♪ (punk rock music) ♪ – Had a cigarette?
– Yeah. Have one of mine. Raleigh. Never tried ’em before. It reminds me of Mad Men. (narrator) Everyday, more and more people – are discovering the–
– Oh, are these old cigarette commercials? Tastes great. No, cigarettes are gross. What’s this coupon? That’s something extra
you get with Raleigh’s. I got my watch through Raleigh coupons. – I got my son a transistor radio.
– What? Would you get me a pack of cigarettes? And make them a Raleigh. You can order cigarettes at a restaurant?
What the–? (splutters) (narrator)
And it’s a valuable gift to get free– Buy our product and you’ll get coupons. (narrator) Next time, look for the pack – with the coupon on the back.
– What? Basically, I’m gonna have to kill my lungs so I can get a free watch. That’s a good deal. (narrator) What cigarette do you smoke? You’ll be interested to know
how the doctors of America answered that question. Doctors were smoking?! (narrator) Doctors in every branch
of medicine were asked “What cigarette do you smoke, doctor?” The brand named most was– Doctors smoke Camel.
Buy our cigarettes. (laughs) – (narrator) More doctors smoke Camels–
– Oh my god. Are you kidding me? I was so far lost.
It’s ridiculous. (narrator) Here’s John Wayne,
America’s number one dramatic movie star. – When the cameras stop–
– What cigarette does he smoke? ..enjoy his favorite cigarette, Camel. After you’ve been
making a lot of strenuous scenes– So now they’re taking famous people
to support cigarette use. – ..to enjoy a cool, mild, good tasting–
– Sure you do, pilgrim. That’s what Camels are. I know, I’ve been smoking ’em for 20 years. Oh, jeez! He’s gonna die. See what I mean. Nowadays, it’s like
the exact opposite of this. You have people with holes in their throats and then they’re like, “Don’t smoke.” – Lucy?
– Yes, dear? – Give me a cigarette, will you?
– No, Lucy! I Love Lucy was even in the commercial? – Is there any other kind?
– Not for you, there isn’t. That’s so punch-you-in-the-face
produce placement. Lucy, you’re so good to me. – No!
– That’s so unattractive. Why would you just kiss death? You see how easy it is to keep a man happy? You kill him slowly! Oh my god. He’ll love them for their mildness– So much sexism. (giggles) And he’ll love you too for thinking of him. I thought Lucy was some innocent woman when here she is supporting cigarettes. (narrator) The Flintstones! Not the Flintstones! No!!! – These commercials cannot be real.
– That’s not real. (narrator) Brought to you by Winston! Ugh, man, there are people
that would murder you to see this today. ♪ Winston tastes good like a cigarette should ♪ I’ve seen this. This is just ridiculous. – Children watched the show!
– The Flintstones?! I take their vitamins. It makes you wonder what else is bad now that we think’s healthy. ♪ (punk rock music) ♪ (Finebros) How did these
commercials make cigarettes – seem as a product?
– They make them seem like it’s godly. It’s the greatest thing ever. It’s fun, it tastes good, it’s relaxing. They’ll make you happy
and smarter and better looking because look at all the cool people
that are in these commercials. They’re all hot. Back then, they didn’t know
about the repercussions of smoking. I guess they didn’t know
at the time, too, that it wasn’t– that it was horrible for you. Everyone was just like,
“Oh, yeah, it’s totally fine” and then, boom, lung cancer and dead. (Finebros) Well, that’s
not the whole truth, but we’ll get to that. But first, honesty time:
have you ever smoked a cigarette? No. No. No, ’cause it’s disgusting. I’ve never smoked a cigarette. – I’ve never smoked a cigarette.
– I’ve never smoked a cigarette. Nobody believes me when I say it though. Nope, my dad smoked
and I didn’t like that. I lost my grandpa at a really young age
because of cancer because of smoking. My dad smokes three packs a day. I don’t know how he’s not dead yet. You know it’s really bad for you.
Why are you doing it? Yeah, I did one time. I made the decision of,
“I wonder what it’s like.” Thought it was terrible. Felt like I was gonna
get sick to my stomach. Right afterwards, I was like,
“I’m gonna take a shower. I’m gonna spray perfume
and brush my teeth. My parents are never gonna know.”
I mean, now they’re gonna know. (Finebros) Back to advertising,
have you ever seen a modern-day cigarette commercial? I feel like I’ve seen
some when I was younger. Newport Pleasure. Maybe it was commercial,
maybe it was a magazine ad. I mean, there’s anti-cigarette
commercials now. I’ve seen a couple e-cigarette commercials. – I can’t think of any.
– No. No, actually. No, I haven’t. No, I’m sure they’re all banned. No, ’cause it is illegal
to advertise cigarettes. You actually would never see
a television commercial for cigarettes anymore
because since the 1970’s – they’ve been illegal.
– Really? Oh, wow! Oh my gosh.
I didn’t even know that. That doesn’t make sense to me. It’s definitely a good thing. I mean, a lot less exposure, but why would that one thing
be selectively excluded? (Finebros) In the past, cigarette companies
actually were aware of how dangerous it was
and they didn’t care and would lie in their commercials. That’s so bad! That’s the biggest example
of false advertising ever. It’s like brainwashing people. Now, anyone can look up alcohol poisoning. They didn’t have the ability
to get access to information. The head of the cigarette company–
they’re not gonna call them up and be like, “Hey, is this bad for me?”
They’re not gonna say yes. (Finebros) Well, in part
due to false advertising along with the public health issues, it led to the US Government
instituting a ban that remains to this day on TV commercials. Mmm, it makes me think
not to trust older people. (Finebros) What do you think
about so many people not that long ago being
completely willing to lie and sell a product that was killing people? Money makes the world go round. They want money. They don’t care. That’s like a war crime almost. What I’ve learned, personally,
is that just don’t trust commercials. It makes you really think
about what’s happening now ’cause you would just wonder,
“Are people still doing that?” You know, you think
there’s laws preventing that but maybe there’s not. (Finebros) Do you think if cigarettes
were still marketed this heavily and in this way
more teens would be smoking? Probably not. I mean, nowadays they put images
of what this [bleep] can do to you. Absolutely. Are you kidding me? The only reason why I wear
certain shoes is because I see the shoes on a commercial. Maybe, ’cause with all
the advertisements with vapes and stuff now too,
everyone wants a vape. The vaping thing is getting huge now and I’m like, “Don’t you see?
It’s the same.” (Finebros) One of the more recent
controversies is the rise and popularity of e-cigarettes, or vaping. Is that something that’s
becoming popular with teens? I don’t know if they’re
generally becoming popular because I know none of my friends do it. I have seen it at my school. Oh, yeah. They’re everywhere now. Kids got vape pens at my school every day. – It’s like passing out candy on Halloween.
– It really is. I’m open to vaping. I mean, it is just as bad.
Not just as bad. If they’re only using the base components, I don’t think it’d be that bad for you. I’ve seen middle schoolers,
young middle schoolers going, “Oh my god, yeah.
#VapeLife. #SmokeWeedEveryDay. #Ganja. Yeah!” Like, no, it’s not cute. (Finebros) Do you think it’s possible
that history’s repeating itself with these e-cigs? Yeah, I mean, it’s possible. We could definitely be
getting mass murdered again. For vaping, what it is today is the amount of information
that we knew back then about cigarettes. They look at it and it says,
“Oh, water vapor. Oh, this is just H20. Let me smoke this
for the rest of my life.” It’s like a different packaging
of the same poison. You put a pretty pink sticker
on it and say it’s peach flavored and suddenly it can’t be harmful to you. Every time that I’ve ever talked
to a kid about a vape, “Oh, it’s cool. I just do smoke tricks. It’s water vapor.” Shut up, you’re trying to kill yourself! (Finebros) So this concept
of telling teenagers “don’t smoke” has been around since
before we were even alive. What is the general thoughts
in your age group about smoking? I can never get a proper
answer out of anybody. I’ve been to one party. Everybody’s smoking e-cigarettes. They’re like, “Oh, e-cigarettes, that’s it. Cigarettes are bad for you.” Been to another party,
“Oh, e-cigarettes are horrible. Real cigarettes.” Talking to a lot of people
my age, they’re like, “Oh, I’m just curious what it tastes like” or “I’m just gonna try it this one time.” I’d say there’s more people that I know who would rather smoke weed
than smoke a cigarette. Regular nicotine cigarettes,
that is looked down upon and that’s good, but people
think vaping and weed and all that is not as harmful. I’ve seen some kids that smoke cigarettes and they’ll post it on Instagram
and a lot of kids that I know, whether they vape or they don’t vape or they smoke weed
or they don’t smoke weed, they’ll be like, “That is disgusting.” (Finebros) So finally, in your opinion, what is the best way today
to get word out to teenagers about things like smoking? I don’t think there is any right way. People are still gonna do it.
It’s still their choice. Unless people want to change, no one will. You can talk to them
as much as you want to but you’re still going
to be talking to a wall. If you’ve got more celebrities on board
with those Truth campaigns. Maybe making it harder to access? Cigarette license, like
the medical marijuana cards. Really be brutally honest
about what it does to people. It’s not a pretty thing at all. The cold hard facts,
I guess, is the best way. That’s what would reach me. I feel like a PSA is sort of shoving
the message down your throat, whereas word-of-mouth is
discussing the pros and cons, just getting the teens
to actually start talking about it. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of Teens React. We have new shows every week,
so make sure you’re subscribed. To watch bonus footage from this episode, go to the React channel and check it out. Goodbye! (fake hacking) ♪ (punk rock music) ♪


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