Thank Me Later – Jim Maloney’s Crusade to Legalize Nunchucks in New York City | The Daily Show

Hi, I’m Michael Kosta. You know, all my life,
I’ve loved numchucks. (grunting) But, up until this year,
I could have been arrested for even carrying my chucks down
the streets of New York City. I sat down with the hero
who changed that law. And you? You can thank me later. Ow. I’m Jim Maloney. I’m the lawyer
who recently was able to get the nunchuck prohibition
in New York overturned on constitutional grounds. You made numchucks legal
in New York? Well, actually,
it’s pronounced “nunchucks.” Right. Numchucks. Why are you so obsessed
with numchucks? They were a big part of my life
for many years, so, yeah, I’m passionate
about my right to have ’em. How did this all start? Um, shortly after
the martial arts movies featuring Bruce Lee
became real popular, a lot of kids,
including myself, uh, started playing around
with nunchucks. And, uh,
the legislature got fearful that they were gonna be used
by gangs to terrorize people, you know, mugging them. And so the legislature just
decided to ban them completely. The law went into effect
September 1, 1974. In the years since then, there have been
sporadic prosecutions, um, against people
who have them in their home. I had a similar experience. Um, police searched my home. They found nunchucks
under the couch. Police found numchucks
under your couch? -Nunchucks. Nun-Nun…
-Numchucks. Got it. So, based on that,
I was charged with possession of chuckle sticks, as they’re
called under the, uh, statute. So, as soon
as the criminal case… As James droned on about
his decades-long legal battle, I thought
of a much more exciting way to tell his kung fu story. ♪ ♪ MALONEY:
Uh, within less than a month, I brought
this constitutional challenge. ♪ ♪ Hey, is it a little weird
that I’m playing this guy? He’s, like, super white. Ronny, if a white guy does it,
it’s problematic. It’s cultural appropriation. If you do it, it’s fine. Is it? (stammers)
I– Honestly, I don’t know. Okay, whatever.
Let’s fight. ♪ ♪ (squawks) MALONEY: I have to serve them
with a summons of complaint. And, in 2007,
my Second Amendment claim was not really established yet
as applying against the states. So it was dismissed, and
I had to appeal to dismiss it. Oh… But the Second Amendment,
that’s about guns. Well, the Second Amendment
says… I understand
the Second Amendment. I’m an expert,
to be honest with you. Go ahead. Tell us
about the Second Amendment. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security
of a free State…” Free State. Right. “…the right of the people
to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Not firearms. And (bleep) numchucks falls
under that? It does. -So this became a Second
Amendment issue. -Right. I appealed to the Second
Circuit Court of Appeals. ♪ ♪ I have three judges
on the panel: Judge Pooler, Judge Katzmann,
and Judge Sotomayor. KOSTA:
Sotomayor? -Supreme Court Justice today?
-Correct. That’s right.
Sotomayor even mentioned Jim in her Senate
confirmation hearing. Sir, um, in Maloney, we were talking
about numchuck sticks. Told you it was “numchucks.” ♪ ♪ -(shouting)
-MALONEY: They, um, did not give me the relief
I asked for on the basis
that the Second Amendment did not guarantee that right
as against state laws… (grunting) …and said, “If you want that, you have to go
to the Supreme Court.” And that is where I was feeling
down and out. Where are your numchucks
in all of this? I basically unstrung
the nunchucks. I cut the cord. You took your sacred numchucks and you cut ’em? No big deal. You just put ’em back together
when you’re ready. (sighs) What the Supreme Court did, um, was toss out the decision
that killed the case and sent it back down. So then I was back down
in the trenches again. You’re alive, baby. Oh, I… Right? Anyway, sure. So, um, I’m back down in the trenches, and, uh, I get a new judge. And she wanted me
to show expert testimony -and statistics. And so I…
-(shouts) I flew in a couple of people
who were knowledgeable -about nunchucks.
-You flew in numchuck experts. Both white guys, I presume? -MALONEY: They are.
It was kind of a funny trial, because I was wearing
a lot of hats. I was the plaintiff, obviously. I’m the lawyer. And I was also
the first witness. I said, “Your Honor,
I’ll now call my first witness, which is myself.” ♪ ♪ (grunting) It was three days of trial. (shouting) And, on December 14, the judge struck down
the entire statute. And did you feel, like,
“Oh, my God, this is over. I get to just nunchuck the shit
out of everything now”? ♪ ♪ (laughing) Everybody in New York
is numchucking– kids, pets, adults, grandparents, nannies–
because of you. Did you receive an award
from the Numchuck Association or from chuckers
all around the world? -No.
-What’d you get? The decision. I figured
you’d say something like that. I’m presenting you
with a Numchuck Award. Read it out loud.
What does it say? -“To James Maloney, for striking
down the ban on numchucks. -Yep. From your chuck buddy
Michael Kosta.” I also made
this commemorative shirt. On the front, it says,
“I live for three things.” And on the back, it says,
“Suckin’, (bleep), and chuckin’.” (cheering and applause)

100 thoughts on “Thank Me Later – Jim Maloney’s Crusade to Legalize Nunchucks in New York City | The Daily Show

  1. This fucking interviewer guy needs a one-inch punch to the face.

  2. So nunchucks is illegal but firearms is not???? Welcome to america

  3. I want to find any other country in the world that ban kinder eggs and nunchuck but when it come to gun even a kid can buy it.

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    We gonna support trump. Its payback time

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  8. Tbh I really am skeptical of its efficiency as a weapon. It takes a lot of training to be able to use one without injuring the self, and thats prohibitive enough for making it not used in crime. Its a lot more effective and easy to just get a knife. To outlaw nunchucks is simply stupid

  9. Why can't you legally own bombs and grenades in the USA if you can legally own guns? Because according to gun lovers guns don't kill people, people kill people. Well neither do bombs and grenades…

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  14. The issue is not about nunchucks or numchucks.

    Because there is a deeper issue here.

    Rather the issue is about replacing lethal weapons (the guns not the movies) with more non-lethal weapons.

    This is an important win because if “Bearing Arms” can be redefined then the 2nd amendment can truly be shown to be antiquated nonsense.

    Now because you watched this video and are now surfing the comments you deserve a gift.

    You get the gift of a dumb joke:

    Why don’t dinosaurs talk?

    Because they are extinct.





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