Teens React to Racist Chinese Commercial

♪ (punk rock music) ♪ ♪ (tango music) ♪ – Oh, I definitely have seen this before. – Oh, I saw this. Reddit already exposed this to me. – I’ve heard about this before. – I saw this! This is really racist. – I saw this everywhere on Facebook. – What happened to him? (fox whistle) – Oh, that biracial relationship. Yes! – Diamond, it’s you and me.
(both laugh) ♪ (tango music) ♪ – Is this a paid commercial? (fits of laughter) – Oh no, I saw this. (man shrieks in pain) ♪ (sultry music) ♪
– She made him Asian! – And now he’s a– what?! Wait, that’s so racist. What?! – The black guy who
was filmed in this commercial, I wonder if he knew
what he was going into. (sparkle glimmers) – Dumbest commercial ever made. – I don’t have any words for that. – This was taken from an Italian
commercial, I want to say. – It’s funny, but it’s messed up. – It’s racist as [bleep],
but it’s so stupid. – That’s such a stupid commercial
and I’m so upset with it, but it’s really funny. – It’s a little funny
’cause you’re just kinda shocked, but at the same time I don’t think
this is really a joke ad. Like, I think this is pretty serious. – Is that racist? Is that okay in Asia, to play that on TV? ♪ (punk rock music) ♪ – (Finebros) So what did
you think of this commercial? – It was very confusing. – I should be offended,
but I find racist humor hilarious, so I don’t care. – I don’t really care if anything’s offensive. Like, people get offended too easily. But I could see how
that’s offensive to people. – A lot of people want to be like,
“Oh, this is so offensive.” That Italian commercial that came out,
no one batted an eye when the white guy
turned into a black guy, so why is it such a huge deal now? – That is so offensive! – I don’t like it at all.
I think it’s stupid. – It’s very disturbing and I do
not approve of the commercial. – They’re essentially implying
that black people are just dirty Asians,
which is incredibly [bleep] up. – (Finebros) This was an actual commercial
that aired in China recently for laundry detergent.
– Oh, it actually aired? Dude. (chuckles) I thought that was a joke. – China, what are you doing? UGH! – (Finebros) Why do you think
a company would decide to make a commercial like this?
(sighs) – I couldn’t even begin to tell
you the thought process on that. – Maybe they were sitting
there at their meeting. They’re like, “Oh, this would
spark a lot of controversy. A lot of people would talk about it.” – I don’t know what
would drive these people to put that in their commercial,
to actually market this product. – Honestly, I am not a part of the culture. I’m not part of the mindset. I have no idea what they were intending
and what they were going for. – If someone in the U.S. made
a commercial like that, they wouldn’t be a company any more. – It’s China and I’m pretty sure
there’s not many black people over there. It’s such a lack of that populace
that they didn’t think it was gonna be an issue. And I also don’t think they expected
people from other countries be paying attention to what they’re doing. And then, all of a sudden,
oh, you know, everybody cares! – (Finebros) It sparked a ton
of outrage and backlash online, with people saying it’s racist. Do you think that’s justified
or are people over-reacting? – Um, I mean– okay,
let’s get one thing straight. The Internet always over-reacts
to anything that ever happens. – At the end of the day,
I think it’s comedic if anything. Nothing to get really upset about. – It’s very racist! They’re saying they can wash
the black off somebody. – I also wanna know why did
this man [bleep] agree to do this? Like, what the hell?! Dude! – I don’t understand
why anyone would want to– like, “Hey, yeah!
I’ll audition for this. I love not accepting and loving my race.” – “I love suppressing my culture. Yay!”
– Oh my god! (laughter) – My grandma, she’s super pale, right? And me and my sister are really dark,
especially during the summers, and she would always rag
on us for being so dark and she’d be like, “That’s not pretty.
You need to be paler than that.” In China, if you’re dark,
then they’re like, “Oh, you’re a farmer.” So you’re lower class,
and that’s just kinda sucks, you know, ’cause it’s like–
I’m just tan, bro. – (Finebros) The company
actually released an apology and said they have
no intention to discriminate. (snickers) – No intention to discriminate, my ass. You put a black man in a washing machine! – (Finebros) They apologized for quote,
“The harm caused to the African American people
because of the spirit of the ad and the over-amplification by the media. We sincerely hope the public
and the media will not over-analyse it. – Yeah, I mean, at least they apologized,
which was kind of halfheartedly, but they didn’t stick
to their guns, so that’s good. – I guess at least they put something out. – That apology is boof. – That was such a politically correct,
“Oh, I’m gonna say this just to make it okay.” – Shame! (laughs)
– Shame! – How are these people
executives of companies? – Oh, it’s not our fault because, you know, we just made the ad and thought of it. No, it’s the media’s fault
and the people’s fault for spreading it around. – Why would you make it worse by saying,
“We hope the media won’t over-react.” Like, that’s what the media does! We over-react! – (Finebros) Another interesting aspect
of this is people claim this was plagiarism of an ad
from Italy made nine years ago. – What?! – (Finebros) So we’re going
to show that to you now. – Okay. I’m interested
to see this commercial. ♪ (tango music) ♪ – Same music! – I feel like the music’s
the same too, huh? – He’s gross. – I want to see where
they’re going with this, ’cause, I mean… it’s a white guy. – So far, this is frame-by-frame
the exact same commercial. ♪ (tango music) ♪ (man calls out in pain) – (man) No! Arggggh!
– He’s gonna come out as a black person. (gasps)
♪ (rap music) ♪ – So they reversed it!
– Aah! – Wait, what? ♪ (rap music) ♪
– What?! – The [bleep] music though! – (laughing) What? – “Colored is bet–“. – “Colored is better!” (giggling) – SOS, help. I can’t–
I can’t deal with these. – It’s still racist,
but this one was funny. – What’s with all these
racist detergent companies? – That was the exact
same commercial, frame-by-frame. – Since it has someone
turn into the black guy versus, like, vice versa,
no one’s gonna care. I feel like that one,
we should be upset at too. – That was a colored detergent,
so that turned him black, and the other one was
probably a bleaching detergent, so it turned the black guy white,
so that’s [bleep] up. – Both of them are stupid. Like, the issue here
shouldn’t even be like, “Oh, they stole this idea.” That idea shouldn’t
have existed in the first place. – (Finebros) Finally, with commercials
like these still being made, do you think it has
any repercussions on society? – Um, I feel like– I don’t know. Like, all this stuff happens
and society is offended very easily. – I don’t think there
are gonna be any repercussions, like life-changing culture
or changing society. That’s not gonna happen. – It still shows that racism exists. That we haven’t looked past skin color and we’re still seeing
people as other ethnicities instead of just people. – It’s just gonna start a discussion, which is the most important place to start, is just an open conversation
about what is right and what is wrong, and where the line is,
and I think that’s a very important thing that we need to have
in modern-day culture. – People just get
desensitized to the racism, and then people think it’s okay…
– Mmm-hmm. – …to do things like that. If that keeps progressing,
I feel like more and more people are gonna think it’s okay to act like that. – It’s not okay. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Teens React. – Let us know in the comments
what viral videos we should react to next. – Thanks so much for having us!
– Goodbye! Au revoir! Arrivederci!
– Oh! – I know.
(both laugh) ♪ (punk rock music) ♪

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