The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr – Dragon Rage

We are free my brothers. Free to ravage this realm, To finish what we started… …so long ago. We shall take from this land what is rightfully ours. No mortal beings can oppose us. And let all those who dare… die. Now is the hour of our fury And the beginning of our reign. Nothing can defeat… …a Rage of Dragons!

11 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr – Dragon Rage

  1. You see a dragon in Elsweyr, walk up to it like it’s a bandit, and then realize that in ESO you aren’t the Dovahkiin.

  2. this is the start of another dragon war isn't it?…..welp time to go rebuild the blades and try to find the dragonborn if there is one

  3. So i was just wondering is this placed before the elders scroll 5 timeline?? Not that it matters this shit look amazing. I just thought if it was in a timeline before 5 and you being dragon born then i finally get to see how all dragons became extinct in 5

  4. Dragons are awake and ready to rule the mortal realm.
    Dragonborn: Hold my alduin.

  5. So let's check: we have a queen from a royal house with blond hair and a fiery temper, who is trying to take over a country of people who don't like her and who keep rebelling against her, and she's using dragons to burn the countryside to force them to submit? And she's the bad guy? Wow, Bethesda, shots fired……..I never thought you guys would take aim at Game of Thrones that quickly………

  6. Euraxia: "I am Euraxia Tharn of the blood of the royal house of Cyrodiil, and I will take what is mine! By fire and blood, I will take it!"
    Mulaamnir: "LOL she's just our puppet."

  7. We Dov are not beasts!!! How dare you depict us as animals!!! This is insulting!!!!
    We are Immortal, Ageless, and older than Nirn itself!!! We Are Children Of Akatosh!!!!

    We are fully sapient and we speak and write our own language known as Dovahzul.
    We can cast powerful magic and alter reality using only our words.
    And technically we are lesser Aedra as well.

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