The Corning | Progressive Insurance Commercial

Oh come on… Don’t worry. You’re covered. And you’re saving money because you bundled home and auto. Sara get in the house. We are all here for you… All day All night Great job speaking calmly and clearly
everyone. That’s how you put a customer at ease. Hey did anyone else hear weird
voices while they were in the corn? No. No Nuh, uh. Me neither. [Whispering Voice] Jamie… What?

30 thoughts on “The Corning | Progressive Insurance Commercial

  1. The farmer with the beard is my friend Billy Cowart. He's also the "Ice Cold Buuuuud Light Here" guy.

  2. Jamie: Hey, did anyone else hear weird noises ehile we were in the corn?
    Flo: No
    Voice: *you can save 15% or more when you switch to geico*
    Jaime: HUH

  3. Another hilarious commercial! This would really be great to see in October though. You know, for that Halloween vibe.

  4. There should be lake version of this or one like the basement scene in the it remake part 1

  5. So is it a parody on Field of Dreams or Children of the Corn? I think it's too creepy to be FOD, but I'm not familiar enough with COTC to make an educated guess.

  6. Voice: Jamie
    Jamie: What
    LOL Jamie is the best. This commercial was so funny.

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  8. Something about Flo, something about Progressive. Can't put my finger on it.. It's there though……

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