The Awakening of the Steam Sales

100 thoughts on “The Awakening of the Steam Sales

  1. There's 2 types of JoJo maymays

    The bad edited (not even in sync with the music)


    The amazingly edited, like this one

  2. How steam become JoJo?
    Steam: 13,99 money
    After JoJo
    Steam 139,000 money
    Me: nani?

  3. Just to think that around 100 years later, Polnareff and Passione would fight against Diavolo in the same place

  4. I don't have Steam :')

    I do understand this, but it seems that I'm unaffected and immune.

  5. Why is this in my reccomended all of a sudden?

    Is it time? Has it begun?

  6. strange how the youtube algorithm starting recommending these only 67 hours away from the steam sale…

  7. With my training in Hamon I’ve gained the strength to only buy games I end up playing!

  8. You fool! You should never have verify the discount before you unlink your bank account

  9. I feel like the console players have an advantage against the sales of steam…

  10. And when they combine with the red stone of Christmas discount the become perfect steam sales

  11. It is sid that in ancient times Gabe had to kill all of his sales because they became bad cash grabs and became DBGT Pan but left the only good existing cash grabs alive to make a great ammount of money.

  12. When every gamer feels a tremble in their wallets, they know steamsale is coming and will not stop with its amazing discount on games…..

  13. I don’t even know what this is really about but I feel bad for you guys wallets

  14. "I had bought more than 20 games that I didnt even know I wanted, and in the end never played them" I relate to this too much

  15. remember steams ultimate form? and he had the power to suck up all the money of out peoples wallets?

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