TotalView?

  36. I'm looking forward to having 25k on RH so I can swing trade more confidently.

    Nothing worse than taking a position only to see prices decided to stop going up and start going back down. Currently stuck with a stock until Monday sitting in the red -2% of my portfolio, praying it comes up enough monday that I can unload.

  37. Do you use TD platform with your large account or can you still use DAS traders platform through that broker?

  38. Yeah, that pdt rule is a crock of shit, when you can go to Vegas and blow as much as you want.

  39. Suretrader sells you on the 6:1 leverage, BUT all the stocks that are "in play" they restricted to 1:1 leverage due to volatility (fuckery). Also, if using a credit card there is a $35 fee to deposit and $35 to withdraw. Commissions will eat you alive if you have a small account. If you can find a way to make this work kudos to you.

  40. Your never mentioned commissions! As an example what would it cost to enter and exit a trade with 500 shares?

  41. I appreciate the video and the information, but at 100-200 a day in commission, fuck that. I'll stick to other options.

  42. Patrick thanks for all your advice. Much appreciate. Can u advise what computer would be best to use for day trading.

  43. Does your Suretrader Pro subscription include Nasdaq Total View and Pink Sheet?

  44. why aren't you talking about the credit card fees of 3.5% and your banks international transfer of 3%, you're already down 6.5% just depositing.

  45. I’ve been considering opening up a Suretrader account but being a US resident; I worry about the legal aspect in regards to filing and paying taxes. I’ve researched and only seem to find that I need to file a FATCA and FBAR to disclose the account info to the fed govt (and obvi make estimated tax payments each quarter). Does that all seem about right, or am I missing some steps? Also, have you gotten a proper 1099-B from them disclosing your capital gains and other necessary tax info? … I’d hate like hell to have to document all my trades individually

  46. Hi Patrick. What is the relationship between SureTrader and DAS Trader Pro? Is SureTrader the broker, to whom I pay $1000 and make buy/ sell trades on for example, where DAS Trader Pro is the software suite of Candle Charts, Level2, 9EMA etc etc? Do I need to purchase or subscribe to both? Thanks – Your videos are extremely useful.

  47. Hey Patrick, do you still think it's good to sign up with SureTrader to start a new trading account now that you've been trading for a while?

  48. Hi Patrick, There's a broker called Tradezero for non US citizens and zero commissions , do you have any Idea about it?

  49. Some say the platform crashes at times which freezes your ability to sell positions you have.  Is this true? How often?

  50. A better way.
    1. Open a cash account (wont work on robinhood)
    1 1/2. Fund account and then call them up and negotiate better fees! This works. Trust me.
    2. Trade options(buying calls and puts) not stocks.this gives you the power of leverage without infinite risk. Buy and sell the option on the same day. Do not hold over night.
    3. Money made and used on options will clear by next trading day unlike money used to buy stocks.
    4. Thank me.

  51. Hi Patrick, loving the channel. If you blow the margin account do you just lose what youve allready transferred in or are you in debt for the full amount?

  52. Is it legal to use Suretrader? I read as per the law US Resident are not allow to use this platform"In compliance with SEC Rule 15a-6 this website is not intended to solicit U.S. Residents."

  53. Suretrader recognizes my I.P. Address as located in the US and tells me that it's not intended for US.

    Are US located citizens not allow to use Suretrader anymore?

  54. Another option to SureTrader is CMEG, which is much more realistically priced.

  55. had a problem trying to deposit $4000 into my suretrader account from my bank, not touching suretrader again.

  56. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Suretrader on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/suretrader-review/ Thanks, Sonnie.

  57. Can you address IB agreements and have you got one with Speedtrader?

  58. Can I opt out of margin with SureTrader? If so, will that affect the no-PDT rule?

  59. They take the other side of your trades – wanting you to fail.
    Thats how they make money on every revenue line

  60. I had a terrible experience with Suretrader. Ridiculously high fees when factoring high commissions super high platform fees, plus they charge you to put money in AND also take it out you have to make a lot of money just to break even with them. Also their locates have been "out of order" for MONTHS now. They said it would be fixed in a week or two. Don't use Suretrader just open multiple Margin accounts.

  61. Hey there, I am a us citizen, trying to be more active as a day trader, but my capital is very low. I keep practicing every day in my demo account that I got with a couple of local companies but I can not trade more than 3 times a week. So I have been looking for a different option on how to trade without this 25K rule here in the state and this mornig I came across with SURETRADER and your video. I was wondering if I may ask, can I open an account with suretrader as a us citizen and take advntage of the 6:1 marging? that would help me a lot to increase my investing money sooner. If not can you help me to point me to the right direction? Thank You.

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