Talents For Sale | 어서옵SHOW – Ep.7 [ENG/2016.06.29]

63 thoughts on “Talents For Sale | 어서옵SHOW – Ep.7 [ENG/2016.06.29]

  1. when everyone ships Sejeong and Zico, and all i can think about is Sejeong casually telling Bora she's pretty xD <3

  2. i remember sejong carried shownu that appa bear. she's really really strong indeed! <3

  3. Zico did say he likes healthy girls 😉 Sejeong is very healthy it seems. Idk the shipping isn’t baseless

  4. The part with Sistar Vs Sejeong, I was like how can one go against God (God Sejeong)


    Btw sejeongshi why so pretty?

  6. Soyou shouldn't have said Sejeong looked weak hahaha Sejeong is this generation's tough girl!!

  7. omg im shipping bora and seojin.. cz he likes really cheerful girls haah

  8. Sejeong said , you are so pretty to bora 😙😙😚😚😍😍😍

  9. I actually think the sejeong host girl is hotter/cuter than the girl band girls. They are honestly not very attractive at least compaired to her.

  10. Sistar had a wrong posture in arm wrestling thats why they easily defeated.

  11. I expected them to put the 'du du du du du' sound effects when sejeong almost fell over and Bora catched her. 😂

  12. I am an artist from Zimbabwe and there’s a 15 years gap between my brother and I so when I have l sing or have a latest song l play it oh my Bluetooth speaker 🔈 my brother reaction is exactly like Lee Seojin lol 😂 it’s just too cute

  13. สมนำหน้าบ้านมึงสิเงามันต่างหากพรุ่งนี้ขาก้อสวยล่ะ

  14. Sejeong won against the 3 MC's from Happy Togheter, she won against Hani in just 3 seconds, she won against Hyori in 3 seconds two, then in another show she won against the MC's twice, I watched her in ISAC and she is literally NO JOKE

  15. Zico was song ji hyo partner in running man show and they lucky to win that show together (on that day)

  16. "i want to join this gym for life"
    "i would buy this product"

    THIS HAD ME😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Soyou: I dont want to arm wrestle sejeong, she looks rlly weak
    Me (who watched every of her show): little did she know…

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