That’s A Lotta Damage Commercial (The Bucket Test) | Flex Seal®

– You may have seen a
few people test Flex Seal on a bucket But you’ve never seen anything like mine. (laughing) Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. That’s a lot of damage. How ’bout a little more? (chainsaw) (laughing) (chainsaw) (laughing) Now that’s a lot of damage. Let’s see if it’s gonna leak. (water spray) Yep, it leaks. Woooo, that was a lot of fun. All right, let’s seal it with Flex Seal. All you need to do is just spray a nice, even coating. Spray around and you’re gonna see that as you spray, it’s gonna fill in all the cracks and holes. You don’t wanna put on
too much at one time. You want to put a nice even layer. let it set up. We’re gonna come back to this, and we’re gonna continue to fill every crack and every hole. As we do layer after layer, it’s gonna fill all the
gaps, all the holes. Well we let it dry It’s time to put on another coat. You’re gonna see that
each time that we do it, the Flex Seal will cover each crack and each hole more and more. You just need to do multiple layers. Each time you do a coat, let it dry. Once it’s dry, hit it again. As you do it, it will close up that hole over and over again. Just give it time. Have patience. – [Announcer] If you test it and there’s still a little leak, you may need to add a few more coats. – Now you can see there’s
still some big gaps there. But that’s okay. Flex Seal is gonna fill them all. Wow. We had to repair a lot of damage. Let’s take a look. Well, this is where
the knife went through, right here. And this, well this is where
the chain saw went through. We’ll look inside. The entire bucket was
coated using only Flex Seal. You just wanna make sure that you fill all the cracks and holes, and let it dry. If you do it properly,
it gets great results. All right, here we go. Three, two, one. (water spraying) Wow. There’s absolutely no leaks. It’s completely dry. Now that’s amazing. Camera man, you checkin’ this out? Come down here; look at this. This is awesome. (water spraying) Flex Seal is an amazing product. If you fill all the cracks and holes and you let it dry completely, Flex Seal works.

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