The Mexican Dress: new album, promotion & merchandising!

Hello, I am Veronica Sbergia! Hello, I am
Max De Bernardi! We are the Red Wine Serenaders, we are here
on to tell you about our upcoming recording project titled “THE MEXICAN DRESS”,
recorded both in the United States and in Italy. “THE MEXICAN DRESS” is a very
important record for us because for the first time in our history, tracks will include a number of “our” original compositions partly written in collaboration
with our American friends “The Nite Café”. How your contributions will be used? Surely they will help us to deal with some
of the costs for the production of the CD the recording studio, the printing and,
wanting to make an extra effort because we want this cd to has a international resonance,
we need a little help also to cover the expenses of a press office we want to shoot a nice video and then
spread it widely everywhere it’s possible and also some gadgets too! 2013 was an important year for us: we won
the European Blues challenge in Toulouse, we were rewarded with a “Blues Oscar” by the Kayman Records, we
played in some of the biggest and most important international festivals in Europe and we would
like to continue to do this even better… So we invite you to help and support
us and to spread this fundraising campaign. The Mexican Dress will be a cheerful, bright and
a little surprising cd, because ,as you know, we like to get out of the categorizations
so there won’t be only blues but also there will be something different…roots music,
as we always love to play it to our audience.

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