The $133 1 Minute Trade | Live Day Trade

13 thoughts on “The $133 1 Minute Trade | Live Day Trade

  1. Nice trade Clay and that bounce was crazy. I love those reversal trades. small wins add up bro.

  2. I would like to know how much $ you turned in a minute back when you started trading? 🙂

  3. I couldn't figure out how to dm you in the CT chat so I'll try here. There were a few comments concerning "race" in the "trader's lounge" so I made a comment saying I thought that subject has no place in the ClayTrader chat. One of the reasons I joined was because I thought you kept the chats clean and about trading. "hooch" said the rules allow this. Is that true?

  4. Clay with $1k – $2k in an account would I be able to trade like you do with your strategy? PDT?
    Secondly, how can one learn to trade with your strategy on a budget?

  5. What trading platform or brokerage do you use? I heard TD Ameritrade was good. What do you recommend?

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