The Making of Migos’ “Stir Fry” Video With Sing J. Lee | Framework

This line wasn’t even in the script at the
beginning. I mean I wanted Quavo to say something, but
we had no idea what he was gonna say. And when we got on set, and we were doing
the moves, I think Quavo came up with “time to go to sleep.” Time to go to sleep. So I had an email from their label with notes
from Quavo just saying, “The song is called ‘Stir Fry.’” “We want something Asian.” And that was it. I was looking at every element. So first, the look of the world. Lighting is a huge part of what I do. And color is as well. And I was looking specifically at Chinese
filmmakers like Wong Kar-wai for the colors for this one. And I’d create that world first. The tone of it. What would it be like? And then I would look into the fight sequences,
obviously inspired by the old Bruce Lee films. And films like, ‘House of Flying Daggers.’ ‘Hero.’ And ‘Ip Man’ which is the story of Bruce Lee’s
mentor. And then, trying to just create as insane
a B movie story as I possibly could with hands and tongues flying out. I just wanted to have as many authentic Chinese
cultural things as possible in this. And it’s a story of gangs and I thought it’d
be really funny to bring Mahjong, the Chinese game into it, which is what they’re playing
here. In the narrative this is their side hustle. Migos in the story they own a stir-fry shop. But in the back is where they have some fun
and make some money another way. When I brought them all in actually on this
table, this was on day two. We were trying to explain to them what this
game was. We’d anticipated this moment, so we brought
in a Mahjong master to come in. I didn’t think they would be as into as they
were, and we spent 25 minutes with this guy just explaining, and Pharrell got really into
it, and Quavo got really into it, and they were just trying to learn this game. We finally managed to get it down. And then when we started rolling, I think
they forgot to play it. But whatever. It looks good and is a good vibe. Their styling is impeccable in this. It’s one of the elements I think is strongest. It was actually a really interesting process,
the styling, because in Western culture there is still a long way to go in terms of defining
what is each Asian culture’s own identity, right? This was a really good learning process to
making sure everything we put in is authentic and Chinese. And that goes down to the styling too, especially
for the fight sequences. Yeah, cultural appropriation versus appreciation. I think it’s just a really ongoing conversation. For me, this one was really important because
I’m a British-born Chinese person, and we get the opportunity to make a Kung-fu movie
for one of the biggest artists in the world at the moment. I felt the responsibility even more so to
make sure I got my own culture right. To make sure that we were hommaging everything
with respect, and in the right way. I wanted to do a ‘Godfather’ horse head
moment. I wrote this story, this B-plot about one
of their missing girls. And I wanted a reason for them to be baited
to come over to fight the final boss. And I thought, “Maybe if we throw in her severed
hand, it’s a statement.” The style of fighting that I really wanted
to bring into this was Wing Chun, which is the style that Bruce Lee learned from Ip Man,
which was his mentor. Wing Chun is one of the most popular Hong
Kong styles of martial arts. You get a lot of things like these fast punches. And I was looking a lot at the first “Ip
Man.” The way they move, and the way they fight. It’s really acrobatic, and very photogenic. Some of the best fight scenes are really made
from three cuts. One is just a mid. And they let the action breathe, and then
we just come in on certain points for closeups for the impact and the details. That was the first thing I noticed, that American
cinema fight sequences don’t do. They build the energy from the action of the
edit, and I wanted this to feel like I said as an authentic homage. So speaking with Vince, we choreographed a
fight scene that would give me the option just to shoot it in the certain coverage that
we wanted to. Which actually ended up helping us in the
day, because it ended up being a really quick way of capturing the action. I wanted again, to just have this real theme
of unity with Migos, and how they’re a force to be reckoned with. My parents own a Chinese takeaway. We have, and I’m sure all Chinese menus
do, have the special in each section. But the special is the combo of all the meats. So for me the Migos’ Special is the combo
of all three of them with their three moves. I was going back to the old Chinese movies
with the pressure points, and when they hit them, they paralyze, or they freeze, or they
pass out. And something that Bruce Lee did in ‘Enter
the Dragon’ and something that happens in ‘House of Flying Daggers’ as well. It’s just a little touch. There’s a huge relationship, a long relationship
with black culture and Chinese culture, and hip-hop and martial arts. Being that we are lyrical assassins, we are
aware that the tongue is symbolic to the sword. So that was something that I really wanted
to homage as well. And do it right, but do it with a bit of humor,
and Migos bring humor. So, that was taken care of. When they came on set, and they were just
goofing around, and we were just watching all this material were thinking “There’s gonna be too much gold here, so we need to put it into something.” “Let’s look at the Jackie Chan roll outs at
the end of the movies and let’s do the credits.” “Let’s do the bloopers as well.”

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