Tables Have Turned | State Farm® Commercial (featuring Aaron Rodgers & Patrick Mahomes)

33 thoughts on “Tables Have Turned | State Farm® Commercial (featuring Aaron Rodgers & Patrick Mahomes)

  1. These are some of the worst commercials. Never funny and make no sense. Why would a a multi-millionaire client repeatedly mock and condescend his moronic and incompetent agent instead of firing him?

  2. Some idiotic ad agencies jyst gotta put assholes in tgeir commercials. Like David Puddys's asshole "new" charachter in the National commercials.

  3. How the fuck does this commercial make any sense?!?! Drives me nuts seeing it every time!

  4. these commercials are worse than having diahhrea on a first date. just the worst part of watching football on Sunday

  5. This campaign should have ended about two commercials before the one about the sports agent claiming that he never took a dump.

  6. How come they dont show when they cancel people for the things they say they will cover you for…

  7. Why does a company who's headquarters is in Illinois have a cheese head on it's commercial lol 🤷‍♂️🤯

  8. How do you like the ice, kid? Let's go for a little stroll in the park! Hey, these will look great in the photo album. You may have won the battle, little dude, but you lost the war.

  9. hey rodgers maybe if you stop doing these stupid commercials you might win another super bowl and how you treat your agent that guy made you a star and treats you pretty nice and you go and treat him like shit with going with other agents what the fuck did they ever do for you

  10. oh and its time to stop pretending to look like and be like a late 70s early 80s quarter back shave it off your a joke

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