The EMASCULATING Gillette Commercial: Here’s What REALLY Happened

– Here at Dove, we offer
many products for YOU, the modern woman. But, here at Dove, we’re also concerned about the recent epidemic
in female obesity, and we want you to do something about it. We’d like to encourage you to eat less, and if you see a friend who’s overeating, be sure to stop her and tell her, “Hey, hey,
hey, not cool, not cool.” – Not cool, not cool. – Thank you for buying Dove. Do you think Dove is going to put out a commercial like this? Then why did Gillette? There’s two things I wanna point out. I’m sure you’ve heard about all the different political pushback, and I’m not gonna focus
on the political issues because I’m a social coach
and I wanna teach you what this is saying socially. We’re gonna watch the video and then I’m gonna tell
you my thoughts at the end. But I want you to notice two things. The first thing I’ll
talk about at the end, and that’s when the guy
kind of quiets the woman and says, “What I think she says is this.” Notice that, and the second
thing that really bothers me is when the guy’s on the
street and he sees a woman and he’s gonna go up and
talk to her, it looks like, and his buddy’s like, “Yo, yo,
yo, not cool, not cool, bro.” Being a social coach and
realizing how hard it is for most guys to build up
the nerve and the confidence and the courage to just go over two steps in a social situation where people are supposed to be talking to each other, and saying hi to the girl
and giving her his name, it’s crippling for most guys. So when guys see a commercial like this, they’re discouraged even more when they start to think
the social narrative is any time you go up to a
woman and talk to her, it’s bad. So let me role this clip
and then I’ll wrap it up at the end of my thoughts on the, “What I think she means is this.” – [Narrator] Bullying. – [Woman] The MeToo
movement against sexual– – [Barron] And I’m just gonna
show you the two little parts that I was talking about, but if you wanna see the whole commercial, you can just touch or
click on the right corner and I’ll put a card there
that’ll take you there. – [Male Narrator] Is it. We can’t hide from it. – [Woman] Sexual
harassment is taking over– – [Male Narrator] It’s
been going on far too long. – [Barron] Yeah, and right here, so now it’s toxic masculinity when guys wear swimming trunks and girls wear bikinis at a pool party? That’s not to be done now? It’s a new day, we
shouldn’t be wearing that? All one-pieces and guys should wear, what do they wear, those swim shirts? – [Male Narrator] We can’t laugh it off. – [Man] Who’s the daddy? – What I actually think
she’s trying to say. – [Male Narrator] Making
the same old excuses. – [Man] Boys will be boys. – [Male Narrator] To act the right way. – Bro, not cool, not cool. – Tell me this, when
you’re at a dinner party, how often does a guy quiet
his wife or girlfriend and explain for her, versus how many times
she explains for him? In my experience, it’s massively higher with the woman explaining for the man, especially in this culture. How many TV shows do you see where the dad is just the token doofus? He can’t do anything right. “Oh, Ron got it wrong
again,” and Ron’s over there, “Oh, I can’t get anything right.” And his wife’s like, “Oh, Ron,
he can’t get anything right, “but he means well, I
promise, he means well.” She explains for him, that’s unrealistic, and this commercial depicts the idea that men are always quieting
and talking over a woman. It’s something that needs changed, and I actually see it
as the side of the coin. If anything, even the worst case scenario, the other side of the coin where the women are talking over and explaining
their dopey husbands. And all the other wives:
“Ah, it’s kinda funny. Ah, their all dopes.” And all the guys are, “Oh, we’re dopes!” It’s pretty gross to see, so
that stood out to me as well. By the way, if you have
Instagram, follow me here. I’m doing a lot of stuff on how you can improve your social
skill, your vocal tonality, and your overall social comfortability. So when you go out, you
know, maybe you’re going out to talk to women, maybe you’re
going to a networking event, maybe just have to go to
a happy hour after work. Are we going to be able
to step into that event and feel comfortable
that you know what to do? You know, a lot of people
when they go to those things, they’re kinda confused because
they’ll go up to one person and they’ll get a good reaction, and then they go up to somebody else and they get a bad reaction. “Like, I feel like I did
exactly the same things?” I’m gonna teach you how to understand exactly what’s going on, so you can better predict
the right things to do to get people to look
at you the right way. You wanna be able to anticipate
what people are gonna do to put your best foot forward. Now I wanted to keep that nice and short, but if you’re interested in story time, I’d like to tell you a
story about how I was out, you know, kinda an example
of this, on New Year’s eve, and I was walking up to the bar, and it was really busy
and chaotic and crazy. It was about 11 o’clock at night. But there were three seats that were open, so me and my date went up there, and a guy confronted me. And I wanna talk to you about what I did, what was really going on and
the thought process behind it, so you, if you’re ever
in a situation like that where someone comes up to you and they’re putting pressure on you, you know how to handle it. You can click right here and
I’ll walk you through it. Talk to you there. The ball is gonna drop in one hour. It’s 11 o’clock at
night on New Year’s eve. I was wearing the same
garb with intentions of going to a Great Gatsby party. I never made it to the party. Me and my date walk into a bar.

100 thoughts on “The EMASCULATING Gillette Commercial: Here’s What REALLY Happened

  1. Woah, I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate for this, but this video is the definition of male privilege

  2. They took all the thumbs down votes missing from the Gillette commercial and put them here

  3. Aaaaannndddddd subscribed. This is what I've been trying to tell people all along.
    People are like "I don't see a problem" I'm like how don't you see the problems? I have been pointing the sitcoms. dude it's like you're in my brain.

  4. I quit buying P&G products after this commercial. I know I'm just ONE customer, but if enough people react this way, they'll have to change their tactic.

  5. Hey there Baron, I love you and your content. Keep up the great work. You inspire me so much.

  6. It was a very bad marketing move.
    I bought another brand of razor, that it !

  7. dude…its self respect…learn it…going to girl and talk?…are you cheap product on market that gets easy?…that what you born for ?a cheap material?…

  8. Gillette a company for Manginas and women. Fuck Gillette they will never get a cent from me again and that’s all P&G Products

  9. Boycott every feminist product!!
    Everytime you buy a product search for the producer and if he's a cuckold don't buy it.

  10. They are "dopes" for marrying a woman in the first place😚

  11. Says he's not going to get political….starts making things up to convince others of his views.

  12. Big difference between engaging with someone at a dinner party (where people are meant to be engaging) and catcalling someone on the street (where people are minding their own business and just trying to go somewhere). False equivalency.

  13. The ad mentions "toxic masculinity" with a high-pass filter to indicate that it's playing over a TV or radio somewhere off-screen, which is meant to depict all these media outlets now talking about "toxic masculinity", not that "toxic masculinity" actually exists. People hear that and assume that the ad is in favor of the "all men are evil" narrative when it actually isn't.

  14. Still not buying anything from them and actively promoting other brands to people I know.

  15. I met my girl the most inappropriate way and we are happy wtf is the point of the commerical? To cut off our male body part and paint our nails?

  16. Most disney productions make parents look like fools, especially dads. Boycott disney.

  17. haha look at your haircut. hahaha and look at your face hair. ..what Kind of cuckold are you?

  18. I can't believe so many are offended. It's teaching men that they can behave nicer in the midst of a culture that teaches "might makes right." Both white men and black men were shown to be leaders, if you care to look. Also, the men on the street are very clearly gearing up to catcall the women they are approaching. I mean, yeah, perhaps it could have been made more clear in some of the scenes, but it's still easy to understand. They're not attacking your whiteness. Relax. They're showing that all men need to try harder because all men can be leaders.

  19. Anytime I see a couple out and a out, the woman is leading the man. Anyone who says otherwise, open your eyes next time you're out and try to prove me wrong.

  20. I was at Target the other day all they have is Gillette razors I acquired shampoo soap and acne scrub from Target I went somewhere else to get my razors

  21. I picked up a Gillette razor for the last in January just before this commercial uploaded

  22. Misandry is not a quality I appreciate in a company. Goodbye Gillette.

  23. The one black guy saying "not cool" was prob just jealous and wanted the girl too

  24. I want to thank self righteous finger wagging SJW Gillette for making switch to Schick and finding out it is a better razor.

  25. Hello,

    you are completely right, that the "not cool, not cool" situation is not the kind of situation a man should be blamed for, as in the video he hasnt even done anything yet. But there ARE guys who ARE annoying and harassing in the streets and the message to men to stand up against this when you see it happening is an important message, even when the video failed to communicate it well.

    You are also right about guys on TV being depicted as stupid fathers and women speaking for guys in social situations. Which is just as sexist as women not being taken serious in a working environment. Still the situation of women being silenced in working environments is a real thing. Both are two sides of the same coin. Both go back to a history in which women are responsible for family and social work, and guys for bringing home money from the industry and for politics

  26. I like your voice. It's uncommon to hear these sort of deeper, manlier voices anymore.

  27. I always thought it was really stupid, but I honestly didn't realize how damaging it could be to tell men that it's not cool to talk to women. Good job 👍🏻

  28. Hm, sexual assault vs obesity. One perpetrated by another human, the other… largely a product of one's own personal choice… Hm…

  29. We know by statistics that black men are the ones who rape girls more often.. But Gillette only saw the white skin as capable of misbehaviour.

  30. So, this is just a hidden commercial for your program? Pretty slick, but not transparent.

  31. somebody who would come between me and getting to know a woman like that brown dude he could bet money on it that i would refurbish his face with a couple of fist to his face gillette mind you'r own business don't you tell men on how they should behave look at you'r own behavior towards you'r consumers first pathetic hypocrite's

  32. Gillette just lost $9 billion hahahah and the boss said it was worth it why is he not fired?

  33. Someone needs to stand in front of the buffet and say "not cool" to the fatties

  34. Imagine if they reversed it and had a white guy stopping a black man from approaching a woman with the words "not cool, bro".

  35. And this is why Procter and gamble have announced a 8 BILLION dollar loss, ALL because of that advert, but their excuse is that people are not shaving as much HAHAHA

  36. I think the TV show clip with bikinis was addressing the sexualization of women on tv.

  37. Every time I try to talk to a Women, a black man stops me, that's why I'm still a virgin.

  38. Oh wow this ad triggers me so I’m gonna stop buying the product like la Di Da

  39. Men are responding to the Gillette ad by purchasing razors from other manufacturers, or by growing their beards out. Myself, I'll never buy a Gillette product again.

  40. Men can’t come together because racist, white weaklings quickly turn would-be meaningful discussions into rants about racism—AGAINST THEM. Imagine that. Imagine how many generations of black men who lived and died under this system FOR REAL, and you weaklings are withering under the weight of a handful of lesbianic, white, men-hating females just over the last couple of years. Good grief.

  41. Respectfully talk with a woman on the street is totally fine. Treats her like a piece o meat is the problem. If you cannot understand the difference keep watching this shitty channels to reaffirm your fragile masculinity….

  42. What's with that voice, you're not on a radio show : )))
    Just speak normally, you are doing the same thing as the spot, focusing on some words so I would pay attention…

  43. Lol I find it funny that Gillette portrays straight guys as predators, when in reality if you go to a gay club getting groped is just a normal thing, male or female.

  44. Gillettes CEO tweeted 8 billion dollars was not a great loss to the company, and he was actually happy about it so let us men help the CEO out and make his life extra exciting by making sales in the next quarter a total loss, this will make the CEO even more happy. 👍👍👍

  45. 0:50 the black dude is gay pretending to protect women, he just needed a reason to get close to the white guy to feel his abs and rub his boner on him LOL "whoa, not cool"

  46. Media is owned and run by New World Order Bolsheviks. They know they can't destroy America the way they destroyed Russia in 1914 so they have to come at it in a more sneaky way. Ever wonder why the same group of terrorist parasites own all the media? Ever realize the same group of terrorist parasites overthrew Russia, Germany, the middle east to spread their demonic New World Order control? This is what these commercials are seeking to do. They control our education to produce a soft play-dough like brain to mis-shape the minds of weak people. It won't work. They'll destroy some people but not enough to bring in their Brave New World. They are vampires and vampires can't live among themselves, they must to live amongst Christians -George Washington: "The Maxims Of George Washington"

  47. Will never EVER buy Gillette products ever again. Won't even have them in the house and I shove all Gillette products behind other brands in the store.

  48. Well what boys do or did as a kid 25 years ago or so. Mama's where still at home some what. Or at least ruling the show. So trying to place blame on a growing child directly reflects the Mother of the kid. The Father was at work trying not to loose his job and support a family. Or the kid was stuck at home with a Single mother. Stuff we all do as kids is part of learning. It does not make us automatically a bad person. If that where the case a certain few know who they are and well. At 1 time I thought I was bad or mean or something. Though I have seen others and they make me look like a saint.

  49. how silly you are. First the scene that bothers you so much that a male is shushing a woman, it is NOT a "dinner party", it is a Board Room! He is taking her business idea, explaining to the business men for her, as if interpreting for a alien creature unable to speak, thus humiliating her publicly as well as semi usurping her idea. This happens in board rooms and business meeting all over the world, & for the last 12 years it has been called "Mansplaining", in case you have been asleep. Your second scene that you feel is hurting men who work hard to be able to say hi to women, is the one where one man stops another man from approaching a strange woman on the street. He sees his friend eye a hot woman in shorts on her way somewhere, probably having been harassed already many times for darling to be cool in summer (she is asking for it! eh? if you wear shorts in the city you should expect to have a man on every corner think you want it) His friend knows he wants to hit on her without having met her, spoke to her, known her thru friends, or at a speed dating gathering, just a "lust-hit" on a total stranger on the street, stops his pal with a hey dude not cool. (which, by the way, if you are truly a life coach, you should know that never works, 90% of all women would flinch, jump, ignore or scream at a total stranger who darts out in the street to say "Hi pretty lady, love your shorts my name is Mike". You are just using this commercial to huckster your dating coach biz instead of taking your business role seriously and telling men to look at it from the side of the woman you are trying to say hi to, tailoring their approach to make sense, to go to events where men meet women and women are looking for men, not teaching them to jump out onto strangers on the street and be big fat rude sexists. I think the ad is great, it is a first attempt at a business that caters to men at saying how about teaching young boys to think of others in these troubled rape fueled times".

  50. it's a white male bashing, video and attacks all men as garbage… the video was shot by a known feminist… so, you can see why it turned out how it did… check out the parody of the video… it's very accurate…

  51. Why are you so loud? "Comfortability"? I loathe Gillette's ad too, but you need a charisma bypass, ginger.

  52. Nah, it's taken out of proportion. It's not about how many times does this happen, but what you do as a male (which is supposed to be the dominant gender) to prevent it. We indeed can be better and it's taking a loooooong fkcing time to get there…

  53. the deeper issue is the historical patriarchal dominance struture within our culture ,and its impact upon women ,, I want people to note what is stated at the 5:38 second mark,, 'We the People' – the three most misunderstood words in US history | Mark Charles | TEDxTysons"

  54. I love how you took 3 situations and completely ignored what was really going on to create a plug for your other products. Situation A) Girl dancing/guy randomly rubs his body against her backside Situation B) Man in the WORKPLACE NOT HOME physically touches a coworker to shut down her communication. C) Guy sees girl walking at a brisk pace on the street and immediately begins to follow her/friend shuts it down, can anyone say "stalker?" I cant even tell you how many times in my life where that's happened and I wasn't creeped out and worried about my safety from the guy "just being friendly."

    The entire idea here was to get you to understand that many of the ways men traditionally communicate attraction, solve conflict, and create dominance is expressed at someone else's expense. If those things are what "makes you a man" then maybe you need to realize you aren't one. Masculinity shouldn't be defined in how well you bring others down in order to make yourself feel more important.

  55. BOYCOTT LIST of Proctor and Gamble products. All coding and excess wording removed. Copy and share.


    [Hair stuff]
    Frederic Fekkai 
    Head & Shoulders 
    Nicky Clarke 
    Vidal Sassoon 

    [Heathcare related]
    New Chapter
    Pepto Bismol
    Prilosec OTC 
    Seven Seas 

    [Household products]
    Mr. Clean

    [Laundry Detergent]
    Lenor laundry

    [Skin care]
    Old Spice aftershave

    And all Gillette products.

  56. Toxic Masculinity? 50% of all murders are committed by 6.5% of the population – black males. Thus a SJW should conclude that black males are the most toxic. Their logic comes back to bite them on the ass.

  57. They won't be making these commercial with my money . I will not be using any gillette products.
    How does gillette plan on surviving without customers. Let the men's movement begin.

  58. Remember Women makes the first move. Woman wonder why guys don't talk to them anymore and will never talk to a guy cause they are not taught that men must wait for them to strike up the convo first. So humans don't reproduce and die out easier to control population and they start a globally communist Monarchy! Sure thing Corporations you have it all figured out don'tcha!

  59. Cmon man. this videos bigger bullshit than the video.
    You're literally making shit up from the beginning.

  60. you forgot to mention that only the white people in this comercial are doing bad things, and the black people are the good ones…

  61. The cheating Patriots and their rub-and-tug owner play football in Gillette stadium. As did their former multiple-murderer Aaron Hernandez. Gillette sponsors this, and actively endorses the rampant chronic traumatic encephalopathy that comes with it. Let's think about that.

  62. Can someone dig up the full names of the directors board of the Gillette? I think it should be known who exactly stands behind this propaganda. They didn't even fire the CEO that was responsible for those adverts that got Gillette lose 8billion dollars. So they must do it on purpose. I want their names, I want to see their connections, I want to know who they are, what is their goal and how we can neutralize them. Anyone?

  63. OK message received: Never approach a girl on the street without a razor in her hand. A razor, yes, but a Gillette.

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