Tariffs, Manipulation, & Theft: U.S. & China Trade War Explained

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  1. Does this help clarify things for you? What are your thoughts?? Let us know!

  2. "those IP sharing agreements have been abused" yeah go to China and learn how much they respect copyright. funny thing about Communism – the best ideas should be used for all of humanity, not just a tiny few at the cost of an overwhelming majority. fascism rules the world. Orwell was a prophet.

  3. I thought I knew this stuff but i might have to watch this a few more times. Econ was never my subject in school lol

  4. I knew all the terms but I didn't understand the reason behind the trade wars. In fact, I didn't even know about the way China was manipulating the value of their money to basically "write-off" their tariffs. Have to admit, it's brilliant.

  5. really interesting topic, the video cleared up quite a lot of questions i had. also i love the host!

  6. Nice job on explaining, I think you should have added a little more on the IP issue that US companies continue to CHOOSE to do business in China even with the risk of IP theft because of low production costs compared to the US.

  7. kinda skipped over the bit where china has been screwing with actual market values in their own country as well… dumping millions into housing development made investors salivate only to find no return on investment when the target customer base couldnt afford the buy in

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  9. Fun fact! It's actually a consequence of these trade wars that the u.s. is no longer going to be home to any pandas. There were four zoos in the US that had the animal, but they are leaving back to China and we'll be all gone by 2021

  10. The intro sound is a little louder or just sharper than pretty much anything else I'm normally watching, so each time I either cringe or turn down the volume when the intro plays. Would be nice to have a more comfortable sound.

  11. Like I said before, possibly the ONE thing that I appreciate about the current… administration… is their stance against China. Having said that, I do worry what will happen when the bubble finally pops. Because on the one hand, a truce would, at least on the surface, benefit the world economy. On the other hand, it would also once again give China the impression that they can engage in their illegal activities with impunity. And if the bubble popping were something ASIDE from a truce, then I shudder to imagine what. Unless it was actual positive change in Chinese socioeconomic policy but I'm not holding my breath…

  12. Could we get a deep dive on IP theft? It sounds like a very interesting problem and I'd like to know more about it.

  13. Wow. I can't comment on the angles, but the info was enlightening. I'll probably rewatch just to make sure I caught the details. Thanks!

  14. Most of the Tariffs placed on China seem to effect American companies who have their goods manufactured China for cheap and ship back to the US for consumers. The company i work for is on the larger side of small businesses. They are a printing company that makes promotional items for marketing companies and a few other specific industries that always need promotional items like those of the inssurance, communication, and sports sectors. So my employer needs a supplier of low priced goods that can provide plentyvof inventory which why they have exclusive contracts with a factory in that makes pens, pencil, drinkware, bags, etc… Because of the nature of my job I have literally seen increases in each item and how speculation of the higher ups are coping with the possible future volatility of the market. A slow gradual increase of the prices has started and talks with moving production to india or Vietnam are popular options by many companies. The thing is the selling point many politicians push on the public seems to be these manufacturing jobs are coming to America. Thats not happening at all. Prior to my current i worked in the energy sector and most relevant i worked in the Automotive Industry. This was an Automotive Assembly Plant which for my area of the country provided the line workers with decent wages But not many skilled workers with extensive training were needed all because the precision instruments like transmissions and engines especially were assembled in 3rd world countries. They were so much cheaper for this Automotive Company to make somewhere besides here that not even including the cost of shipping these engines a 1000milea from mexico by truck made it less cost effective.
    So im just sayin we're not getting china jobs back and im not gonna get my evaluation for a raise so i can afford my 5000 dollar insurance deductable.
    Feels bad man

  15. Thank you for breaking down this topic a bit, it's all very confusing for a UK resident being bombarded by Brexit talk and it's economic and trade implications.

  16. The Japan-South Korea trade war is way more complicated than that. They have been clashing for decades and this is just part of a recent escalation. South Korea continues to bring up previously settled disputes and demand further post occupation reparations. This happens regular as part of the Korean election and news cycle but is particularly tense at the moment.

    Japan has also accused them of aiming missile guiding radar at Japan’s self defence force aircraft in neutral territory. Japan has also accused South Korea of selling Japanese goods to North Korea in breach of international sanctions. South Korea has also pulled out of mutual information sharing agreements regarding security in the regions. South Korea isn’t just reacting to Japanese tariffs, there’s complex politics on both sides.

  17. Even though you explained it beautiful, I just say some of what you where saying went over my head. But nonetheless its helped so thank you very much 🙂

  18. That was good. But, too fast, jiggly camera. I'll have to watch again to fully understand what she's saying.

  19. There is a theory in international relations called "realism." This dictates that there is no actor above the state and all states act in their own interests. Communist China is proof-positive of this 100 fold. Trump can huff and puff all he wants, but that will change nothing. Trump does not have the diplomatic or political finesse to win a trade war with Canada, let alone China. While he did muscle a revised NAFTA agreement, the Canadians and Mexicans went along knowing, they just need to wait him out. Both understand that the US is becoming increasingly unreliable, so either wait him out and make a new deal with someone new, or just wait it out until US manufacturing falls to minuscule levels, then abandon the deal altogether.

    Trump seems to believe that tariffs will somehow reignite manufacturing in the US. While this may occur in the short term, it is not a viable solution long-term. No country, or pact can compete with China on manufacturing. Any attempt to will simply be a race to zero, as in zero wages. A new plant may open in the US that starts paying $20/hr. I can almost guarantee some backdoor deal happened to make this look especially politically rosy. But inflation and taxes will chew into that to make it more like $5/hr. You need taxes to pay for police, roads, education, and a strong military, and with the ultra high earners paying less and less taxes, that burden gets shifted downward. You could learn to do without. Who needs roads and schools and fire departments anyway?

    But, I digress.

    Engaging in a manufacturing war with China will only lead to automation, as that is the only realistic way any nation can hope to compete against them. But, that carries a whole mess of economic and political pitfalls of its own.

    If Trump has any hopes of his tariff regime working against China, he needs allies and others to go along with it. He does not work like that. The Chinese know this. He has pissed off the EU, Japan, Korea, and Canada. The EU is the largest single-market economy in the world. If he was to play nice and get them on board, he would stand a chance against China. Also with Japan and Korea. Otherwise, all China needs to do is throw some soft power around and get the world to join them. They have already been doing this in Asia and Africa, and now South and Central America. While Trump gets chummy with third-world dictators, China has been building infrastructure in other nations and building figurative and literal bridges. Sure, China is maybe not the best friend to ally with, but does having the ability to say "You suck!" to your president worth more than feeding your family?

    You could, of course, opt to simply not trade with anyone. As long as you have the necessary raw materials, you are golden.

    One thing that does amaze me, with all the rampant IP theft in Communist China, companies still bend over backwards to do business there. Hollywood will bow to the whims of the Beijing regime knowing full well that the next day after a Chinese premier, the movie is readily available throughout China and the world. It is like the proverbial hopeful at the slot machine. They know full well that they are throwing away money, but the potential payoff is too tempting. How many companies got rich doing business in Communist China? Now, how many Chinese got rich by those companies doing business there? You see their edge?

    Tariffs will do little to change the status quo in Communist China. Beijing will manipulate things as they see fit. The so-called "economic and political collapse" that pundits have been saying will befall China for the past 25 years or so, will most likely never happen. There have been slowdowns, but they are in it for the long haul. How can you beat China? Well, you can stand up to them. That is a start. Not by tariffs alone, you have to face them head on economically and politically. You have to make nice with others to have allies join in. You would have to spend more money on projects in countries that China is taking over. Given the current political climate in the US, I do not think that would happen. In this light, Trump is China's dream.

  20. Thank you so much. You were able to give a basic explanation of complex terms. I truly enjoyed this video.

  21. Rogue Rocket Team : Just a side note that flag you are using for the Dutch flag at 0:53 and later again is the wrong colour…. That's the Luxembourg flags' blue. Dutch Blue is a much darker shade….. Please take note of that for future videos 😉 Love the content though.

  22. I've always wanted to know how currency works between nations! Thanks for this!

  23. (yo the flag y'all used for the dutch flag is actually the luxembourg flag, it's literally the same except luxembourg's blue is light like this one, unlike the darker blue of the dutch flag) but other than that great video lol

  24. I swear this is the same chick who played Jessica Jones and Jane from breaking bad. Okay. Maybe not. But the resemblance gets me.

  25. The USA is number one in currency manipulation together with other international banks

  26. They won't need to buy your stuff when they created a cheaper knock off :/. O China ; smart.

  27. Great videio. Very informative. I had no idea what the term currency manipulation meant. Makes sense now. Thanks.

  28. James9834

    Comments32 | Following

    The comment that Americans are paying the tariffs is insincere. You ignore that the Chinese have offset most of the tariffs by lowering the costs American importers pay for Chinese goods through subsidies and currency manipulation. If the Chinese give you money to pay the tariffs (through subsidies and currency manipulation) is it logical to state that importers are paying the tariffs? Technically yes they are still paying the tariffs, but not really as your costs are being offset by the Chinese lower currency and subsidies. Commentators also completely ignore that these companies pay practically no US taxes, pay dramatically lower labor costs, pay zero environmental costs, have no union costs, etc. What commentators should say is a small percentage of the tariffs are paid by American importers and that this cost is minimal.

  29. The flag you guys used as the dutch flag is actually the flag of luxemburg 🇱🇺. This 🇳🇱 is the dutch flag.

  30. Too much hand movement and angle changes! Sorry, just mentioning because it was super visually distracting. Great piece!!!

  31. Visually unpleasing. There's zero reason to jump cut to a different angle on practically every other beat. Oof, it's unwatchable. Get the editor some Ritalin already.

  32. Can you do a deep dive on trophy hunting. There’s a lot of conflicting information on if it’s beneficial or if all the claims about it being beneficial are misinformation.

  33. Chinese government couldn't force any foreign companies to transfer technology because the foreign companies have every freedom to stay out of China. They had decided to give out technologies in exchange for massive market share in the very beginning. It turned out to be profitable.

  34. Trump is an idiot. China and us business made deals way back to give the us business cheap labor and in return they could use and take the us business intellectual property.

  35. I'm the CIA director. We lied we cheated we stole. —- Michael Pompeo. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  36. it is not relay about trade mostly about china's theft of intellectual property and china not wanting to pay for patent copied goods . the bullying of countries in the south seas . china is trying to take away sea routs and cut off aces to the small countries . trade is being used to bring china to follow world trade laws . even thew the trade war is tough this might be the last time to get china to fallow trade rues .

  37. Glad to have this so easily explained, especially due to the complexity of the subject matter.

  38. Zoom in, zoom out, different angles. The camera work makes it really hard to watch the video.

  39. Wait, why did you skipped the part that the CCP again and again "changed their minds" during negotiations? You think trump administration just added tarrifs out of no reason? To add on, the CCP had yet to honour any purchase as promised up to this day. Wanna try sign agreements with them still?

  40. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you used the wrong flag when talking about the dutch. you actually used the Flag from Luxembourg. I know I am knit picking.
    The Dutch flag actually has a darker blue in it.
    Just google it to see the difference.
    please don't make this mistake again in the future, Thanks!

  41. Trump wants the tariffs to replace all of the money he gave away to wealthy with his tax cuts.

  42. Chinese steal ip she said
    According to some people she said

    Prove it….

    Don't u clinton or trump people

    Isn't it sharing of knowledge like us -singapore, korea, japan relationship

    Knuckle head….

  43. Three things. First, stop changing the camera angle after every sentence. Second, the 3/4-view angle is off-putting and immediately disengages me as a viewer. It's cool when you're trying to make a behind the scenes type perspective, but not when you're trying to deliver the actual story.

    Third, lady. I don't know who bolted your feet to the floor, or how you managed to fuse every single bone from your pelvis to your ankle, but you need to undo it. That bending at the hip action makes you look like one of those animatronic fortune-tellers from an old-timey carnival. On the plus side, can you sing? 'Cause you've got the moves to join Steam Powered Giraffe down for sure.

  44. I was familiar with the concepts of tariffs and trade wars in general but you've essentially broadened my understanding.

    Nice video!

  45. IMF stated that China didn't manipulate its currency as far as IMF rules go, but this video claims that China did break IMF rules. No mention of US currency manipulation in this video, and there's been plenty of that for decades. Endless printing, petrodollar, attacking countries that want to move away from dollar, and so on.

  46. The U.S and China are idiots to trade on the open market. Just do all your business on the black market like the rest of us. Damned if I'm going to let the Hegemony take 30% of the profits from my drugs and harvested organs.

  47. Devaluing money = you have maybe $1 million worth of an actual currency (like gold), but you print more bills of a currency than what you have, such as $10 million. $1 million bills would be $1 per bill. $10 million would be $0.10 per bill. It's the reason $1 in the 1800s would be like $1,000 today, or something.

  48. Hi Maria, this was a great overview. I would like to suggest one thing … to aid in the viewer's ability to digest. Allowing a pause after each major point or statement or subject change to give the viewer an opportunity to process the information. Otherwise it is similar to eating a whole steak in one bite. Keep up the good work!

  49. Since China has a massive indentured labor supply, no 1st world country can compete. We need to stop trade with China unless they guarantee improved Chinese domestic lifestyle to equivalent to the US. Our domestic lifestyle is at risk- not industries. Your exposé missed the big picture.

  50. am i the only one who noticed the background music? it makes it feel like a dungeon in skyrim.

  51. Good video and explanation 👍🏼
    Next one could be about how the US is also holding import tariffs over MX imports to crack down on south american immigrants. This has les to Mexico deploying the newly created National Guard to the Mx southern border

  52. I learned a lot more in 11 min than I did in a semester long university econ class!

  53. China didn't have to steal US IP. When a company moves their production to China it automatically transfers its IT to China. Otherwise, how would the Chinese company be able to produce the product?

  54. “If tariffs make things cost 10% more and China makes the yuan 10% less then it’s like the tariff never happened” that’s a pro gamer move. Too bad that’s against international law… now let’s all sit back and watch China get fucked by the long dick of the International Monetary Fund.

  55. I’m really glad y’all made this channel it helps me to better understand and start learning about important topics I should stay informed on because these issues effect every one after all I wish y’all could give even more information about this topic and others with out having personal opinions and biased affect the information I think y’all are best at at finding that balance maximum information with minimal bias I love this channel and the other ones too keep up the good work

  56. I'm sooooooooooo happy someone finally explained this shit…there's so many separate, obscure vids/some long ass documentaries, which most people won't give a second glance to…but finally the info is accessible to the people it's hurting most

  57. I love your voice! Another awesome video! But I would suggest only switching angles after showing another picture, or for emphasis and not just when she's talking. It's kind of distracting when it's just random jump cuts. Just a thought.

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