– (singing along)
♪ One, 21 guns ♪ – I wish I was a teenager
during this period of time. I feel like I’d get
so into this music. ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’re gonna
have you react to the band Green Day. – Whoa, that’s a band
I haven’t heard in a long-ass time. – I love Green Day.
They’re a great band! – I grew up with Green Day.
Amazing band, amazing music,
and amazing people, so I’m excited. – (FBE) So there’s so many songs
and people will wish we used more, but here’s a selection
from Green Day starting with some of
their older songs before going into some
newer stuff. – Cool. – Okay, I’m ready.
Let’s go. – Oh, I know this song! – I’ve definitely heard
this one before. – ♪ I heard you crying… ♪ – Ha, I like his hair. – ♪ I heard you crying loud ♪ – I can’t with their hair. – ♪ All the way across town ♪ – Oh man, this looks old. – ♪ You’ve been searching… ♪ – So angsty.
Look at them. ♪ …out on the prowl ♪ ♪ As you sit around… ♪ – Aw yeah.
– ♪ …feeling sorry for yourself ♪ – Aw dude,
you guys are bringing me back to eighth grade. – ♪ ‘Cause you know
where I’ll be found ♪ ♪ When I come around ♪ – Oh, the ’90s.
I love it. – It was pretty okay.
Not something I’d listen to. – Green Day’s sound itself
is so iconic. You just hear them
start singing and you’re, like, “Oh yeah, that has
to be Green Day.” – ♪ (acoustic guitar) ♪ – Oh, okay.
I’ve heard this one. – Alright, I know this song.
Hell yeah. – (singing along)
♪ …turning point ♪ ♪ A fork stuck in the road ♪ We sang this for my fifth grade
graduation. – ♪ Time grabs you by the wrist,
directs you where to go ♪ – I love this song.
– Yeah, I think I know this. – ♪ …the best of this test
and don’t ask why ♪ – Their songs are
really catchy. They have really good
melodies. – (singing along)
♪ It’s something unpredictable ♪ ♪ But in the end it’s right ♪ ♪ I hope you had
the time of your life ♪ – Current music has got bass in it
and it’s supposed to be lit, but this isn’t lit,
this is, you know, some good music you
could just chill to. – ♪ So take the photographs
and still-frames in your mind ♪ ♪ Hang them on a shelf
in good health… ♪ – Dude, they all look
so depressed. – Oh, that’s me with the cat. – ♪ …dead skin on trial ♪ – His voice is very different
from everyone else and it’s–
you can tell who it is. – ♪ It’s something unpredictable,
but in the end it’s right ♪ ♪ I hope you had
the time of your life ♪ – That one’s nice. – I know that song really well
but I haven’t listened to it since I was way younger, so now I kinda get the lyrics
a little more. – It’s a good song. It’s a nice song to play
at a fifth grade graduation. – ♪ (solo guitar) ♪ – Oh yeah, I know this one.
I listened to this song. – Aw, yeah.
This is my favorite one. – (singing along)
♪ Don’t wanna be an American idiot ♪ – (high-pitched singing along)
♪ Don’t wanna be an American idiot ♪ – This is such a change
from “Time of Your Life.” – This is what I like about them.
They can go from very simple to very, very iconic
really fast. – ♪ The subliminal mind-[bleep]
America ♪ – I haven’t heard any of these
songs in so long. – ♪ Welcome to a new kind
of tension ♪ – I like how that guy’s kinda
speeded-up, and then the drummer’s
slowed down, and then he’s in regular motion. – ♪ Television dreams of tomorrow ♪ – I wish I was a teenager
during this period of time. I feel like I’d get
so into this music. – ♪ (drum solo) ♪ – All right, that one is–
that one is definitely my favorite Green Day song. – It’s such a good song!
I think that’s one of the most familiar to me songs that I heard. – This music fits
for any situation. It could make you
run into a wall. It could make you want
to finish this assignment that you haven’t done.
It’s just amazing. – ♪ I walk a lonely road
the only… ♪ – (singing along)
♪ …one that I have ever known ♪ – The only song that I know
their lyrics to. – (singing along)
♪ But it’s home to me ♪ ♪ And I walk alone ♪
Yeah. – ♪ I walk alone ♪ – Man, videos back then
were so cliché. – ♪ I walk alone
I walk a ♪ ♪ My shadow’s… ♪
– So good. – I like how they all walk alone
in a group, together. – ♪ My shallow heart’s the only
thing that’s beating ♪ ♪ Sometimes… ♪
– Yeah, I mean, damn. We’re just going
memory lane right here. – ♪ …there will find me ♪ ♪ ‘Till then I walk alone ♪ – Aw, can you keep
it playing? – Usually I hate old music.
I hate 2000s music. I’m not a fan of it.
But this band, it’s just so good.
It’s just so simple. They’re just–
Argh, I don’t know. There’s just something about them
that works well. – ♪ Hear the sound
of the falling rain ♪ – Oh, this is by Green Day?
Okay, so I’ve heard this one, too. – Oh yeah, this is– Okay, this is bringing
back memories. It’s gonna make a lot
of people sound old, but I listened to this stuff
in sixth grade, fifth grade. – ♪ Hear the dogs
howlin’ out of key ♪ – That green screen. – ♪ …and misery (hey!) ♪ ♪ And bleed… ♪ – This video’s so cool. – Their music videos
are really cool though. I like them. – ♪ I beg to dream and differ
from the hollow lies ♪ – I want to try surfing
on the hood of a car. – ♪ This is the dawning
of the rest… ♪ – Yeah, I heard this
’cause I used to play the Tony Hawk game. – ♪ On holiday ♪
– (making guitar and drum noises) – I want to hear more
of their music now. – Yeah that’s lit right there.
Yeah, you’re right. Take me back to middle school.
Take me back to middle school. Tryin’ to learn
the guitar and stuff. – They’re such a good band.
All these songs are great. You can’t listen to a single one
of these songs and be, like, “Oh, I don’t really like this.
Oh, this is mediocre.” No, you’re listening to them, like,
“This is such a good band.” – ♪ Does the pain weigh
out the… ♪ – Oh, wait.
Is this 21 Guns? Okay, okay.
I know a lot more songs than I thought I did. – ♪ …place to hide ♪
– I remember– I remember watching this
music video 30 times. – ♪ …break your heart inside ♪ ♪ You’re in ruins ♪ – They look so different. – ♪ One, 21 guns ♪ – That’d be scary
as [bleep], though, seeing bullets come
through the wall. – What’s up with all that
explosion in the background? – (singing along)
♪ One, 21 guns ♪ – ♪ Throw up your arms
into the sky ♪ – Usually, when people think
“punk rock” and “rock,” it’s like, they don’t think
“sadness,” you know? But they’re able to just do
everything from every genre. – ♪ Did you stand
too close to the fire? ♪ – This is a good one. – (singing along)
♪ …looking for forgiveness ♪ ♪ From a stone ♪ – It feels like it’s very catchy,
classic rock. – Um, I know this song,
but not as much as the other ones, but that guitar, you see?
That guitar is what I’m here for. – Damn, that was intense. – It’s just so good.
Not just them, but all the popular bands
back then were, like– are so much better than,
I feel like, a lot of the popular
singers and bands today. – All their songs are amazing.
There’s not one song where you’re just, like, “Okay, this is the song
that defines them as a band.” It’s this whole fat category
of songs that just defines who they are
and it’s amazing. – (FBE) So, Green Day
has been around since the ’80s. – Oh, what?
(laughs) – Damn, they’ve been around
a lot longer than I thought. – (FBE) But, they got
their big break, arguably, at Woodstock ’94,
and blew up in the ’90s, meaning they were popular
when people in their 30s and 40s were around your age.
– Wow. – (FBE) And even today,
they remain just as, if not more popular.
Why is their music relatable to the same
age groups decades apart? – Teen angst!
Teen angst never changes! – Everyone can relate.
Everyone likes to feel the angsty teen sad vibes
and just blast music like that in their room when their parents
are screaming at them. – They sing about some
really deep emotional stuff, so I don’t think it really matters
what generation it is. People are still gonna
be able to relate. – That kind of band
and that kind of music just resonates with teens
in general. When you’re at that stage
in your life, the angsty, and then the–
just the pop punk, or just the regular punk,
the regular rock. All of that just starts
resonating inside of you and you’re, like,
“Yeah, this is– this speaks to me.” – The teenagers who grew up
with them, like you said, the people who’re
30s and 40s now. It’s kind of like they’re
reminiscing on their past, almost, so they’re still gonna be into,
you know, the music they liked when they were teens. – Their fans grow up
and then their fans pass it down to the people
after them and then after them and then the music’s
just so good that there is– yeah, it’s under one
genre of music, but it’s just so good
that you don’t get tired of it. – Normally, people will relate
to your music more when it appeals to them
more emotionally. Green Day took some of their
more mellow songs, like “Time of Your Life,”
some of those songs. They appeal to that.
When an artist can relate to their listeners personally,
that’s a completely different connection from any other artist. – ( FBE) A band like Green Day
that has remained relevant for older adults
who grew up with them, hearing that they’re in the Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame already, or that they are considered old
by younger people can be one of those
mind blowing moments, so… – Yeah.
– (FBE) …do you think your generation
thinks they’re old? – Definitely. They’re not like Lil Yachty,
you know? They’re pretty old. They’re from the 1980s?
That’s old! – Their classic songs are
back in the ’90s, early 2000s and that, at least to me,
I know a lot of people watching this might be in their twenties
and they’re, like, “That’s not that long ago!”
but to me, it’s like, “That was when I was born!” – I don’t consider them
an old band until I see the ’90s videos,
but if you listen to their music, it’s still super relevant and they’re still killing
it in 2017. – I wouldn’t consider it old
because I’m not very old and so the fact that I
can remember music and stuff like that
doesn’t make me think it’s old. – They definitely mastered
the whole timeless aspect of music. If you went through this phase
with Green Day, you will always sing along
to a Green Day song. You will always feel happy
when you hear them. – (FBE) And finally,
after hearing more about them and their impact over the years, how do you view Green Day
as an all-time band? – Tier two.
They’re good, but I wouldn’t say
they are legends. – Up there with the Beatles. – They were one,
because out of all the rock bands that exist,
they’re kinda relevant. If you somehow maintain
relevancy, then you’re there. – Even though I never
was a giant Green Day fan, they’re one of the greats. It’s just crazy that someone
my age will recognize these songs. Guarantee that if you played it
for a middle schooler, they would know these songs, too. – They’re an all-time great band. I always have mad respect
for artists and musicians and bands who are able to thrive
in the music industry over long periods of time
just because that’s so hard to do. – Thanks for watching everybody. I hope you had
the time of your life. – Hey everybody,
just want to let you know that this is gonna be
my very last Teens React shoot. I was one of the original
Teens Reactors and I’m finally being promoted
for my six years of being a teen. See you guys on Adults React. Deuces.

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