The Art Of Closing Sales

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  1. What is the biggest problem you’re facing
    in your life right now?

    Comment below. I might just make a video
    and solve that problem for you.

  2. Hi Dan, love your videos. Responding to your question, I've just moved from Portugal to England for personal reasons, I left behind a 15 years career as a police officer and now I'm working as a recruitment administrator for a big hospital. My problem of course is related with money, I'm really struggling to pay everything and still have money to save in the end of the month. That's when I started watching your videos. I would love to follow a copywriter career but the internet is flooded with online courses, how can you tell the difference between the good and bad ones? Btw I speak english and portuguese. Can you help me putting me in touch with a good copywriting online course? Thanks

  3. Hey Dan love your videos keep em coming. Got a question how do you work with difficult customers and keeping them happy while at the same time not killing yourself just to keep the one difficult person happy.

  4. I act nonchalant about closing a sell (selling stuff online) like how the Gucci stores sell high ticket items for high price, I take that same attitude when selling Ali baba products 😈🙃

  5. i feel like im stuck in food producing Industry. i am a milk technologyst but i wann work in real estate and im Doing school to reach my Goal but im scared that i wont find an entrance. that Nobody is going to give me a Chance because i come from a totally different work background and here in switzerland people dont have the you can do all you want mindset.

    any advice?

  6. Loving the money gun Dan, thanks for the clarity on what kind of clients I want. 300 Spartans vs 5k sheep

  7. I like the mind set.
    It's OK to say no.
    It's perfectly fine to say no.

  8. Amazing formula, thank you so much, you solve my big problem because I'm an insurance adviser daily face this problem. thank very much

  9. I enjoyed that upload Dan. I think a blooper real or two would make the videos irresistible!

  10. I implemented some of your tips in recent conversations and successfully closed. Thank you.

  11. That dollars-gun made my day!
    A special thanks for your precious advices, Sifu Dan ♥

  12. Straight forward advice that you can follow it just keeps getting better just more info for the #ClosersInAction to soak up.

  13. Dan. I hope you get a chance to read this comment and maybe even make a reply video on this. I've watched your videos lately and have been having issues closing some of my sales. I build websites and do some 'stuff' with code to increase traffic to their business through 'Google". Some potential clients are close friends and others are cold market. I did what you said, build a relationship first and also become their client. They are interested in a website to help promote their business but they are leaning towards self building website companies like WIX. It's cheaper in the short run but they don't have the knowledge base to understand that there's a lot more to it once they start it. Images and videos sell. They plan to use phone pictures on their website and I've told them that it won't sell their business. Also, there will be no 'marketing' on 'Google' for them. I will be transparent and tell you that I'm only charging $3,000 for the time being to build up a client base. I know of other local businesses that start at $20,000 a website. I look at their work and I know can match it or even do better. I don't know if I'm cutting myself short or not. I can't build up a good client base and get enough exposure. I know that cost can be a good filter for bad clients. It seems like the more you charge, bigger businesses will look at you more seriously. I had a client that I was able to push their business to the top of the 'Google' search results. They had a big increase in business. I use that as one of my selling points but it still doesn't push them over the fence. My biggest question is, how do I sell my skill set to people who aren't willing to invest?

  14. Does anyone remember what's the name of the book Dan recommended to read about sales? It's somewhere in the old videos and I can't find it. I just remember that it wasn't written by him

  15. Hi Dan.. Which is the best method of prospecting: on the phone or one on one?

  16. Hi everyone! Hi Dan. Can anyone tell me what are the 3 criteria Dan talks about?

  17. hi i am an entrepreneur in video making business.I deliver video projects according to client needs.but I dont find any clients for the new creative video/films which I like to do make out of my concept or ideas … such projects require time and money which i do not have , as i have support my family with my clients projects money.please help me how to make it happen ?

  18. Great content. But I feel its kind of distracting when I see the money gun being used intermittently.

  19. Where would I find sales to close Dan? Could you make a video on it or possibly answer.

  20. For me personally is the lack of self-confident, unable to focus and execute what I have plan to reach my goals because certain distraction. For instance girls, women and other people. Maybe to find a mentor and live close to them would solve my problem Sifu Dan??

  21. could anyone explain me this : when I close a deal , it means that this is beetwen me and the prospect, I should sell somethink to him/her, charging my cut? So ,prior to this , I should have a meeting to the original seller,right to understand what I am going to sell for him,right? when I have this deal with the original seller, I should charge him ,too?So I am an interface between the original seller and the prospect, charging both of them?

  22. I use to hate Bently cars, But because of you I started to like it. I guess the lesson here is if someone likes you then he or she can sell you whatever they want.

  23. Hello Dan, I'm in retail so instead of saying 'How can I help you?' as an opening question what are some opening questions that I can say? In the jewelry business, Need Help! Anyone?

  24. Nice piece of advice. I have struggled with closing and I love what you're saying!! Thank you!

  25. "Between the "Hell Yes" and "Hell No", it is "The Fucking Hell" 🔥
    – Ziro out.

  26. Very informative and it's making me laugh at the same time because as a real estate sales person,i can relate. 🤣😂🤣

  27. How to be a female consultant closing $10,000 deals with male clientele in a cannabis industry

  28. Sir when we call prospect every prospect. Need different treatment , how we know to behave with different prospect at call

  29. hey Dan can you do a video about electrical serves . im an electrician and i want to know to get clients as an electrician

  30. No most of the times is where the money is. Why should We go to the next ones? I mean clients that finaly buy they want to check us how persisyant We are first. like the story with zig ziglar

  31. Good day Mr dan my problem is I can't close my prospects to buy my products,, my question is how can I close my clients to earn more money?

  32. Thank you for the content, Dan! WOW!! The link to the telephone millions training seems to be down. Can I access it anywhere else?

    Thanks again!

  33. !!! Problem!!! your link is not working " "

  34. Great insights, I look forward to receiving your 3 hrs Telephone Millions Training

  35. Oh I love this. Thanks a lot for sharing plenty of sales tips. 😊

  36. I love this line “..And you and I don’t have to do business”. I used it on someone and he went nuts. 🥂

  37. Sir IAM selling compatible toner & cartridge for printer give some good ideas to get big customer

  38. Using your methods and techniques I have actually gained a substantial amount of new and returning clients! Thank you😊

  39. Dan I would love to creat a product and got 50 45 % with you I been watching you for a wile your a beast you would be a great leader roll like a savage

  40. I have a philosophy that I developed
    You can lose the sale, but never lose the client. They will eventually come back to me. My sincerity is a valuable asset. People hate feeling like their being taken advantage of. Even when they walk away I’m always super nice and respectful. My business has a soul and life of it’s own. So, I make a point of thanking them for their interest, respecting the interaction we had, and saying how nice it was to meet them. Weather they ever come back or not , I’ve sowed a good seed of intent into my business. Often times they just needed to talk as a couple privately and they turn around and make a purchase. Remember, people talk. How they talk about me and my art, goes out into the universe. I want it to always be beautiful and authentic because I am beautiful and authentic!
    I am learning from this guy. He’s so different than me. I need this because I’m seeing where I need to improve and more importantly the skills of how to do it!

  41. Being expert at closing is maybe one of the most important techniques a salesperson can master.

  42. Great Video ( HELL YES ! ) I go through all of the things you have stated in the video.
    " It's all lessons, and experience in the Sales games "

  43. This is exactly what I needed to hear before going into my broker deal today. Thank you for the valuable information Dan.

  44. Does anyone know if Dan's "High Ticket Closer" course works for Spanish speakers?

  45. Good day Dan! I believe the great SW FORMULA can also be applied to those looking for lovelife 🙂

    Some will
    Some Won't
    So What?
    Someone is Waiting to be loved by you 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome share! 😀

  46. What about what I sell does not solve problem ? I have a small jewerly business

  47. Good point Dan
    Less attachment means less expectation and then see it turnover few times

  48. The SW Formula is so true. Some great points on how to handle all types of calls from the "hell yes" to the "hell no". Going to definitely use these techniques when dealing with prospects in the future.

  49. I am a HTC Student, will definitely use SW Formula for my future Prospects. Thank you Sifu.

  50. 1:37 couldn't hear 😿 what are you going to do after… Something?

  51. Can anybody tell me the difference between a closing coordinator and a closer??? or it is the same???

  52. this should help. I am selling aerus water filtration systems to warm leads.

  53. Sales is a lot harder than I expected, and those hell yes clients can turn into hell if you don't keep pushing. Still learning a lot, and love the advice in this video.

  54. Hello Dan
    I am completely new to sales profession so can you please help me over and show me the ways how I need develop myself
    I am working for edtech company

  55. Sifu Dan! Can you make a video of the ways to practice closing? Can't wait to see it !

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