The Problem with Billie Eilish.

Hey guys, it’s your unemployed common nobody here and today we’re going to talk about Billie Eilish but before we do Please be sure to like this video and subscribe Because I’m trying to get to 70k by the end of the year. And with that being said, let’s get on with the video Now I briefly Mentioned Billie on this channel before and I pretty much said that I saw her as an artist on the rise And I think she will definitely continue dominating the charts in the future I also mentioned that I have never really heard her music So in order to give my full analysis as well as getting you all off my back I listen to every song she had on Spotify and you know what I Get it. I understand it a lot of her music gave off a somber like tone if Teen Wolf or Pretty Little Liars were still around I could see her songs being featured in them and So far her work has definitely been paying off However, even though she is millions of supporters like many young artists Billie gets severely judged for one reason being her Upbringing a lot of people see her as this typical LA rich kid that only took off because of her connections And most celebrities that have any sort of upbringing Similar to Billy’s have had no real problem acknowledging it. It just depends on what they choose to do with that I don’t think her having a few advantages should take away the success she has especially at such a young age Because you still have to work just like everybody else. Now. Another problem people seem to have with Billy is her personality I’ve seen a lot of people say that she gives off the vibe that she just doesn’t care about anything and she uses too much Self-deprecating humor and to be quite frank that sounds like almost every teenage youtuber to me But nevertheless I don’t see this as an extreme issue and considering the fact that Billy would still be in high school right now I don’t find her behavior to be all that different from someone her age after watching some of her interviews She comes off pretty well grounded while not taking herself, too seriously And that seems kind of difficult for a young artist like her to balance all in all the only real problem ice Really ever having to face is breaking out of her mold in my opinion how she sees herself and how her audience sees her can be completely different besides her music her lyrics seem to talk about Struggles Billie could have possibly had and breaking out of her typical teen angst category may be difficult Especially with the audience like hers But as of right now This is definitely not something she’ll really have to consider because her followers really appreciate and love her style musically and personality wise But what do you guys think? Do you think her image could do more bad than good in the future Be sure to put in the comments below like this video and subscribe

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  1. For all people saying that depression shouldn't be a trend :
    You're right it shouldn't be something that you say to be loved.
    But lets remember three things
    1- Billie is not the one making it "a trend", these guys are Billie's fans trying to be like her.
    2- Some guys maybe don't know that you have different degrees of depression.
    3- (Related to number 2) Most of those people are teens and this part of life is being confused. So yeah I think everyone is sometime depressed or maybe just sad for some reason so they're gonna think they're depressive but they're maybe not.

    What I am trying to tell is that those kids i am talking about are not always stupid teens laughing about depression and making something that is not serious(Even if that probably exists). They probably just think they are depressed cause they are lost in their minds.

    That comment was no hate to anybody just wanted to clarify some stuff.
    By the way have a great day 🙂

  2. Rich kids acting like they have all problems in the world… I'm tired of that shit. Have they ever lived in the real world? Have they ever seen other peoples problems? It's like nowdays artist use things from kids who were bullied in school for those things. Like you know… Real goths, real nerds… And others. And everything is aesthetic now. Like make depression aesthetic song, no one cares that it doesn't actually mean shit and that is made just to take money from young kids who think they are depressed. I can't believe that people are actually buying this shit.

  3. I'm looking at some of the comments and i don't think depression is becoming a trend and the fan jokes are getting annoying. They could just like the music or they do have depression or something is wrong with them and they're mistaking it for depression. It can even be just like a obsession. I just think it is an obsession and it's not like she's the only one that is probably overhyped but if people like her they like her it doesn't mean she has to be overhyped. And if anything I'm not sure if u know cardi b and if you do then you should make a video about her she is actually overhyped.

  4. why is she making songs about depression when it's a MENTAL ILLNESS?
    everything is just wrong.

  5. Yo why yall hating on Billie
    She makes good music
    Her songs are genuinely good

    Maybe Billie might give off that "I'm 14 and this is deep vibe" but like her music is good so who cares

  6. This is just music… Sometimes it CAN mean something she's trying to say "hey I'm depressed plz help" or "help…. I'm suicidal" she's just scared to say it😓 so stop saying " why's depressed a trendd? " she's not meaning to make people sad! She's just trying to say something!!!! What do you not get about her? "O she's trying to make people sad and depressedddd" it's a song people sometimes put their feelings or if they harm thenself.. Like lovley! The part were she sings "I hope hope I can it out of here" and in the music video she's in a box.. It's like her little box of depression… Plz get what I'm trying to say.. I don't want her to hurt herself… Plz reach out to Billie and tell her that if she's depressed tell someone! Your not alone many other people are like this! But just reach out to her and do this..

  7. While I appreciate and occasionally listen to her music, I really don’t think she’s all that. And, as someone who’s struggled with depression for years, I kinda feel like she’s appropriating depression.

  8. Her fans are a problem (not all tho) Today I looked at a video of a person going on public with Tourettes and I look at the comment section and a person said they want Tourettes because Billie Eillish said in a interview she like people who have that (I did not watch the ir so I don't know if that true but I'm gonna assume she meant she likes how strong they are and positive they are even though they have Tourettes) not only that the person told the Youtuber to not get rid of it I'm done 😐

  9. Billie eilish isn’t talented all she does is mumble stuff that you can’t even understand and if you took away the mumbling the music would still be fairly awful everybody is comparing her to jojo Siena in the comments but I hate her too but I feel like jojo’s music would be slightly better Billie is definitely overrated if you forget about her age and her personality you’ll probably realize her music is pretty bad

  10. Just admit she makes you feel things with her beautiful voice, don’t diagnose yourself over another persons mental illness

  11. She is the most pretentious singer, I hear her talking and I'm like fuck off, after a few sentences.

  12. Billie Eilish is like the Avril Lavigne And Marilyn Manson of this Music Industry

  13. No voice, no talent. Her music is trash. It’s just 💰
    I feel bad for people with no taste in music

  14. "Billie's the youngest artist to blow up"

    Michael Jackson : oh

    Chris brown : oh

    Justin bieber : oh

    New edition : oh

    Aaron Carter : oh

    Lil wayne : oh

  15. I literally said I just don’t like billie on a video, and I got comments like “die” or “you have no soul” and someone even said

    God. Like what is wrong with people.?

    Anyone agree?

  16. Ok but like have u seen her actual personality look for videos of her on yt for example Billie being goofy or sum she's so funny lmao 😂

  17. Nepotism is really a sad thing. It's like many have to struggle so hard but some have it easy, also it is not necessary that with Nepotism you will be successful yet you still have the chance that many are still not getting.

  18. What annoys the crap out of me is that people fake depression now a days and it’s so annoying!!! When people like ME actually struggle with anxiety and depression and stress and people who don’t actually have depression think it’s a “joke” or “cool”

  19. Billie is somewhat problematic- but she’s a celebrity, it’s practically in the job description, as soon as you become famous there is bound to be controversy over you, and all in all she’s not highly problematic and seems to be a decent person. That’s what matters. Also really like the video, appreciate that you didn’t tear her to shreds and considered multiple viewpoints

  20. I’m mad at my friend bc she likes her music. She not allowed to do that. Me not like that.

  21. She makes young girls think they are depressed. Like honestly from a person who is a depressed introvert, it's so stupid, is being miserable cool? Is she supposed to be giving out an edgy "I'm different' vibe?

  22. We live in such a fucked up generation…. I live with depression everyday and trust me it’s not cool or trendy

  23. Billy eyelash: exist


  24. I like her music, I do appreciated her voice bc she for sure has talent…but it's sad how her fanbase who is usally around 14-20 (cca) are feeling bad bc "ohh she is 17 and she is already famous, wha am I doing, my life has no meaning…" like NO. just bc she is younger or your age, doesn't mean you have to feel bad. She grown up in house of celebrities, she had all the support (and money) to do what she wanted. Oh she is 17 and has depression, guess what…everyone in her age does. ..most of the people. It's a..well it's a normal thing in this age. It's…you feel lost and "oh my goood nobody understands me ugh…life sucks…eww" and it's okey to feel bad or sad, like you are's totally not okey to romanticize DEPRESSION. No offences, but she does not know what depression is..I mean reall depession. Like that bitch who makes u stay home for weeks, when u don't eat…or if u do just a little, barely even sleep, don't care about your hygiene, about nothing. Like when u just want that to end…when u comletle isolate yourself for months, don't talk to anybody. There will probably be her fans telling me "yOu dOnT eVen kNow Her" well u don't know her either. And if u use mental ilness to get people to sympathise with u, if u use it not to help people, but only to help your egoistic self, then..that's not okey.


  25. i went through a lot and billie really helped and that’s why she means so much to me watching these spill tea videos make me cringe

  26. I personally am a little fan of billie eyelash, but still, listening to Billie eilish and thinking:I am so depressed…OMG I relate to Billie… omg omg omg omg… is kinda stupid.

  27. Speaking as someone who’s actually been diagnosed with depression before, depression isn’t a appropriate « trend » to be out there. Please stop making depression a positive statement about yourself.

  28. wow. you literally said nothing wrong about Billie and yet you still got 5 thousand dislikes. Ig Billie's fans couldn't watch a 3 min video and realize "hey, this girl isn't criticizing her, maybe I shouldn't dislike the video before watching it, then click off".

  29. Another thing, in an interview she said, "I hate blue xP" when all she uses is blue like huh

  30. Billie Eilish: famous as a teen
    Fans: OMG she's such a queen she's like the first ever to be famous at like 16 she is God-
    Other celebrities: famous as a teen

  31. I don’t get how people are saying:I just add a mental breakdown or I have depression or anxiety like if it was fun 😭….

  32. THIS IS MY OPINION she’s worked hard people are going to hate we get it but people are just way to fast to judge someone when I first seen her I didn’t like her but I found this one song and I didn’t know it was her that sang it and I started watching her more and started liking her more!!!!! Don’t be so fast to judge

  33. She’s not fake depressed..? She goes through really shit. Her body dysmorphia and her tics.

  34. There is literally NOTHING "special" about her. Yeah a lot of people have brilliant natural voices. But they don’t just get lucky like billie eyelash. She is just an average Singer really.

  35. The problem is the she is demonic and singing to children about wanting to kill herself and making Lucifer happy. Kids are more depressed and killing themselves at record highs. More evil is not needed.

  36. Omg she's a SATANIST period. Look at her videos. Her singing my Lucifer is lonely. She's demon possessed.

  37. I never knew about Billie. But I really think she is overrated! Get's 345 million views!!! Oh. my. god.
    She actually does not SING. she… whispers? Kind of…
    I understand that she has depression. But I had depression much before. I think there are better singers than her but they cannot rise up and be more famous because EVERYONE now Listens to k-pop, blackpink, Billie and Ariana. I am sorry that I sound like HATING Billie, I am just giving my opinion. I don't really like her and I am not a huge fan. I like some of her music, It's not bad.

  38. depression really isn’t good, like at all…. so if you fake depression you’re a piece of shit.

  39. Tbh, she romanticizes depression to the point where her fans self diagnose themselves with depression, and a lot of people are now taking depression as a joke, so if a person actually has depression, they may not be taken as seriously just because of Billie and her fans…and that just annoys me a lot.

  40. Why do people call her SO TALENTED AND AMAZING ? And why is her fans always compare other artist to her??????????

  41. People are saying they are depressed a lot because of trend but you never know what depression feels like until you have it…

  42. I think I have heard one of her songs, one time. My issue with her is her attitude. I get the teenage angst, I had it too, but she said in an interview "teens know more than adults". Really? lol I guess people could give her kudos for being honest in what teens really think about the world, but is that really a good role model?

  43. For haters:There is no problem all she does is make music for fans to hear. But the ppl who dont like her and post bad things about her shouldn't watch her then DAH!
    To billie:): billie ur an amazing singer cause u really tried harder than others do:) ur talented and a hard worker keep up the good work only at 17!!:) dang u good

  44. hey
    hey guys
    i got a joke


    i just have autism ;(

  45. Am 11 and I love sia shes the only singer i like and Billie is always on my sister's mouth and everywhere she exists at

    shes older and of course a bossy b so she would always turn on billie eyelash wen am listening to sia.

  46. the reason why i don't like her is mostly because she made depression an aesthetic, when in reality it's something horrifying and many people struggle from it. i also don't like how she, unintentionally opposes herself. when her wearing a tank top went viral on twitter, she made a scandal she was frustrated and all, which i understand, if it was me i would also be uncomfortable if this happened. and then again she goes singing stuff like "might seduce your dad type" when she has stated many times that she's only seventeen


  48. The world's Gone Nuts!!
    Welcome to the nihilistic, depressive and talentless vat that is the music of today.

  49. Look she was 16 she was going through puberty and she had fame on her back so of course she would say anthing that she feels but now she's 17 and she feels better now fame at such a young age is bad

  50. Having depression is a trend and it is so bad! Imagine those who are struggling from it and then when you try to tell your friend about it, she/he wont believe it because its just a phase or trend or whatever

  51. Tbh its not her. Its the fans, and honestly alot of the time regardless of what or who it is…. its the fans that are bad.

  52. it’s really sad how they romanticise depression, depression is a real thing and shouldnt be taken lightly at all, romanticising it all the time makes it harder to point out the people who actually have a depression and needs help, like do u have depression or are u attention seeking?1&

  53. Honestly for me I love her music, great singer and personality in my part. But like what are y’all trying to expect from her. She’s so blunt about how she feel like you wouldn’t want a celeb like the rest that just hold their feelings in. If she’s sad she’ll say it for example. I think her music helps her fans in some way like yea it’s sometime depressing but at the same time people RELATE to it and their happy that not only a regular feels that way but a celebrity it sounds bad but ppl feel more about that than a regular person depressed. For me I dnt relate to her music but I can feel it and it makes me feel like I’m living in her words.

  54. I love her music but I really don’t like her. She’s so dramatic and thinks depression is a personality trait. I can’t think of a single interview of her not self deprecating herself wich is annoying as hell. She’s so dramatic and such a horrible role model for so called “quirky” little girls who wanna be depressed just because she is. To me she gives off the “if you’re not depressed you’ll never truly get my music” kinda of vibes

  55. She is the 2019 youngest singer. Not worldly nor in history. The youngest singet in history is Atithi whom sings at the age of 3 and released her professional solo album as well. Billie is didn't exactly release her song at a young age making her not the youngest cause justin bieber, bhad bhabie, and others also exist, name em. She is known for her "depressed music" she went through depression and is now showing it through her music on her experiences [she doesn't have depression anymore] but she never intended it in a bad way but to share what she felt like. It isn't something bad. It is bad for those who use depression as shit like (roleplay, attention, sadness, etc.) And it has become in a way as making fun of those who are actually depressed which is wrong.

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