The Problem with What About Arguments! | We The Internet TV

[SALLY] Oh, Trump claimed that TIME Magazine wanted to make him Person Of The Year, but he turned them down. He’s insane. [BRIAN] What about Barack Obama? [SALLY] What about Barack Obama? [BRIAN] Do you think Barack Obama deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize? [SALLY] I see what you’re doing. [BRIAN] What am I doing, babe? Oh! Looks like I’m pouring some milk. [SALLY] You’re saying ‘what about this?’ or ‘what about that?’ every time you hear something you don’t like. It’s “Whataboutism.” [BRIAN] Whataboutism? Well that’s an interesting word. [SALLY] You’re deflecting so you don’t have to actually deal with other opinions or facts. You do it all the time. [BRIAN] Oh, do I? [SALLY] Yeah! Think about it. (music) [MAN] So, if cops aren’t above the laws they’re enforcing, then why shouldn’t they be required to wear a body camera, you know? [BRIAN] Well, what about all the gang violence in Chicago? [MAN] What does that have to do with anything? [BRIAN] Something to think about… [SALLY] Oh, remember we have dinner with Greg and Michelle tonight. [BRIAN] Who? [SALLY] Greg and Michelle. You’ve met them a dozen times, how can you not remember their names? [BRIAN] What about Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods? [SALLY] Who the hell are they? [BRIAN] The men that died in Benghazi. How do you not remember their names? Let’s pick up a bottle of prosecco. (music) [DOCTOR] I’m sorry to tell you this, Brian, but you have a brain tumor. [BRIAN] Yeah, right. What about Elizabeth Warren? [DOCTOR] What about her? [BRIAN] She lied about being Native American. How do I know you’re not lying about being a doctor? (music) [COP] You been drinking tonight, sir? [BRIAN] Drinking? What about all the drinking and drugging the Secret Service was doing when they should have been protecting the president? [COP] That was like 3 years ago. Get out of the car Sir, get out of the car. Mr. Winkeljohn, we really need you to come in so we can run more tests on your brain. Tests!? What about common core? [DOCTOR] Uh, I don’t follow. [BRIAN] Too much emphasis on standardized tests. No thank you, Doc! (toilet flushing) [SALLY] What the hell, Brian? This is a list of women you work with that you’d like to sleep with?! [BRIAN] It’s a wish list! What, I’m not allowed to wish? What about Linda Sarsour wishing that America was under Sharia Law? [SALLY] That doesn’t mean you get to sleep with other women! [BRIAN] It might! Polygamy is legal under Sharia Law! Ah! My list! [SALLY] F***ing idiot. [BRIAN] Oh yeah? Well, what about Father’s Day? F*** you, Mom! [DOCTOR] Mr. Winkeljohn, if you don’t treat your brain tumor, you will die. [BRIAN] Pshh, what about Magic Johnson? [SALLY] Brian? Brian? Brian!! Do you see what I mean? Oh my god, your nose is bleeding! [BRIAN] But what about…. (somber music) Hey! I’m Lou Perez with We The Internet TV. We’re the channel that makes fun of everyone! Including you. Yeah, you! I see you. You’re next! And you’ll never see it coming. Unless you subscribe to our channel! In which case, you’ll totally see it coming. Paul… Melissa… Dad…

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