The BEST Forex trading style to trade the markets!?

78 thoughts on “The BEST Forex trading style to trade the markets!?

  1. Why would a broker benefit from trader blowing their account. If they only make money through spread, they would lose their money source if the trader blows the account and goes home

  2. what time frame is best to draw accuate trend lines and Fibonacci if your swing trading

  3. I've been trading for over 12 years, with all due respect, the concept of working just a few hours in a day and keeping your ordinary job is just a lie, at the end of the you it may look like you've been working 1 or 2 hours but you had to have been sitting at your desk the whole time,

  4. Nice Videos, True always. I am looking for some NO deposit Bonuses can you give me links?

  5. Hi can you do a video regarding the ESMA regulations on spread betting and cfds?

  6. And how much i should risk as a scalper and as a day trader?? And what should be the leverage??

  7. hey cut your hair off like Jordan and dunk sir thank you Im scalping in Detroit Michigan you used run in Chicago mercantile exchange is it possible I can be mentorship with free or IOU I MADE 25,000,000 PLUS US 313-915- 7314 call me ASAP I love forex THANK YOU for slowing me down

  8. Right on the money….I like scalping because I know when to stop. Excellent advice for me…thanks

  9. Very valuable advise!…. is there any possibility we can follow multiple trading strategies for different currencies ?, lets say scalping for XAU/USD and swing strategy for EUR/USD. Thanks

  10. Always great content, thanks Andrew.
    I need an advise, I've been trading and educating myself for almost two years now, I'm finally beginning to do "OK" and not blowing my account so soon. Never the less, I simply love it and I want to quit my job and become a full time trader but I am not making enough to quit yet, I am a swing trader due to my time. However, daily charts have given me the best trades.
    What can I do to speed up the process to become a full time trader? thank you

  11. Hey that video was awesome! I love it, I love them so far, all that I have seen that you posted! Keep doing more…

  12. Lol love the bald head part 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  18. Andrew as always provides the Greatest Advice. I respect this man 100%, do to the fact that he is honestly genuine in what he advices on here. Great man.

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  23. About scalping, he says a small risk means a small reward. But this makes no sense. Reward is a factor of risk multiples. If you risk 1% of your account with a 10 pip entry stop, then a 20 pip win will generate 2% account growth if you size your trade correctly. If you are a swing trader with, say, a 200 pip stop and you exit with a 400 profit, you have also made 2%, but you are turning over your capital much more slowly, so your profit potential is much lower. To combat the stress, simply learn to progamme and set up an algo. This means that you can backtest properly and have much more understanding of your risk. If you have a small pot of capital, fast capital turn is the only way you'll generate meaningful growth.

  24. Yes that was funny. I think you explained me exactly and so my type of trading.

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  26. I always fail with scalping methods. I think there is a correct opinion of Andrew. its really stressful when trading with scalping methods

  27. It would be great to see some examples of your swing trading strategies for 1 hour and 4 hour time frames.

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  29. Hi Andrew. Thanks for your useful video. What do you think about ICM capital trader? Is it reliable for starting trade with them? Thanks again.

  30. Hi Andrew, thx for all your pieces of advice. Do you think there is a ´special’ way to trade index like Dax30 ?

  31. I mat also lose my hair. But my dream is to buy a luxury camper van and I can sacrifice my hair for it.

  32. I am learning. I hope I can adopt this strategy you discussed. Thanks a lot sir..

  33. Wow love your style of teaching. Joining Forex Signals! Studying for one year now in my own capacity and gone through all the emotions with a small account in crypto (with hopeless platforms) to break even and realised my mistakes. Starting 4 on 4 off day shift work in June which will enable me to day trade. Hoping to transition into full time trading/ investing. Thanks for the inspiration. Reading and preparing notes 🙂

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  35. I tried seceral companies. In beginning all are good then later they ask for a lot of money. Your system i couldn't understand. I think for basic you ask for 200 for a year but dont know what exactly you offer. You seems a nice guy. But i prefer to know more clearly what i am getting.

  36. After watching your videos for a few months I just tonight realised that I live a stone's throw away. Thanks for the great content! 🙂

  37. This video is very essential because I believe your style of trading matters in trading.

  38. I'm glad someone has finally decided to point out the different trading styles, based on personal circumstances, I found this very helpful, Thankyou

  39. Starting on the longer timeframes sounds great in theory but in reality how long is it gonna take to find out if ur strategy works or even to come up with a strategy if every trade takes a week or more to come to fruition? You could be in profit for several days swing trading only to be taken out! What do u do whilst ur waiting? U can never learn like that unless ur doing it for a job under the direction of a professional.

  40. I am a student and beginner in derivatives. Vedios are quite interesting and under standard able .

    Prince Sansoya ( IN )

  41. What are the specific time frames for day trading? 1 or 4 hours frame?

  42. Enjoying and learning from your channel so far, absolutely appreciated. I am practcing my trading and can relate to the sentiments about scalping, !

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