The FUTURE Of Red Dead Online Bounty Hunters, Traders & Collectors

what is up guys and welcome to another
Red Dead online video today we are talking about the future to Red Dead
online if you missed it or have been hidden under a rock for the last week Rockstar
did announce what they plan to do for the summer for Red Dead online so I’m
gonna go and read it off this page and then I’m gonna talk a bit about what I
think about it so what it says is with the foundation of Red Dead online now
established future updates will offer new ways to fully inhabit your character
as you progress in multiple roles and carve out your own place on the frontier
starting this summer players will be able to take on the first three of a
series of new roles track down wanted criminals as a bounty hunter search the
world for treasures and other exotic items to sell as a collector or build a
business at camp as a trader and more each new role will come with a range of
unique gameplay along with a host of new outfit weapons and other rewards to earn
players will have the option to focus on a specific role to advance quickly and
unlock each roles unique attributes or simultaneously progress across multiple
roles as you play naturally to create your own unique character and path
through the frontier experience Red Dead online now to familiarize yourself with
the world and prepare for the launch of these new roles this summer stay tuned
for more information soon so reading that I am very very excited I think the
role playing instantly with this stuff is already gonna be insane I myself I’m
probably gonna go more as a trader it sounds over building a business at camp
it sounds like we’re gonna be making our camps more like home I think the
collector will be able to do the exact same thing collector will be able to go
and do these treasure hunts go get all these amazing stuff those exotic items
that I keep talking about and then be able to go and sell them at
the camp with a business maybe it goes hand in hand maybe you have to go and
build a business as a trader and you can’t go and sell stuff as a collector
until you go and build that business as a trader and I think these can do very
very well the trader and bounty hunter for myself
I thought those were always gonna be a thing in red dead online I didn’t expect the
collector so that was pretty cool to go and see but this will link all the way
back to when rockstars changed the economy in red dead online where even
was able to go get a cougar for say $23 and sell out of butchers but then then
reduce that down to say I think it’s like fourteen or fifteen dollars which
is a massive massive decrease in price and people complain then you had that
whole glitch come out and I did a video saying not to do the glitch well this
all kind of links to all of that because they reduce the economy in my opinion
because there will be a way to go and make more money in the future and I
think it was a good time that’s why I told people not to do the glitch Rockstar have a plan it’s not just about trying to get gold out you guys because there
is nothing to go and buy gold with like there was nothing in the game whatsoever
so it was to go and balance the economy so it is ready for once we get say
traded bounty hunters & collectors and I think this was the reason why so that
also makes me think once we go and get say a trader say I’m progressing for a
trader and then let’s say the trader has a leveling system maybe once I go and
get to a certain level as a trader I can then get an increase in price or once I
start selling stuff at butchers which will then make it back up to the point
of where it once was so maybe I could go and then get a cougar once I level
through say ten levels as a trader I can then go and sell a cougar for its
original price which was twenty three dollars now that is just me guessing it
may not be exactly the same but I would imagine you would be able to go and get
those rewards where it’s like a 10% increase or maybe 25% increase or
something else maybe maybe it’s a decrease in price in trying to get bait
and all of that other stuff as a bounty hunter you’re gonna happen
after your weaponry maybe it’s gonna be a decrease in price in looking after
your weaponry so I’ll be stuff like that this was a long time coming and I don’t
want to say I knew exactly what it was gonna be because I didn’t expect ain’t
collector anything like that I think people expected bounty hunters and I did
want to be a trader and red dead online but you could sort of see something like
this happening and also wondering about future roles that we’re gonna get so
these are the first three of roles and I think the big thing that people want to
be is a farmer someone that can take care of livestock and also go and farm
crops and then say transport back from one side of the map to another maybe
take it to a shop or something to sell a general store and I think that could
potentially be one of the next roles or a future role that we get in Red Dead
online because I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how they want to take care of
their own land very similar to what happens in Red Dead Redemption 2 story
once you are John Marston so that would be very sick but leave a comment down
below of what you think about the future – Red Dead online this is the first time
this update is the first time I’ve ever had hope for the future for Red Dead
online so I think this is actually very good and it is definitely a step in the
right direction but leave it in the comments down below of what you guys
think but anyway guys I hope you guys did enjoy if you did enjoy don’t forget to
leave a like and subscribe but for now I’m going so see ya

4 thoughts on “The FUTURE Of Red Dead Online Bounty Hunters, Traders & Collectors

  1. If you want an idea for another video do 1 showing the new awards we can grind for xp like cooking 15 types of meet, etc. I haven’t seen anybody even mention them

  2. Dude you burned out the intro music for rdr2 stop using it every video

  3. We need horses like mika horse and all the group and even other kind of horses and colors we need black silver gray / fast horses war horses / we want to feel unique like they said so bring horses

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