Hi guys Prince Ea here at contentment
with a special offer for you today. Ever wonder why you’re never happy? Even when you get the things you want the feeling just never lasts. Well I’ve got exactly
what you’ve been looking for contentment! Advertisers and marketers have spent
billions of dollars tricking us into wanting more and more. They want you to
buy buy buy to satisfy their evil selfish greed. They say this makeup will
make you look pretty and you’ll be happy or this car will make you a hit with
your friends and you guessed it you’ll be happy but it’s like you’re chasing
this butterfly that’s constantly out of reach. Because you see the truth is you
could never have enough of what you don’t really want. I’m here today to
offer you a little contentment because contentment is what you’ve been looking
for all along. Here’s why. Take the new iPhone Timmy here waited in line for
three days trying to get his hands on this phone. He hated his old phone and
when he got the new one he was so happy. Now the million-dollar question is did
the phone make him happy or was it the release from the craving of the phone
that made him happy? The phone? Duh. No Timmy. There’s nothing in this phone that made
you happy it was the release from the craving of
the phone. See when you craved this phone you had a lot of tension and anxiety and
stress building up and when you got the phone you were release from those stresses. You wrongly attributed the peace and joy that you got from the release to the phone. Wow! I never looked at it like that. Many people have it Timmy. So they continue running to the next stupid thing thinking that it will bring them happiness but what they were really
looking for is contentment. Before contentment we longed for that nice house with the picket fence. it was so stressful we fought about it all the time. All the time but now after contentment we learned to love our little
apartment. We’ve never been happier before. Before contentment I was miserable. I had to get the latest fashion,
the latest everything. But once I noticed that I had enough already I have never been happier. Thanks contentment! And you lovely people at home can have your contentment too For 0 easy payments of just $0 just look inside yourself and realize that these material things have never made you happy for very long. But wait there’s more! Call in the next ten minutes and we’ll
throw in some gratitude for free. Contentment, it’s what you’ve always been
looking for


  1. its funny cuz he does the advertisement stereotypes but has a big message.

  2. So wait what is the difference between a new iPhone and something I actually am really interested in and like like the new Smash Bros game because unlike commercials they don't trick us watching Nintendo Direct and E3 trailers

  3. "This item is what you have to buy because we need a 10th car and maybe even a 3rd private jet. Who cares about the thousands of people starving to death in poverty anyway? Be a good boy and follow the same ignorance the majority is following." If commercials would be honest :).

  4. You frequently what is essentially Buddhist/Eastern philosophy in real life situations where everyone can understand. You is a treasure to American culture.
    Mindfulness practice has made me aware of these things you share your videos, and mindfulness has literally saved my life. Your videos provide bite sized pieces of what I've learned so that I can share with others I love who still struggle with identification with ego.
    Thank you!

  5. I called the number and I got FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE!!! I’ve never been so content!

    Thanks Contentment!!!!

  6. I’m always happy next to my friend, she's the only one that that appreciates me..

  7. " your chadiana this butter fly, thats always out of reach " well thats what MothFlight did and she got to live happy

  8. What he really wanted to subliminally display to your psyche, is that contentment can only come to a black man, if he has a white girl. Either that or he couldn't find any black girls (or white guys?) to play the other half..
    All good lookin' peeps on both sides though at least 😉

  9. Remember the first time I saw this… 😆😂 🤣🤪🤯 “and we’ll throw in some GRATITUDE for free…” hahaha👍🏼 very funny very true🧠

  10. vat19 watches video
    Vat19: You stole my customers, prince Ea! WAR IS DECLARED!

  11. Materialism is the ruin of this world. I hate fashion and commercials they brainwash us from a very young age! Be happy (content) being you!

  12. I'm not happy because I cant cant find the title of a song that is stuck in my head… or that I find a song i like and i cant find more music like it :L


  14. iphones are ass, If you think people should be creative than get an android

  15. I never understood why people need the latest phone or the newest car or the nicest house to be "happy." I didn't have a cellphone until I was in college back in 2010! And I rent and take Ubers with zero shame because having the latest EVERYTHING means shit to me. I'd rather spend my money on family trips where my dogs can swim at the beach and my kids can see more nature.

  16. " You wrongly contributed your happiness and joy to the phone" , MAKES ME THINK OF SOME TIMES

  17. Throw in some gratitude for FREE? That cost 100 times the contentment itself!

  18. I watch tv when I dog sit. Books for me. Undercover Boss. You Shine. Just wished to share

  19. Nooo dont do vids for other companies it loses trust

  20. You know what crazy this works for people too not just in the context of products or materialistic things 😭😂

  21. Yeah, I've bought it. The delivery was really fast(0.000000001 seconds) and the quality is too good.
    But, can anyone help me with the service centre??

  22. "Ever wonder why you're mever happy? Even when you get what yiu want, the feeling just never lasts. Well I've got exactly what you've been looking for."
    Anti-depressants! Hehehe… Hehe… He… Yeah, fuck me

  23. Why does this man have 3.9 million subs?

    This man deserves more than that

  24. Your description: Get this exclusive things and a discount!

    Me: Ummmmm….

  25. I agree completely with you Prince EA. I've always thought the same thing. Same reason why some people buy the galaxy so – super slow Mo capability

  26. I know for a fact that when everything is a trend. You DO CRAVE to want it. My mom says, want in one hand, and crap in the other. Witch one fills up faster?

  27. But what a bout when you want these items u get them and u feel happy cuz u needed it for an example my old tablet broke and I couldn't use it and I got a new won I felt happy was that cuz of the relive

  28. The people never understand what's happiness but if they will see this then they can understand the real meaning of happiness !!!!! THANKS BRO

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