[Intro music] Hi. I’m Jackie Jackson, host of the Freedom
Report, where every question is eternal. Should women be allowed to vote? Can black people do science? Is a cabal of Jewish elites colluding with
the Trilateral Commission to turn Atlantis gay? I guess we’ll never know. The important thing is that we never stop
debating. Jackie: Do vaccines cause feminism? Where do gay people come from? What’s really inside the moon? Fossils: are they real? Why is there no white history month? What if dreams are the real reality? Tonight we’ll be debating the question,
are trans women women? My first guest is Tiffany Tumbles, host of
the popular YouTube series, Trans Tips with Tiffany. Clarence, could we roll a clip? Hey fam, welcome to trans tips with Tiffany,
with new feminization secrets every week to help you unlock your inner woman. This week I’ll be demonstrating how women
eat barbecued ribs. So you have your rack of ribs, and what men usually do, is they hold the rib like this and they kind of dig in. Now some guys like it if you do that, they
like a girl who’s a little bit messy. But if you want to appear more feminine, what
you should do is just kind of— [dubstep] Fuck! Wow, truly inspiring. My other guest tonight is Abigail Cockbane,
feminist activist and author of “The Trans Menace: Lesbian Genocide and the Rape of Feminism.” So, tell me, Abigail, are trans women really
women? If by trans women you mean men who put on
lipstick and invade women’s spaces, then no, men are not women. Ok. And Tiffany, what do you say to that? Um, do I really have to respond to that? Well, yes. Yes you do. You’re here to debate aren’t you? The debate must commence, Tiffany, the debate
must commence! Well, I am a woman. I live my life as a woman, I wake up as a
woman, I make love as a woman, I experience misogyny like a woman, I’m treated like a woman
in public — No no no no no no. Females are oppressed under patriarchy because
men want control of our wombs. Males impersonating women don’t have wombs,
and they cannot be oppressed on that basis. Well, what about infertile cis women, men
don’t want to control their wombs but they still experience sexism, don’t they? Yes, because being female means you’re assumed
to have female reproductive function. Men do not try to control the reproductive
function of other men pretending to be women. I am not a man pretending to be a woman. When men catcall trans women, when they rape
us, when they harass us, when they deny us employment, they don’t care that we don’t
have wombs, they only care that we’re women. Well, does any of that even happen?
I for one can always tell the difference between a real woman and a man in a wig, and I’m
pretty sure so can men. Well you would know that it happens all the
time if you were willing to listen to the experiences of trans women, but you’re not
willing to do that because you are a TERF. [dramatic orchestral sting] What did you just call me. Yeah what does that mean? A TERF. A trans-exclusionary radical feminist. That is a vicious anti-female slur. You know, it’s really not. It’s just a fact that that’s what you
are. If anything, it’s too generous, because
there’s nothing radical or feminist about you view. [dramatic orchestral sting] What? You’re a bad feminist. What did you say? Aw yeah, this is a hot exchange of ideas. Keep it going girls! You’re a bad feminist. This is just reactionary gender essentialism
with a radical veneer. How dare you say that. I’ll teach you a thing or two about gender
essentialism. Gender essentialism is the idea that wearing
high heels and a miniskirt makes you a woman. I never wear high heels or miniskirts, why
do you think trans women do this? Well, Caitlyn Jenner— Not all trans women are Caitlyn Jenner. A lot of trans women are very feminine because
we have to be in order for society to recognize us as women. But makeup and long hair are not what makes
us women, that’s just one way of communicating a truth that comes from within. Right, so any hairy man who decides he feels
like a woman one day can strut around naked in a women’s locker room with his genitals
flopping around, and women who have been abused by men are expected to just allow that in
their safe space. Why is it always “hairy” and “flopping
genitals”? Trans women, as a group, are the most devoted
body hair removers I’ve ever met. They’re also some of the least likely to
flop their genitals in public. That doesn’t matter. To a woman who has been abused the sight of
male genitals is still triggering. Wouldn’t a sexual assailant’s genitals
be hard instead of flopping? I don’t know, but that’s not the point. Trans women are not hairy men who decide to
wave their genitals at women. This is just a scenario you’ve made up to
scare people into thinking trans women are really just predatory men— I’m not making it up. It happens all the time. I can send you at least a dozen Daily Mail
articles about it. Oh, the Daily Mail, that radical feminist
publication we all love so much. I’m sorry, can I interrupt here? It seems like the disagreement in this exchange
is about what it means to be a woman. Abigail, it seems like the idea you’re bringing
to the marketplace is that women are people with vaginas, and Tiffany, you’re trying
to sell us on the idea that a woman is someone who fills the social role of a woman, is that
right? Well, not exactly, I mean you can radically
reject conventional social roles while still being a woman. This is why I emphasize psychology: what matters
is that you feel at ease with female embodiment, and ill at ease with male embodiment. Well, I’m not at ease with female embodiment. Well, would you rather be in a man’s body? Ew, no. The problem isn’t my body, and I’m not
gonna mutilate my body because I’m not delusional like you. The problem is the gendered assumptions that
society projects onto female bodies. If we abolish gender, we’ll also abolish
gender dysphoria. But gender dysphoria isn’t just dissatisfaction
with gendered associations. I don’t like my body being viewed as a passive
object anymore than you do, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dysphoric about my male characteristics
or that I don’t prefer inhabiting a female body. But this “preference” for a female body
is nonsense. You are a male who wants to occupy a female
body like a parasite, but you can’t, so you take pills that make you grow pectoral
tissue, and you paint your face like a parody of exploited womanhood, and even if you do
decide to mutilate your genitals, you’ll still have big hands, and wide shoulders,
and you’ll tower over females like a monster. Society needs to stop enabling these ridiculous
delusions right now and instead help you to get over the fact that no amount of surgery
and makeup can make you into a woman. [sad string quartet] [slow applaud] That was some good free speech
right there. I totally just came. Well hold on, aren’t you the one defining
womanhood with stereotypes? If wearing high heels doesn’t make you a
woman why does having small hands? Because small hands are a result of the same
biological features that engender the female reproductive role for which women—females—are
oppressed under patriarchy. Well, even if reproductive control is the
original reason patriarchy oppresses women, reproductive capacity is not the criterion
society uses when it comes to treating people like women or men. You think because you identify as a woman, society identifies you as one but you’re wrong. You can’t just argue from your feelings. If you were a good feminist then maybe you’d
be willing to believe women’s accounts of their own experiences, but since you aren’t
we can rely on data: trans women experience domestic violence and employment discrimination
at rates even higher than cis women, and are less likely to get victim assistance. Well even if trans survey data is to be trusted,
being a victim still isn’t what makes you a woman. But you said that having a womb is the reason
women are oppressed, which in many cases is demonstrably false. Just because some men are victims of sexual
violence doesn’t mean that they’re women. But if they feel like women, live like women,
and experience misogyny like women, why is having a womb still more important? Because that’s the original reason women
are oppressed in the first place. Even if that’s true, it’s not always the
reason women are oppressed now. What reason could you have to insist on this
apart from pure transphobic prejudice? The reason is that words have to mean something. I have a definition of womanhood that makes
sense, and that everyone can understand. But you want to tell me that anyone who says
they’re a woman is a woman, and that kind of postmodern nonsense makes it impossible
to politically organize as women and as feminists, which leads to men taking over women’s movements
and women’s spaces. Your assumption is still that transwomen are
lying men pretending to be women for what purpose, to enjoy being potentially rejected
by their families, evicted from their homes, abused by the police, and raped in prison? Why can’t you believe that other people
are radically uncomfortable with their assigned gender or sex? Because one minute you’re telling me severe
mental illness is what makes someone transgender, and the next you’ll be asking me to accept
that not all trans people transition, and that women with short hair are actually a
third gender. This is counterrevolutionary, individualist
nonsense that puts personal feelings over political structures. I’m not denying political structures, I’m
telling you that individual people interact with those structures in ways that
don’t always correspond to whether or not they have a womb. Well give me a coherent definition of gender
identity that doesn’t fall apart on examination then maybe I’ll be willing to reconsider. Yeah Tiffany can you explain gender identity,
I don’t really get it. If you’re expecting some ultimate definition
that perfectly accounts for everyone you’ll never be satisfied. But Abigail has no room to talk. She just defined women as people with wombs. Well what about women who have hysterectomies? They still have XX chromosomes. Well what about women with Swyer syndrome,
who have a uterus but XY chromosomes? That’s an aberration. Well goddamn it Abigail, every definition
is perfect if you ignore everything that doesn’t fit the definition. And if this shitty argument is the only reason you have to disregard the lived experiences of thousands of trans
women, well, it’s hard for me to believe that’s anything but bigotry. Well honey I don’t know if we need to be
accusing anyone of bigotry, but Abigail if you’re so smart then how do you know that
she’s not a woman? [church bells and organ music] [Demon voice] Dost thou bleed? What? Dost thou bleed? I do not menstruate out of my dick if that’s
what you’re asking. Infiltrator! Never canst thou enter the sisterhood of the
blood. Good! I just want to pee, I don’t want to be part
of your creepy vagina cult. Oh, and now vaginas are creepy. This is exactly the kind of anti-female sentiment
I’ve come to expect from male feminists. Jackie, I weary of this toilsome man. Shall we begin the ritual of the blood? Oh, is it that time already? Yeah, sure, let’s do it. [Moonlight Sonata] Um, what is going on? If you were part of the true sisterhood, then
maybe you’d know that. Farewell, thou who dost not bleed. [Moonlight Sonata] Okay, well, I’m gonna leave now. Bye.

100 thoughts on “TERFs


    First off I should say that I am trans femme myself—I haven’t announced this on YT, but I’ve recently switched to “she/they” and am beginning medical transition. I mention it now because I’m guessing it affects how you watch this video. That said, I am NOT Tiffany Tumbles, and many things she says about herself are not true of me. I have not had most of the experiences of oppression that many women have. Many trans women do have these experiences, however, but I am very early in transition and haven’t had much time to be treated like a woman (plus I don’t pass well, which often leads to shitty experiences, but different shitty experiences).

    It’s very difficult to talk about the similarities and differences in experiences of cis and trans women. Many trans women genuinely do have privileges as a result of their male upbringing—no matter how many distinctive “woman experiences” I have later in life, there is still that foundational 28 years of male privilege. However it’s nearly impossible to discuss this because the conversation has been so poisoned by TERFs that you can’t explore these nuances without worrying about being misconstrued.

    A note on TERFs for normies: “TERF” is an acronym for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” Basically their position is nothing more than an effort to reconcile radical feminism with transphobia. TERFs consider “TERF” a slur, as you see in the video. They call themselves “gender critical.” Some of them make an effort to appear respectful of trans people, but in my experience most do not and are openly hostile and often outright cruel. They use widespread public transphobia to their advantage, relying on pernicious misrepresentations of trans people to appeal to those outside their circle.

    As with all my debate dialogue, Abigail Cockbane’s arguments are taken almost word-for-word from real people. She is neither a strawman nor a steelman.

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