– (chuckles) I wish Cardi B
was Alexa. – He’s mixing them?
– Wait, so we get to stack ’em? – That’s not half bad. ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – (Red) I’ve had three people
try to eat me today. Three! – Oh my god. The M&Ms! – This the Super Bowl commercials? – (Red) Lucky penny. Anyway,
sometimes I wish I were human. Whoa!
– Danny DeVito! – Danny DeVito’s a gem
of America, honestly. – (Red) Look at me.
– (gasps) We all wanna be Danny DeVito. (laughs)
– (Red) Do you wanna eat me? – Danny DeVito as an M&M
is perfect. (laughs) – (Red) Do you wanna eat me?
– (man) No, thanks. – That Todrick? (chuckles) – (Red) Ah! Nobody wants to eat me!
– (laughs) – (Red) I’m the luckiest–
(horn blaring) – Oh!
– (laughs) This is so stupid. – (Brown) You dropped
your lucky penny. – (Red sputters) – I never wanna ever
see an M&M as a human again. – I’m assuming they’re
Super Bowl commercials. – Are these
Super Bowl commercials? Danny DeVito’s the perfect M&M.
Wait, what? Why did no one ever think of that? – (Dave) Hey, I’m Dave,
and my bleep don’t stink. – Oh! Are these
Super Bowl commercials? – (woman) Bleep don’t stink.
– Bleep don’t stink? – (woman) …very
well-adjusted adult. – His what?
– (man) Good kid. Bleep don’t stink.
– Bleep don’t stink? – (woman) …his first birthday. – (man) Nothing.
– (woman) Nothing. Very pleasant. – Like [bleep]? – (woman) Got teased a little bit.
– (chuckles) – (woman) My friend,
her son’s a lawyer. – What is this?
This has nothing to do with Super Bowl. – “Dave isn’t at
your Super Bowl party.” (gasps) Oh! Smart, Febreze. – Oh, okay. Febreze, I get it. – What are these commercials? – It’s always fun kind of guessing
what product the commercial is for. – Ohh! So he’s basically saying
since his ass doesn’t smell, it’s fine, but everyone else does,
so get Febreze. See, if I have to think this hard
about a product, I’m not gonna buy the product. – (newscaster) Amazon’s Alexa
lost her voice this morning, ‘causing a…
– (man) Alexa lost her voice? – No, Alexa! – I’ve seen this! I love this! – (man) Alexa, show me a recipe
for a grilled cheese sandwich. – (Gordon as Alexa) Pathetic.
You’re 32 years of age, and you don’t know how to make…
– (laughs) It’s Gordon Ramsay. – (Gordon as Alexa) Its name
is the recipe, you [bleep]! – (laughs)
– This is so funny. – (man) How far is Mars?
– (Cardi as Alexa) How far is Mars? Well, how am I supposed to know?
– Hey, it’s Cardi B. – (Cardi as Alexa) This guy
wanna go to Mars! (laughs) No way.
– (laughs) I wish Cardi B was Alexa.
– If these were the actual Alexa voices,
that would be 10 times better. – (man) Alexa, set the mood. – (Rebel as Alexa) Now
setting the mood. – Rebel Wilson!
– They got such a random assortment of people to be
in this one. (laughs) – (Rebel as Alexa) And you’re
just so dirty. – Oh, no.
– (chuckles) Oh, the looks
on all their faces! – (woman) Alexa, call Brandon. – (Hannibal as Alexa) I’m afraid
Brandon is a little tied up. – Is this Anthony Hopkins?! – (Hannibal as Alexa) But do
let me know if there’s anything… – It’s Hannibal.
– (Alexa) Thanks, guy. But I’ll take it from here.
– I like that one. Yeah, it’s really funny.
– When you add star power to Super Bowl commercials,
20 times better. – All of ’em have been
pretty either clever or funny. I’m waiting for the tearjerker
Super Bowl commercial, though, ’cause there’s always
at least one or two. There’s the funny ones
and then– yup, the serious ones. – Budweiser. They always
have the best commercials. – Budweiser always
has good commercials in general. – Oh, Budweiser. I like the one
with the Clydesdales. That was good. – ♪ Light we’ll see ♪
– There’s emotional music. – ♪ No, I won’t be afraid ♪
– (gasps) Ohh, for disaster relief. – I have seen this, though.
This is good what they do, that they send water
to people who need relief from crisis and natural disaster.
– Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico. – That’s actually really cool. – ♪ Stand by me ♪
– Gotta get that good heart warm in the Super Bowl, you know? – That’s really cool
that they’re doing this, especially after everything
that’s happened this year. – I love it, though. That’s how
you get people’s attention. – (gasps) Oh my god!
I love him. – ♪ I’m feeling like I’m running ♪
♪ And I’m feeling like I gotta get away, get away, get away ♪
– Oh my gosh. – Peter Dinklage is awesome. – ♪ Every time I come in… ♪
– Ooh, okay. – Ooh. Super hot fire over here. – Ooh!
– (Busta) Doritos Blaze, a whole new flavor.
– This one wins. This one wins, hands down.
– (Busta) …brings the heat. – Doritos– oh!
– Boy was spitting heat. Oh, gotta throw
the Mountain Dew in there too. (gasps) I love Morgan Freeman. – ♪ Quiet! ♪
– I– I– – ♪ Hush yo mouth ♪
– I love this! – Just so well done.
I love this. – ♪ I’m lastin’ 20 rounds ♪
– Seeing Morgan Freeman do this is something I never knew
I had to see. – I like how that’s doing it–
Whoa. Wait, they’re connected? – A song of ice
and fire right there. – Okay, this is cool.
Doritos and Mountain Dew are doing the same commercials? – Oh, that’s right, because Doritos
and Mountain Dew work together. – (man 1) Barbecue Pringles. – Oh, Pringles!
I love Pringles. – (man 1) Pizza Pringles.
– Those are my two favorites. – (man 2) You made
barbecue pizza. – (man 1) Wow.
– He’s mixing them? – (man 3) Wow. Add a jalapeno.
– Oh! – (man 2) Spicy barbecue pizza. – (man 3) Wow.
– (man 2) Wow. – (man 3) Wow!
– (man 1) Wow! – I’ve never thought
of this with Pringles. How could I have been so blind? – (Kevin) Wow, you can
stack different flavors?! – (man 3) Nobody asked you, Kevin! – Oh, gosh.
– (man 3) Nobody asked you, Kevin! – (laughs)
– (laughs) I kind of like that one.
– I like that one. That was funny.
I like mixing flavors in general. So it’s good. – (FBE) Well…
we actually have those three flavors.
– Really?! Wait, so we get to stack ’em?
– Oh my gosh. Thank you! – I’m gonna go in
with an open mind. (Pringles crunching) That’s not half bad. – They’re onto something. – Why haven’t I done this? – Yeah, that’s magic.
It’s 10 for 10. You can taste it. It’s definitely
spicy barbecue pizza. – I did not think I’d like it,
but I really do. – That is the greatest thing
of all time. That was awesome. Thank you guys so much
for that. – I love Super Bowl commercials. I don’t know. They’re just
very creative and random, and you know, we like
a good celebrity cameo. – Super Bowl commercials
are the best commercials, because they are the most
unexplainable commercials ever. It just sticks with you, and that’s
what makes ’em really good. – (FBE) So all those
were commercials shown at this year’s Super Bowl.
Year after year, we see a number of celebrities
featured in these commercials. – Oh, yes.
– (FBE) Does seeing a celebrity in these commercials
actually convince you to potentially buy a product?
– No. If the product is good,
then I’ll get it. For example, Sprite
with LeBron James. I’m not gonna go out of my way
to get a Sprite just because they had it.
– Definitely. Having a celebrity in there
just helps it even more, because people like seeing
their favorite celebrity in a commercial.
– We kind of associate the celebrity with the product now.
So I think that that definitely– it kind of sticks in your head.
So say if you like that person a lot, you might see something
and be like, my loyalty’s to this product. (laughs)
– A little bit. Not gonna lie.
I see Morgan Freeman drinking a Mountain Dew,
and I’m like, “Man, if Morgan Freeman’s
gonna drink a Mountain Dew, I better go get myself
a Mountain Dew.” (laughs) – To an extent, sure.
Just because it’s like, when you see a celebrity
that you really like and is really cool, it’s like,
“Wow! Morgan Freeman is drinking Mountain Dew?
All right, I’ll get with it.” Even if you’re not directly
being like, “I’m buying this because of Morgan Freeman,”
it’s subconsciously being like you’re cool
if you get this, because Morgan Freeman drank it. – (FBE) Aside from the more
outrageous commercials, Super Bowl commercials also tend
to sometimes showcase a more serious tone to ads
that focus on social issues that we face today.
Do you think that these type of commercials have a lasting impact
when they’re displayed this way, or do you think that the message
gets overlooked by the fact that it airs at the Super Bowl?
– I think– Yeah, I think it kind of lessens it.
Just the combination of the atmosphere
and the lack of time to really develop anything makes
the Super Bowl commercial platform not one that’s conducive
to, you know, more serious topics. – When commercials pass like that
and they try to advertise a product for a serious situation,
I feel like they over-advertise their product and really deviate
from the actual meaning of the commercial.
For example, the Budweiser one,
it’s like, they’re talking about a flood or something
in the beginning of the commercial, and then they just show
the processing of their beers. – It does have a larger impact
than a normal commercial, ’cause everyone always talks
about them afterwards. – It’s good, because it is
such a big platform. It’s because there’s so many people,
what better way to showcase these commercials
when everyone’s watching? – Everyone looks forward
to the funny commercials, but they’re not really
the ones that stick. The ones that have
always stuck in my head were the ones that kind of
touched you for a minute, because I feel like we’re all
in a good, funny headspace, and then it kind of hits you with a,
“Here’s a real thing for a minute.” – I go back and forth
between it, ’cause on one hand,
I sometimes feel like they’re pandering.
But on the other hand, I feel like it is important
to sort of do the serious issues of the year commercials
just because a ton of people watch the Super Bowl,
so a ton of people are watching the commercials.
It’s a good thing. – (FBE) Finally, every year
when we do this episode, we’ve asked the cast
if they enjoy the Super Bowl for the actual game more
or for the commercials? Where do you stand
on this great American debate? – I really didn’t care
about the game. – This year,
I’d have to say the commercials. – I’ll watch the football game. I’m in it for
the commercials, though. – I do like watching football,
but I’m honestly more there for the commercials and the food.
– Commercials. I don’t like sports.
So I definitely like the commercial aspect more. – I enjoy it way more
for the football game. – I’ve played football my whole life
and I love football, so… But I’m just here
for the commercials. – I’m more on the Super Bowl side,
just because this year it’s not just random teams
that are going against each other. It’s people that have a history. – I’m a fan of the commercials
and the half time. As long as you have food,
friends, family, and funny commercials,
that’s all you need. Football’s just an accessory. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Teens React. – Subscribe if you love this episode
like Bunnylover B. and The Outcast. – Hey, Pink Unicorns.
Which commercial made you laugh? Let us know in the comments. – Hey, guys.
Ethan here from FBE. Thank you guys so much
for watching this episode of Teens React. And if you want
a behind the scenes look at how we do all of our shows
here at FBE, be sure to follow
all of our social media accounts. The links are in the description.
Bye, guys.


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