The Five Most Desirable Male Entities Used in Female Pornography | Jordan B Peterson

100 thoughts on “The Five Most Desirable Male Entities Used in Female Pornography | Jordan B Peterson

  1. Well, at least one of only three (out of 600+) professions fitting my psychological profile was surgeon, according to local employment agency tests. Other two were pathologist (well, duh – same as surgeon, but for dead meat) and architect.
    What those professions have in common are high ratings for research, artistic and crafting skills, that is – being curious, creative and able to use hands. What doesn't matter were social skills, ability to command and to be commanded. I'd say, that is very, very different from becoming rich due to ability to plan ahead, to organise and to command people. Thus those five archetypes seem to cover quite wide range.

  2. It's true: most women seem to have an overwhelming desire to change the man they're with, whereas men tend to love the woman for what she is and don't want her to change. Men are somehow just material to work with apparently.

    Personally, being a man, I HATE when a woman tries to change me. My next relationship will be terminated the moment I realise she tries to do that. If I'm not good enough for her she can get the fuck out of here. Because, you know, I AM good enough.

  3. Men and woman are equal, but not the same
    Most underrated comment so far. But it is 100% true.

  4. That woman guffawing in the background sounds ready to just lay down for JP right then and there.

  5. Vampire: Lestat
    Werewolf: Hans Gunshe
    Billionaire: Goose Wayne
    Surgeon: Hannibal
    Pirate: Jack Sparrow

    That is what I got out of this video.

  6. Women are not that complex they like the feelings of the D going in and out of the V. Hence Dildos. Unless they just prefer the hand touch the outside of the V and definitely the Clitoris. Well I’m not that complicated and I don’t think a majority of women like fifty shades of gray or like it for the sexiness really. Also, some men like fifty shades of grey, too. I think the lack of nurturing as a child makes me search for a good personality in men, which sadly seems more unrealistic as time goes on. So, the nurturing thing probably doesn’t really have to do with romance so much.

  7. Like the human behind this conversation all they forget to tell you that women seem to look at the waist and look up to the face what does that tell you

  8. I like me a swashbucklin bucaneer, shiver me timbers matey! 💀☠💀🏖⛵🌊🗝

  9. Well pirates like getting their hands on big chests so… works really well for male porn. Everybody's happy

  10. Criminals that have been caged and tamed in prison. Women que up for them

  11. In many Muslim countries, specially in the Arab world, in traditional marriages the man has to be approved by the woman's family (her father, mother and brothers) in order to engage her. I think that's good because as Jordan Peterson said women desire men who are dangerous and rich and has high social status, while her father and brothers will look at his ethics and character and if he is safe to be the husband of their daughter/sister. That's why I think it's good to have the opinion of your family when choosing your partner.

  12. So all I had to do all along was to become a billionaire surgeon vampire and I'd be popular amongst women! So east, never thought of that

  13. I dated a girl in HS who would read me parts of romance novels while talking to her on the phone so i knew what she was reading. OMG I found out it was basically all a description of pornography. I had no idea, I thought it was actually supposed to be romance, as in falling in love, not lust.

  14. Women's #1 porno search if I remember correctly, is girl-on-girl, though.

  15. As a straight female I don't watch porn for the males… I watch for the women, their reactions (or lack of) determine my level interest.

  16. And women say they are as smart as guys? I think we know why men keep them around and why beta males support them in this feminism crazyness, without your pussy, you are nothing, even the most logical and stoic man sucumbs to that shit, we are cursed to worship that magic box called vagina.

  17. What seriously after I’ve just bought a fireman outfit.
    Guess I better go back and get that werewolf costume. lol

  18. What in the hell? Women do not want dangerous men. This is why incels exist, because of this awful idiot. Women want someone who makes them feel safe. That doesn’t mean they want a skinny nerd, because those guys can seem like the most dangerous of all. They want a guy who is not a threat to them. Men are dangerous, and women know that. You want a women, first step is to become a guy who doesn’t scare women.

  19. I think most of the audience doesn't get how embarrassing of what he say! yeah this is how low we get!

  20. Lol this is good..explains a lot why we fancy construction workers, dang!

  21. Scientific confirmation that nice guys finish last. Treat a woman like crap and she'll love you for it!

  22. Women want dangerous men – the truth of this proves why women's wants must be ignored and overridden and why men must never, ever live their lives aspiring to be what/who women want. To do so makes you NOT what women want – a wild man.

    When women call the shots like this, and men are aspiring to meet women's standards, men have lost their authority. In this case, there is no such thing as success with women – only which man/men get to share the women as they indulge their worst and most destructive side – but no good men will marry and commit to these women, if engage them at all.

    These relationships leave nothing but destruction in their wake. They used to leave men and women feeling ashamed, humiliated and brought low – bastard children, broken families, destitute hopeless neighbourhoods with no men in them. These relationships would once leave women and children starving to death or whoring themselves out to survive.

    Men – go your own way – MGTOW isn't simply about avoiding women – it's about the raw truth that women are most attracted and admiring of men they cannot have or would not want if they are in their right minds – by going your own way you really do retain authority with and over women AND exist as attractive and enticing as you possibly can be. It's akin to being the most dangerous man on the planet but never hurting anyone – meekness – a word we have lost the meaning of – it's strength being restrained and reserved – not weakness or lack of strength. Meekness is a virtue.

    Go your own way and build a life on your own terms – male and female relationships work best when a woman is supporting a man achieve something they will both enjoy – but men don't trust women who wait at the finish line and think they will join the winner on the podium they did nothing to earn.

  23. Jordan Peterson reminds me to the 12th Doctor in Doctor Who.
    Im suspecting he's a Timelord.

  24. So basically:
    Unpredictably dangerous – the werewolf/vampire
    Rich – The Billionaire
    Intelligent – The doctor
    Adventurous – The pirate

    Be dangerous, rich, intelligent, and adventurous. Men, I think we cracked the code. You’re welcome.

  25. Always a man telling people what women want, cuz men know better of course….

  26. All Jordan does is look at pornography he is a sick person he needs help

  27. Jordan Peterson just limited every guy’s Halloween costume options to 5 choices

  28. As a woman, I'll admit… Edward Kenway (pirate), Alucard (vampire), and Mr. Darcy (millionaire) are 👌👌👌 but not just because of what they are

  29. I like this guy but he misses one important one of his list… Being drilled by a BBC

  30. Oh please. Give me a moan and a cumshot and I'm done. It's not that complicated. But sure, I suppose there are women turned on by stories. Just like I'm sure there are men who take more than 2 circles and a triangle.

  31. I’ve been raised to be straight as an arrow. Women want dangerous men that they can civilize, right? I jumped straight towards civility because that’s the end goal. I thought women hated danger. Alcohol, drugs, guns, etc.

    Now that I know the truth, I’m just sitting here like… W E L I V E I N A S O C I E T Y

  32. Being gay is so much simpler. I just don't get why so many women seem to find definitely bad men attractive. It's like they need men to be flawed. I just need sex and company and I'm happy.

  33. Peterson often talks about relationships, but he hasnt banged loads of chicks. Whats his experience

  34. The most Beautiful and sweetest girl I’ve ever known used to work for me. I had two other women working there when the girl told us about her pirate fantasy. We were all stunned that she not only could have such fantasies but admit it.

  35. So what we learned was
    Team Edward
    Team Jacob
    50 Shades
    Jack Sparrow?

    Thanks for the roleplay ideas though, Dr. Peterson!

  36. I can't beleive how many women would date or ne interested in a man that was a mobster. I have had women tell me this straight out. I am Italian and definitely not a mobster , but been asked about it and they said they would like that😎🙄

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  38. So much for my Corolla, moderately funded 401k and central air.

    My mom says I’m a catch

  39. Disney:

    "In a world with mistery, one billionaire pirate, finds out hes half Vampire and half Warewolf?"

    Warewolves of Wall Street

  40. How do vampires, werewolves , billionaires, surgeons, and pirates fit with
    'fifty shades of grey'?

  41. How is this not obvious to everyone? Sure, not every woman wants a dangerous bad boy. Not every guy wants a skinny 18 year old with big boobs and a tight butt.

    But most do.

    At least men are honest with themselves about what they want.

  42. If they want to " fix"the "porn" "industry" for "women" or "men" they need to "change" this. 😁

  43. Arrr!!

    On a serious note it’s obvious the average woman’s “fantasy” is securing a dominate male for herself. Nothing interesting about this. The interesting part is understanding that what women seek fails as soon as they achieve it. If she get this man then in doing so she destroys what she found attractive in the first place. Hence, women are not designed to be monogamous. The secret to keeping her attacked to you is never sharing your secrets. EVER. unfortunately most men seek friendship in mate and lack the discipline necessary to maintain said relationship and act like overgrown boys in the care of their mommies.

  44. Aww I love you dr Peterson it’s good to see you laughing…. speak for yourself ppl, once you’ve dated those “dangerous men” all you want are kind, spiritual men who can make you laugh and support you immensely. I am lucky to have found that. I love my royal Prince Charming . Not a pirate or a werewolf or vampire… been there done that. Not worth it. I have noticed that my husband and I have changed each other in positive ways, and I think that is part of what he was speaking about too.

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