The BEST Sales Presentations are Not Presentations

Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter,” and you
know one of the very interesting things that I find about great salespeople is
they don’t rely on a canned presentation. No. They don’t rely on a canned…Now that
doesn’t mean they don’t have one. They have one that they could use, but here’s
what I found very interesting. In all my travels and working with salespeople and
getting to ride with salespeople, going on sales calls, listening on sales calls,
speaking to salespeople at conferences and so forth is that great salespeople have the ability to go where the
customer wants to go. And and I like this approach. And one of the things that I
always talk about is you don’t want to have a sales presentation. You
never want to go in and have a sales presen…
that’s not your sales call. You see the best sales calls are not sales
presentations, but they’re discussions, they’re conversations. And you
see the great salesperson knows their material so well. You see not having a
can presentation, an average sales person, a weak sales person, will say oh that
means I don’t have to prepare I can just go in and shoot the breeze. No that’s the
worst thing you can do. The great sales person is prepared more than anybody. They’re so prepared that they don’t need the sales presentation. You see, many
times what I finally happened is that – is that – average sales people – they go in
with the sales presentation, because they’re not confident enough. They don’t
know their material well enough. They’re letting the sales presentation
guide them. The great salesperson knows I don’t need the sales presentation to
guide me. I’m going to guide myself, and I’m going to allow the customer actually
guide me, because I’m so confident that I’m going to allow the customer to guide me, and
I’m going to take – I’m going to go wherever they want to go and I’m going to create an opportunity Think about that for a moment. Great
salespeople know their material so well that they do not need a sales
presentation. So they can walk in with a series of questions – and that’s really
what it is – It’s questions. Great salespeople ask questions. Average
sales people show sales materials. Big difference. They walk in – great sales
people – they walk in with questions, and they allow the customer to share, and
they get the customer to build on what they share. They keep that dialogue going
because it allows them to now understand what the customer wants to hear not what
they want to hear themselves say. Big difference here. I can’t emphasize this
enough. Do they have a canned presentation that if they need to go to they can? Yeah
they do, but they rarely have to. And it’s not to
not to throw away all the marketing materials that have been built. They’re
there. It is kind of like the seat belt in the car. You put your seat belt on in
the car; you hope you never need it, because you want to arrive at your
destination successfully. They view those marketing materials as kind
of the seat belt. They’ll use it if they get into trouble if if they have a
problem they can’t figure out, but they intend to be able to navigate the
process without. That doesn’t mean they leave stuff out – no. No, they put so much
stuff into it it’s unbelievable because there’s so rock-star solid. They know
their stuff so well. They’ve studied that market – they’ve studied those
marketing materials so well that they know them so well that they can just
walk in and have a discussion. And what does it do? It helps the customer to feel
much more relaxed. When the customer feels more relaxed, what do they do? They
share more. It comes across a whole different way. It’s why two salespeople
selling the exact same thing can come out of the same customer with completely
different results. One customer comes out and says there’s no business here the other
customer comes out with – the other salesperson comes out with a big order,
because that second person went in with a conversation, a discussion, and came out
with what the needs are that they can help them with. Yeah. One of the biggest
differences between average and great, and just one of the 14 things great
salespeople do. Mark hunter, “The Sales Hunter,” Great selling.

4 thoughts on “The BEST Sales Presentations are Not Presentations

  1. Very true. Great salespeople have an organic approach. Their pitch is memorized, conversational, and is adjusted according to the needs of their client.

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