The $300 Hour | Live Day Trade

Good morning, this is
Clay at This will be a live trade
video where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live. Market opens up here in about 10 minutes. Already did a trade this
morning, a long time ago if you see right there on the time column. Background 8:10 a.m. Eastern time. I mean, it was a good
trade, it just was sloppy, you can see right there a partial fill, right there, a partial fill. So it’s just one of those things where, because it wasn’t necessarily smooth, I just decided to kinda get
out and reset everything. So I made $32. A winning trade, yes, but nothing much. But anyways, that’s why I’m
kind of starting off the day a little bit green there. So we’ll see how it plays out. Market now opens up in nine minutes. All right, what I’m gonna do
here is get long at eight, ’cause I think this thing
can at least get up to 8.15 out of the opening gates. Some resistance there at 8.30 ish, so I think it will, you know, if it goes up to that resistance. Let’s see the markets are open. So there we are for a quick $75. Like I said it very well could go higher, but I like the chances it would at least test that first green line, which it did. But I still wanted to give
myself a little leeway, that’s why I only want for 8.15. And as you see, that worked out fine. Like I said it very well
may could could go higher, excuse me, which it looks like it is but the plan was just to
start off with a quick $75 with a high probability trade. And that’s what has played
out although with a drop now. I’d be interested down at 7.25. So let’s see if it can
break down through 7.50. Yes, you heard typing that
was just me in the chat room. So there we are, for
the opening allotment, and that quick another $75. So let’s go to now 6.75 this
pullback wants to continue. So just double checking a few things. So 6.75. So it’s 9:31 a.m. and
I’ve already made $150. So $150 in two minutes, I
realize that says down here 187 But remember, I started off
the day up $30 something, so made two $75 trade real quick. So 150 in under a minute, I’ll take it. PCG can be a very fast mover. So I’m gonna throw it
a fishing order at 9.55 and I’m gonna continue to look around. So good chance that potentially
maybe that gets filled when I’m not even paying attention, but at least we wanna get
it documented right now. Actually, let’s go back to DPW for now. Now on spiking upwards. I’ll let it run. Nice move. Very nice movement. Clay, why don’t you hold on to the 7.25? Yes, I realize that, please. But just remember before
you ask those questions, you do have full hindsight
in your favor at that point. Remember how nasty it was getting? Yes, if I had hindsight,
yeah, you better believe I would have not only held 7.25, I would have bought more at 7.25. But that wasn’t the plan going in. The plan was just to scalp it. But very nice recovery there. So we’ll see if this thing wants to keep on moving upwards or not. Cave in order at 9.25 here. Quite the beast move currently. And this one’s looking like
it’s gonna go up over 10. Yeah, so right there. We’ll see if it wants to pull back. Maybe let some people get
filled on the pullback or not. But looking like this thing very well may wanna get up over 10. So I will pause and let you know. And just went up over 10. Would love to buy now but
that is just totally chasing and not a good habit to form. But I am still interested
on any sort of pullback. Okay, it’s pulling back here. My entry point is represented
by that green line there. So it’s really just a question of, is it gonna pull back enough? Because yeah, it’s already
pulled back from those highs. So can I get to 9.25? Back up over 10 it goes. All right, I will pause. Okay, making a bigger move down here. Kind of. These ones just move so fast that it’s always a little challenging from the video perspective
to try to capture it. But regardless is some good trading action just to watch how fast some
of these stocks can move. Okay, I got some at 9.20, just took another $75 from it. Need to get my order down at 8.55. So 8.55 for my next
entry point if this thing wants to flush down through the $9 mark. So it is now 9:36, so six minutes $225, I’m very happy with that. Once more as reminder, I
realize that’s more than 225. But I started off the day
in the green a little bit. So let’s see if this thing
can work its way down through the $9 mark. Yeah, good from the video perspective I’ve captured three separate trades. So I’m happy both from the profit regard and from the video production regards. All right, let’s see if we can get some further pullback here. Okay, TGNA here. Quite the movement on the
pullback, I’m at 15.25. Still have that order out there on DPW. we’ll see if this can move
down a little bit further. I will keep you updated. I should know real quickly that
the one I don’t wanna, yeah, I guess challenging is the right word. But this right here means
just no shares to short. So, I’m kind of my hands
are, my hands are handcuffed in the sense of I can only make money when the price of this one goes up. Um, if you’re new and you
don’t know what shorting is, shorting means that I would
have the ability to make money if DPW went down also, but
just the way shorting works sometimes that’s not possible
to make it both ways. And I’m not gonna go into
the details of all that but just wanted to point
that out ’cause I could see a valid question in mind
being like, woah Clay, why aren’t you trying to make
money when prices go down? Just not able to on this one. Now I could, I might be able to request through the broker but like
said I’m not gonna deal with all that hassle
’cause as you’ve seen here I can still make money when it goes up, just not quite as flexible as
I would like but all right, just waiting to see, you can
see the consolidation here so I very well might be
interested in potentially buying a breakout through the
highs but still obviously waiting for a pullback some further, so we’ll see what happens. Wow, that was, that was insane. That, wow. All right, I’m gonna get my composure. I’ll fully admit my composure’s
a little thrown off here. So much so that I totally
just violated my exit plan. And I shouldn’t have but, all right. Yes, I have no problem admitting right now that I’m a tad bit
shook, but I’m regaining. So 8.25. No joke, I made this
alert in the chat room. So let me take a screenshot of
it to offer up some context. But made the comment, 9.30
cliff, look for a big flush. In other words, if $9 and 30
cents was broken, look for it to, you know, really get
nasty, and 9.30 was broken. And literally, literally
in the blink of an eye, split second, I was filled. So it went from 9.30 to
$8 and 55 cents, which was I mean, I wanna see big movements. Don’t get me wrong, but
that movement as you saw, shook me up a little bit,
and I still got out with $35. But I was going for 70 or 75. But as I admitted and I have
no problem continuing to admit, that one shook me, that one
definitely caught me off guard. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen something move that fast. I’ve seen it happen before,
but I mean, that was crazy. So I mean to members of the
room that were able to short and if they got in before the 9.30 break, congratulations to those of
you but as I already explained, I’m not able to short on this one. So regardless, I apologize that I missed the entry point there,
but there was nothing I could have done there. And wow, that was crazy. I’m upset that I didn’t catch it on video. But there’s literally
nothing I could have done ’cause that was such a big move. But, oh well. So another $35 there. But because I was shook
I violated my trade plan and instead of getting
the 75 which I wanted, only got 35 but it is what it is. Okay, big move there I am in. Look like I might be able
to get some more shares. Let’s go to 7.55 got some there. So I’ll put some orders out there now. Quite the ride. Wide range again. So just 1000 shares. Thinking about maybe trying to
pick some more up down here. Yeah, the range here so wide right now, I’m just throwing out something there. So can I get into the 7.80s? It’s my question. Okay, took me out there. All right, so just sold
at 7.85 and 7.70 on that. Just ’cause this one’s got a lot of downwards momentum to it. So looks like that was a breakeven trade, because I’m still right there at 2.99. So break even on that one. Again, quite the flush
but now out of curiosity, had I gone to 55, yeah, that
would have been perfect. 7.55. So it’s looking like the 55s
are playing well on this one. So if it flushes again, and
I’d be looking not at 7.01, I should be down at 6.55. Seems like that’s been a pattern, is it? When it flushes it likes to
get down to those numbers. But, all right, well, like I said, that one turned out to be
just a breakeven trade, we’ll see if I can get one more. Okay, making a move down, whether or not it’ll probably bounce off seven this time. Let’s see. Remember, I’m thinking 55
is kind of that key area. Let’s see if it bounces right off seven. It’s hit 7.01, which is where
I was, I would have been remember I was at 8.01. Now just because it bounced off 7.01, which you can see right there the low, that doesn’t mean I
would have gotten filled. But the idea here is that this
one seems to like to flush. And then go down around that 55 number. All right, well, no, it’s
not flushing the way, but it looks like sevens gonna fall, then I’ll get it rolling. Well, I’m an hour into the
day and I am going to move on. For a little calendar context, it is a Monday when I’m recording this. So very happy one hour to
start off the week and up $300. And not only from a practical perspective, but just from a video perspective, got seasoned trades that
worked out very quickly, got to see a trade where it was breakeven. And it was breakeven because I, when I sold that final for 7.70, I thought that was still
gonna be in the green. But I actually took a loss on the 7.70s, which brought everything
right back to even. And that was just an error
on my part of thinking that my average cost was lower than 7.70, which led to the breakeven. So a breakeven trade
with an error on my part. So the miniature learning lesson there, make sure you actually know
what your average cost is, I glanced down there. And apparently just thought
something or I screwed up. That’s really the only way to put it. But that is why that turned
out to be the breakeven ’cause took a loss on those ones. And it is what it is at this point. But anyway, so that’s all I have. And like I said, $300 for an hour. Now before I go a couple
of things to request. First off, if you enjoy
these live trade videos, and you want me to keep making them, please click that like button
and subscribe to the channel. That’s a very streamlined
way to just let me know, hey Clay, please keep making these. If you wanna trade alongside
me and other traders, so DPW, well, I showed you that one alert. So if you wanna get
access to that chat room that I’m part of, just
go to forward slash team and
(mumbles) the question with that is ’cause it’s $99 for three months. So the question becomes,
do I believe the service can help me make more
than $8 and 25 cents? Not per day, but per week. If you think the service can
make you more than a 8.25 per week, then you will
get a return on investment. So that’s kind of the
way to approach that. And then finally, if you
wanna learn how to trade with charts and build,
you know, strategies that fit your personal risk tolerance through the use of technical analysis, which is what you saw here in level twos, then I do offer what I call the trading freedom pathway program, again, you can find
that at But if nothing else, just
click that like button. And that’s how you can communicate to me to keep on making these. So thanks for watching. Thanks for hanging out, and I’ll see you back
for the next live trade. First off, thanks so much for
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