The propaganda of ‘British values’ is a distortion of history – Akala | In my opinion

What does it mean to be British? Many things have apparently come to define
British values: Winston Churchill, the Monarchy, empire,
received pronunciation, aristocracy … whiteness. But some of the people of this island
have a much more interesting, subversive, counter-cultural set of traditions
buried beneath the surface. These traditions don’t fit the elite’s message that they alone are responsible
for everything that’s good in society. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most of us
know more at school about Henry VIII’s marital dramas
than we do about the Peterloo Massacre. These are the traditions embodied by striking
miners, peasants revolting against private tyranny, and by the Suffragettes. Also embodied by William Cuffay,
the disabled black man from Kent, who led the 19th century chartist movement
for free speech. A tradition embodied by the John Brown Women’s
Society from Sheffield, who refused to make manacles
for factories that supported slavery, but because they were poor, and women to boot,
their names have vanished into history. A tradition whose legacies include Notting
Hill Carnival, Europe’s largest street festival, which was born out of multi-cultural, anti-racist
activism in what was, 50 years ago, one of London’s
poorest areas. Today, these traditions are embodied by activists,
youth workers, school teachers, and nurses, that go the extra mile
for the people they are trying to serve. These traditions have often been persecuted,
and even labelled ‘anti-British’ or ‘anti-state’, until they bear fruit that the state then wants
to claim for itself, such as poor people getting the right to vote,
or the abolition of child labour. These gains are then presented as the result
of inherent British values, rather than as the results of serious political
struggle that they, in fact, were. Whilst I am not a nationalist,
how national peoples and cultures see themselves undoubtedly has real world implications. The question, in these tumultuous times, is
which of the traditions of the people on this island would be drawing on and identifying with? The one that promotes and reinforces race
and class oppression, and explains away the genocide of empire
as a civilising mission? Or the one of relentless activism that secured
for us the very fragile freedoms that we have today? I know my answer.

100 thoughts on “The propaganda of ‘British values’ is a distortion of history – Akala | In my opinion

  1. That is whats history classes are supposd to be for. How did we get where we are now. I dont know Akala but I dont get a I hate white people message from him.

    You look back and say well this and that isnt a British value. Should we look back 2000 years and say human sacrifice is a British value? Freedom is a British value. Go to Saudi Arabia and say the same things. See what happens there. Staing being an atheist is a crime.

    And aristocracy. They were the Kardashians of the dark ages.

  2. The guardian's readership is already in the fucking toilet. Won't this shit tier, click baiting pile of shit "news source" die already? Why does it try so hard to live?

  3. Political values of working class people are a constituent matter of British identity. From the Battle of Cable street,to the committees against Poll tax,to the women of Porton Down the distinctive signature of the Political Nation of Britain is present.The lad is right!

  4. This guy is entirely an agitator, he acts like white people have never been oppressed in this country or have shown solidarity with black people in history. Also this now persistent narrative of reparations is now becoming a very divisive notion that many black have bought into, it creates a victim mentality, I want us to move on together as a country but he does not.

  5. I wouldn't try and defend some of the actions mentioned in the video, but the reality is that Britain is a great place even for non British people. hence why they are so desperate to move here, because our country is better in so many ways. you can talk about persecution throughout history, but this isn't unique to any one nation/race, and you can't blame everything on white men just because they happened to be more successful.

  6. black people need to stop being so obsessed with white people's stuff. just chill and do your own thing 🙂

  7. Actually, it is no surprise that we know more about Henry VIII and his wives than we do the Peterloo massacre. The issue with Henry's martial problems effected many more millions of people then and since than the incident in Peterloo. The separation of England from Rome is a huge historical event. And not just some trivial bit of soap opera. The same is true of Churchill.

    In fact, the list that is read out ''…Winston Churchill, the monarchy, empire, received pronunciation, aristocracy, whiteness'' (the music is suddenly cut dead at the word 'whiteness', as if a terrible cuss word has abruptly silenced the room) says more about Akala and his own bias and prejudice than it does British values. Especially the last bit. As does the follow up list of things more 'interesting' 'subversive' and 'counter-cultural'.

    Akala cannot lay claim to his own list of values. The suffragette movement is British history. And William Cuffay was more than just his skin colour. So he is not someone that Akala can own by default. Moreover, he was of mixed race. Therefore he is as much black as he is white (music abruptly stops).

    Akala and the Guardian has simply set up a straw man argument. Then slipped in a bit of politics as it knocked it down. Pretty fuckin crude stuff tbh.

  8. "oh shit someone gave an opinion which differs to my fragile, narrow world view; better dislike the video and write a hateful comment"

  9. In the Teachers Standards, British values are described as "democracy, the rule
    of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, and tolerance of those with
    different faiths and beliefs"… What is wrong with that?!?!?!

  10. People like this are a cancer in society. Even worse are the brainless PC brigade like the Guardian who give idiots like this air time.

  11. Yea, how about the 20 million white men who died in World War II to keep people free from racial and religious oppression and death? They don't count right?

  12. if there's so much oppression here.. why don't we just move somewhere with lets say less oppression.. say.. saudi arabia.. or israel.. or pakistan.. those seem like fantastic alternatives!

  13. Worrying about migrants because they are different makes you racist. Preaching about "British values" or "American values" is tribalism

  14. Yo Akala. Ironic that you talk about ignorance, but can't grasp why Henry VIII is talked about in the school curriculum. If you looked past your hatred of rich white people you would have realised that the reason Henry VIII is still talked about is because he started the Church of England. You know, the biggest religion in the country.

    But carry on being the ignorant twat you are and put all the white people into one pigeon hole. Because that doesn't make you look like a bitter son of a bitch or anything.

  15. Totally agree and I am white by the way. I know from studying social and economic history from junior through secondary school and at university that it is the nameless ones who struggled through from oppressive changes in farming, the horror of the Industrial Revolution and standing up for basic human rights that have built into the psyche of the Brits something apart from the official public school aristocratic view of these islands.

    It's not about black and white or brown red yellow, it's about common sense, getting your hands dirty, having the values in Rudyard Kipling's poem "If" that make a man or woman of worth. Remember our sense of real comedy, the revolutionary musicians, amazing authors and ideas, the ancient bards who wandered around and gave us the spirit that makes us what we are, they were not of the aristocracy but of the ordinary folk

  16. Why are there always so many EDL nutters in the Guardian comments section?

  17. Tell us about William Wilberforce – he doesn't get talked about much. But you wouldn't do that would you, for obvious reasons.

  18. so, if someone is speaks out they are racist, right?
    Akala is mixed of race and he knows better than the white douches.
    Big respect for him.
    May you swallow razor blades.

  19. Thank you Akala for informing & educating me about racial issues, historical issues.

  20. You are leftist garbage propaganda and your days are numbered. kill yourselves.

  21. I think that Akala is representing the truth that we've all been deprived of, he's not representing his mum, his dad, nor any individual & if doing so makes him a race biter, well!

  22. Workers Rights, Workers Rights and all the freedoms in our society fought hard for and no given to the people. Akala is bang on.

  23. He is not criticising the country at all. On the contrary he is praising the British people who brought about our freedoms and democracy. I was taught this in school, the Peterloo Massacre, The Chartist Movement. It is a reflection of how our society has changed that these things taught to me in a normal secondary school in the 60s are now thought extreme.

  24. Akala, if you don't like it, fuck off back to your African shithole!

    If British colonialists didn't instill our values into you, you would still be living in a mud hut, be afraid your own shadow, and die at late age of 24!

  25. One day I just might get to see Akala actually debating a historian with a well informed intellect yet different opinion and viewpoint to his,instead of these solo video commentaries or weak public forums that he engages in with an audience that just turn into enablers due to the fact he can articulate and deliver a speech elegantly,thus bamboozling an audience that has a feeble lack of understanding about the subject matter.Instead i guess YouTube is going to be littered with more of his negative and singular viewpoint commentaries on all things "British Empire".Zzzzzzzzzz !

  26. we the poor will always have too fight for the rights we have and continue to do so to gain an equal standard of living the world over and we always will

  27. Akala is a moron, a racist, a demagogue stuck in the past who refuses to see any evil except in white society, he is really the prime example of a divisive turd who brings nothing to the table. Brits were the first to abolish slavery in the world, that's British values buddy, they make great music, they value women, they've contributed immensely to the world, thats British values. Keep it positive, you can take any group black white or brown and try to focus on negatives, its called racism

  28. If you hate the UK so much why don't you leave to go to somewhere. Well nowhere, because countries mostly of non-white people like India, China, Caribbean countries and most of Africa are shit holes.

  29. Akala thinks that discriminating against Muslims is wrong, but what about discriminating against ex Muslims?

    many ex Muslims gets threatened, harassed, bullied, attacked and even killed by Muslims. is this perfectly acceptable just because they are Muslims. Muslims are always the victims, right?

  30. The guardians credit is plummeting as fast as my will to live and let me tell ya
    That's pretty fast.


  32. I vote conservative. And Im from sheffield so big up akala for the sheffield shout out ! And learning about the british history ie; the british empire, henry the 8th, etc…. is a british value because we learn about our history as a whole ! winston churchill was britains best prime minister !! We would of never won the war (defeating nazi racist germany) if we hadnt called upon the british empire !

  33. Aklala's intellect is miles high above all you idiots ! Bout time this kind of video was made. British mainsteam values and ideologies are nothing but decadent dirt!

  34. Guardian your paper is going down the toilet and this is why! Hail the Mail!

  35. The Arab slave trade: 200 million non-Muslim slaves from all colors
    and nationalities About ten years ago while traveling in
    Asia I found a very unusual book which I have unfortunately not been
    able to find in the West. I was casually reading it in the bookstore and
    regret that I never purchased it due to space and weight restrictions I
    already had in my luggage. It was a 900-year old Muslim ‘slave manual’
    translated into English from the original Arabic. It was basically a
    very detailed purchasing manual, describing the cultural and ethnic
    traits of slaves from different parts of the world in non-Islamic
    countries. This should not be a surprise since the Quran supports
    slavery and enable Muslims to keep slaves even in the modern age (i.e
    Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, United Arab Emirates, Qatar).
    Under Islamic laws, slavery is explicitly permitted.[145]
    As Saudi Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a member of the Senior Council of
    Clerics had said in 2003, those who argue that slavery is abolished are
    “ignorant, not scholars. They are merely writers. Whoever says such
    things is an infidel.” [146] Muhammad himself was a slaver. He not only
    owned many male [147][148] and female [149] slaves, but he also sold,
    captured, and raped [150]  his slaves. Even his wives owned slaves.
    The manual demonstrated that Arabs were
    engaged in enslaving all peoples, not only Africans. Their travels
    around the world was not as much for mercenary purposes as to catch
    slaves and loot wealth. The manual also gave indications that Arabs
    actually created the entire slave export trade in Africa. Bits
    and pieces from history indicate that Muslims enslaved over 150 million
    African people and at least 50 million from other parts of the world.
    They also converted Africans into Islam, causing a complete social and
    financial collapse of the entire African continent apart from wealth
    attributed to a few regional African kings who became wealthy on the
    trade and encouraged it. This is a claim that is not well presented in
    Western information or education on slavery.  You can find a lot of very
    interesting and original historical materials in Asia and the East
    which have never found its way to the West.
    The manual was written by an Arab slave
    trader describing some of the history of Arabian slavery. It contained
    character descriptions of slaves from all across West to East Europe,
    Africa, India, the Orient, Turkey (which proves that Turkey was not
    originally Islamic) and so on. It also showed that Arabs enslaved Indian
    people long before moghuls invaded the country. The most despised
    slaves according to the manual, was Indian and African slaves who were
    described in the most terrible terms. And the favorite slaves were
    Turkish slaves, and the second favorites were North European slaves.
    Slavery was not only black history; slavery was Islamic history around
    the world. More historical findings is pointing that over 150 million
    African slaves being traded by Arabs over a period of 14 centuries, and
    at least 50 million slaves of other ethnicities.

  36. Obviously this man Akala is mentally defective. British values are one thing. British history is another, so his whole video is meaningless. However, it is true that much of what is good and modern today originated in Britain. So get that immigrants; the best and most of the good about the modern world you owe to Britain. But the immigrant population is, in the main, mean-spirited and hateful and no one is surprised at their lies and aggression. Almost all are suffused with hatred for the people who gave them practically everything they have. Practically everything including life itself. It is a fact that without European civilisation 80 per cent of people living today would not even be alive. Just imagine being a black or Asian and having to acknowledge that you are alive only because the white man made it possible. It's unbearable for them. They are people without honour or self awareness. They are totally empty. All they have is their arrogance, which is a product of their grotesque ignorance.

  37. Personally,I believe the promotion of "British Values" is pompus,political correctness gone mad and silly.I'm a young white British male,still at school and I think more money going into hate crime departments instead of "honours" for our seemingly endless amount of Mp's and Peers could tackle racial divide and maybe,to some extent deal with dangerous cases of religious extremism.Can't we all just be more unbigoted and loving instead of our goverment making outr places of learning adhere to there politically correct and ridiculous campaigns?

  38. I have a feeling that it doesn't matter how much white people try to not be racist, or how much we try to conform to Akala's wonderful vision for our lives. I think Akala will still find things to nit pick about because he just enjoys shitting on white people.

  39. hahaha, racist tears in the comment section. You lot are so fucking predictable. Butt hurt fools cant digest anything Akala said. Calling him agitator, stirrer and racist. None of what he said is untrue.

    But Im happy that you dumb racist fucks are doomed to live like rats, never speaking out in public like Akala, but rather in shitty comment sections of the internet.

  40. It's a good job it's a choice between good and evil. It's nice the world is so simple.

  41. White people wanna call blacks racist now what a load of shit fuck those people who wanna call any black person racist face facts fix black issues then any black person will give a fuck about their reverse racism lies

  42. Don't talk about things without evidence Akala. I'm doing a level history and we are studying the Peterloo massacre.

  43. Akala is a moron who gets his sources from telesur – owned by the lying socialist murdering dictatorship of the Venezuelan government. Its not 09 anymore, him and lowkeys "conscious rap" based on the fucking zeitgeist documentary is dead. addressing elite corruption by shaming working class whites for opposing the shit on their doorsteps is done.

  44. Im an Irish Reupblican from South Armagh who absolutely despises British culture, the monarchy, the class system and their colonialism and Akala seems to have more contempt for them than I do. So why the fuck does he live there?

  45. Akala needs to stop playing victim and stop blazing and watching you tube. No one can sight any society in history that is superior to our western system. Capitalism isn't racist/

  46. What self respecting British man or woman will let themselves be lectured on British values by some foreigner?

  47. Belief in God, Parliamentary democracy, innocent until proven guilty, trial by jury, and freedom of speech are key. Whilst no one system is perfect and mistakes will always happen, with this system the law evolves, and these processes, checks and balances, enabled the emancipation of people(s), and you reduce the risk of making a bad decision. Framing British Values into just two choices is clunky and doesn’t paint an accurate picture (although I understand the argument). In this system an individuals character, their community and their culture are so important and makes the difference which should empower people to take responsibility. Equality of opportunity will be the catalyst to bring these together and take us all to the next level in our society.

  48. Those "freedoms" were won on the backs of those you denegrate, you can cherry pick as much as you like and pretend all was fine and well before the evil empire arrived, but the British played an instrumental role in the abolition of the trans-atlantic slave trade and brought stability to warring tribal nations. History is always bloody.

  49. "distortion of history" just like everything Akala's beloved Ivan Van Sertima ever wrote.

  50. Britain is not perfect, but it is one of the finest, freest, fairest nations of the world, and yes our national values built upon our Christian heritage are what have made it so. Activism certainly has progressed the areas that have been lacking, but activism is not what has made Britain great. I find the disdain for the country that provides it's people with so much most deplorable. This grand narrative of systemic oppression is ideological.

  51. all the white supremacists disliked his comments and have a problem with it.

  52. Sad to see people's angry, knee-jerk reactions to this video. None of them actually counter any of his points, they just get enraged when someone dares to criticize a single aspect of their society.

  53. Does Turkey have to apologise for its genocidal empire? How about the Muslim empire, the Mughals? They slaughtered millions in India. Do they need to apologise too?

  54. Let's not forget that democracy, free speech, women's rights, etc. all existed in Ireland. They were called the Brehon Laws and were destroyed in the 17th Century by the English.

  55. he is intelligent and slavery was terrible but its all he ever talks about. what about tackling all racism. whether the bigots are white, black or Asian.

  56. If you actually read up on the subject you'd discover that not only was slavery in Africa created by Black African for Black Africans, but is started 1,000s of years ago and still exists today.

    Whilst by continuously raiding neighbouring lands and tribes, States and tribes such as the Kingdom of Benin, Oyo, Dahomey, Akwamu, the tribes of the Congo basin and the hinterlands of Angola grew in power, wealth and territorial size at the expense of their weaker neighbouring states and tribes.

    You'd also find that European slave traders were in terms of position and authority were not only subordinate to the local African chiefs, kings and slave traders, but had to obtain permission from these people before they could begin trading in slaves. While their willingness of Blacks to sell members of the own race into slavery formed the essential part for the survival of the African slave trade.

    That means if your ancestors were slaves then they were enslaved by other Blacks. If they weren't then either your Black ancestors played no part in slavery or were slave trades.

    Either way time to take some responsibility instead of blaming others.

  57. Akala stop crying lika a baby. You’re not a victim of oppression, you just want attention.

  58. The real distortion of history are the claims he's making.

    In 1660 Prince Rupert (the nephew of Charles I, former King of England) announces his ambition to increase England’s wealth by making it the world’s leading slave trading nation. This got England involved in the enslavement of Africans.

    However, nearly 30 years earlier on the 30th of June 1631 North Africans from Algeria and Morocco attack the village of Baltimore, West Cork, Ireland. The population of that village are put in irons and taken to a life of slavery in North Africa. This was the largest attack by Barbary pirates on either Ireland or Great Britain.

    This was done as part of the Barbary Slave in which for over a 1,000 years attacks by Africans and Arabs resulted in an estimated 20,000,000 men, women and children becoming enslaved the majority of whom were White Europeans.

    He fails to mention that by continuously raiding neighbouring lands and tribes to provide slaves not only for local trade but also for the slave markets of the Middle East. This is how states and tribes such as the Kingdom of Benin, Oyo, Dahomey, Akwamu, the tribes of the Congo basin and the hinterlands of Angola grew in power, wealth and territorial size at the expense of their weaker neighbouring states and tribes. While their willingness to sell members of the own race into slavery formed the essential part for the survival of the African slave trade.

    He also fails to mention that European slave traders were in terms of position and authority not only subordinate to the local African chiefs, kings and slave traders. But had to first obtain permission from these people before they could begin trading in slaves.

    He does this to give a distorted view of history. If people such he told the truth about slavery he'd have to tell people that not only has slavery existed within Africa for thousands of years and still exists today and was created in Africa by Black Africans for other Black Africans. But Africans enslaved far more Whites and Blacks than were ever enslaved by Transatlantic Slavery. Doing so not only over a longer period, but Africans were enslaving Whites before Europe ever got involved in enslaving Africans.

    Since the actual enslavement of Black Africans was done by other Black Africans, then people such as Akala had ancestors who either had nothing to do with slavery, are descended from slaves, were descended from those doing the enslaving or the slave trade.

    If people knew those facts, these historical truths. Then such as he could no longer play the victim card and obtain privileges and opportunities based on their skin colour not actual ability.

  59. It’s funny how people like Akala always bang on about black people being victims. Yet if white people banged on about white people being victims of non white aggression, then that would be deemed as racist by the likes of Akala.
    What does Akala have to say about the white children who were raped by non white gangs?

  60. poor black man, white man always keeping him down

    what a weak pathetic beta male

  61. If the USA, Britain and Europe were driven by White supremacy, White privilege and systemic racism existed as the claims then:

    Non-whites wouldn't be allowed to settle in the USA, Europe and become citizens.
    Non-whites wouldn't have the same rights, freedoms, opportunities as whites.
    Non-whites wouldn't be allowed to live, go to school, shop or work with whites.
    Non-whites wouldn't be allowed to vote or hold positions of power and influence becoming such as teachers, TV presenters, doctors, police officers, judges, lawyers, politicians and President of the USA.
    Interracial marriages would be illegal.
    The West wouldn't be providing so much aid to help the third world.
    Non-whites would be fleeing Western Nations instead of seeking refuge here.
    An heir to the throne wouldn't be allowed to date and then marry a mixed race woman.
    There wouldn't be affirmative action programs, diversity policies and selective shortlists which give non-whites advantages in terms of education and employment over whites.
    He as other racists such as Munroe Bergdorf, Kehinde Andrews, etc, would've have the freedom to make such comments.But would instead have be arrested, imprisoned, tortured and executed as happens in many contemporary African, Asian, Middle and Far Eastern countries.

    The fact is the Western World and Whites are the most tolerant nations and race on the planet. In fact the most racist people on the planet are Indians.

    Non-whites aren't being enslaved, oppressed, persecuted, tortured, etc. they have the same rights, freedoms and opportunities as whites.

    People can have a better life as the door of opportunity is open to everyone no matter their race, creed, colour, sex, sexuality, abilities or disabilities, etc.

    The only restrictions are a person’s own limitations and their willingness to make the effort, take responsibility for their life, actions, failings, mistakes and stop blaming anyone.

    If school doesn't work out there are skill training programs. If someone ends up with a criminal record there are programs to give them the skills to earn an honest living.

    But if someone wastes their school years, doesn't take up the skills training offered, takes no responsibility for their life, actions and mistakes, but instead blames everyone else; if they end up struggling on benefits then whose fault is it?

    The truth is the ones doing the best in the Western World are Asians. This is because they take responsibility for their life, they never make excuses, never blame anyone and never play the victim card.

    Life isn't fair. The world owes us nothing for being born, for any achievements by or wrongs committed against our ancestors.


  62. And now he's praising Notting Hill Carnival – a yearly celebration and exhibition of black violence and knife crime. Charming…

  63. I'll tell you what are British values, good hygiene! Wash your bloody hair man.

  64. Being British means loving tea and complaining about the shitty weather of ours

  65. A millionaire communist. A mixed race who hates white people but dates White women. Disparaging about European philosophy and ideas but steals them from great European minds to pass off as his own. I give you Kingslee, the world's greatest living hypocrite.

  66. Many years ago my father utilising records from Somerset house traced our family name back to 1074 AD, eight years after the battle of Hastings so as a relative newcomer to this sceptered isle feel fortunate, grateful and so humble that multiculturalism has allowed people from more diverse backgrounds who arrived in the country like last week the opportunity to instruct and advise me on exactly what it means to be British and how I should behave in my country of birth.

  67. Those cads and flappers you see walking and cycling around Oxford and Cambridge dressed in their pre-war tweeds and boater hats take my breath away. Watch these anachronisms cling to an image of a pre- multicultural, class deferent society in terror at their loosening grip. They've gotta go!

  68. Ah yes because a Rastafarin knows what being Brtish means…

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