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The Book On Forex Trading Demo – Make Money Online Trading Forex This is stevemarson author of the book on forex trading it’s um Monday morning 19th of March fantastic Aussie dollar tread on the London open this morning Now as you can see here on the 15-minute minute ozzie dollar chart and also I want to show you here today when the FSS drafted you Coincides with the tea is strategy when they coincide with each other and therefore make for a much stronger trade you can see overnight Aussie dollars come up Bounced off Friday’s high this line here and then gone again to meet resistance at the asian session high Remember that chapter in my book it mentions asian session can be support and resistance the asian session hi here I’m price bounces off of that and goes down now you can see the reversal candle here This reversal candle goes through the trend SMA at the same time Follow this look down both Ichimoku clouds I read and you’ve got the correct angle on the stochastic forty six o’clock so, we’re looking for a break of that candle reversal candle now you’ll notice the break of that candle is also a break of the 1.0 600 sweet spot So you got a lot of things going for you here bounce off the asian session hide the resistance and high of the day price has come down reversal candle through the trend SMA and through the double zeros you would take that shot 1.97 or 597 or 596 run about that level and it’s a good 20 pip trade Let’s have a look it on the five-minute chart You have drawn the red line in this is the same time. Oh 808 o’clock same time you can see You’ve got couple of reversal candles here you’ve got the One-point oil all six hundred mark and then it breaks at the eight o’clock Sam is on the 15-minute chart and you can see both Ichimoku cloud sit read both tricks is a red envelope Very very good let’s up look at the 1-minute chart Now the 1-minute chart would show you the tea is strategy Coinciding with the FSS strategy so let’s look here as you could nah as you know I like it when the 15-minute Trix crosses in this case to the downside the 5-minute tricks is just really something crossed the one-minute Trix have crossed on both red and You’ve got four Ichimoku, clouds that is a bang dumb slunk Tea is straight shot everything’s red and Of course you’d wait for the break of the one point over 600 will challenge it just after 8 o’clock and you take it again 105 97 exactly the same as the FSS trade But to the 15 There’s the same point eight o’clock candle And it’s a good tread on the one minute you might not go for 20 pips because tea is is more of a scalping strategy But you you might Adam you want to get down to the sweet spot at one or 580 or you may have taken 10 pips With happy position and let the other half run Hi folks good morning my name’s stevemarson author of the book on forex trading it’s Friday morning 23rd of March 10:30 I’ve made my money I’ve made my pips for today in fact I made it an hour ago now let’s Show you why this is the T is tread at the European open? Sometimes it’s European opens, sometimes it’s London open And we’re often not always not nothing works in forex always but often we get it a good move so Let’s have a look here. I’m gonna put a red line and you can see As we get 6:30 it’s all red then it starts going blue European open 7 o’clock here it comes now We’ve all gone blue Now look what we’ve got here I’ll leave the line there Price is above the coral Price is blue All for itchy mark all clouds are blue in fact the 5 minute which is the heads up went blue half an hour ago One when it tricks five minutes six 15-minute tricks are all blue So you could take a long there but you very close to the sweet spot 15820 so you might wait to the sweet spot is broken which happens here now seven all you’ve done is wait for another cycle of the one-minute trick seats gone red and gone blue again and then ever since blue again for a moment everything wasn’t glucose that was reality And that was red everything goes blue again here 158 22 23 he could go along everything corals blue everything’s blue fantastic European open go along and I mean Sometimes you just go for 10 pips with TAS sometimes you go for 10 take off off leave this morning, but it’s it It runs in the first instance up 60 peps It even got higher later but that’s a very very quick Fantastic, tread let’s just show you the same tread on the euro dollar so euro dollar let’s get my line Everything starts to go fully blue Here again seven o’clock Price above the coral coral blow Candles are all blue Crosser the tricks to the upside fresh cross of the five minute to the upside 15 minute going to go to the upside All blue you can take it if you want to wait for the 15 minutes tricks to cross Which is more conservative you can go in here which again like the pound is the next cycle Can you see those go red for a period as it cycles down and it cycles back up to blue Bang all blue take it again 50 60 pick move on the euro Let’s see if I can find the cut the dollar cad I’ll show you one more quickly I Put, my charts white background cuz it’s easier to see on YouTube but I’ve left this one black so please persevere again We’re coming up to seven o’clock European open All red there Okay this is at the sweet spot one treble zero Corals gone red all red for ready to Marco’s with particularly the five minute just gone red and these are all red and the five minute and the 15 minute cross into the downside now you would wait for a break of the of the sweet spot the one travel zero so again let’s take that cycle and get in here At about 99 98 and you can see He vowed the cycle to the upside this time on the one minute and then it recycles down You’ve got a good space 15 minute 5 minute one minute crossing all red Red collar all red ready for a shot and it’s a very good shot Gonna find out about this strategy 80 is strategy please read my book the book on forex trading

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