The Time Zack Morris Disgraced His Native American Ancestors

♪ Zack Morris is trash! ♪ (school bell ringing) – [Narrator] Zack Morris
gets a hero’s welcome at The Max after winning a track meet. Screech says he hasn’t
seen Zack run that fast since that time he stole
a girl’s bathing suit. Zack wants to hang out, drinking milkshakes all day to celebrate. But Lisa says she has to go finish her family tree project for class. Lisa found out her
great-great-great-grandfather was a slave who escaped and helped other slaves on the underground railroad. Slater found out his great-grandfather was a bullfighter. Zack has done zero research. Zack frantically rummages through a family chest of blankets and finds — – [Zack] The picture of this Indian. – [Narrator] And says he vaguely remembers his mom telling stories of a — – [Zack] Distant Indian relative. – [Narrator] Which is all
he needs to conclude — – [Zack] I bet this Indian
could be my ancestor. – [Narrator] And it would be
great for his presentation. Screech can even help him and — – [Zack] Be an Indian. – [Narrator] And yes,
he really says “Indian” four times in 45 seconds. Zack gives a wildly-racist presentation in class the next day, drawing on Screech’s
face with red lipstick and handing him a children’s toy while saying he comes from a long line of fierce warriors. When his teacher asks
the name of his tribe, Zack mumbles, “Cherokee.” When she asks where they were located, he says the valley, past the freeway, probably Burbank. And even though Jessie went before Zack, and admitted her family used to traffic slaves, right after Lisa said her
family used to be slaves, Zack has the most offensive and shocking presentation of the day by a mile. Zack’s teacher reprimands him for disrespecting his class, as well as his ancestors. She gives him a second chance, and tells him to contact her friend to do a little more research. Zack says he doesn’t have time, because he needs to train for the track championship. She says if he doesn’t pass, he can’t compete. When Zack goes to meet Chief Henry, the first question Zack asks is, why is he wearing a Dodgers hat if he’s an Indian? Zack asks Chief Henry
if he learned to weave on the reservation. Chief Henry says he learned at UCLA. Chief Henry wants to talk about Zack about his photo, but Zack says he needs to leave five seconds after walking
in and being racist, because he has to go train. Chief Henry is confused and thought Zack was here to learn. Zack says he really just needs enough for a three-minute presentation. Chief Henry loads Zack up with 10 books. And instead of opening a single one, Zack takes them to Principal Belding to complain these books are “too heavy” and he needs an extension on his project so he can race in the track meet. His teacher says he’s had a month to do the research required for a three-minute speech and turns him down. When Zack’s friends tell
him they need him to pass so he can win the championship, Zack says he’s doing his best while sitting in a loud restaurant full of distractions. Zack finds a picture of his relative in one of the books and brings it to Chief Henry. He tells Zack his
ancestor was a proud chief named Whispering Wind who led his people, and just like Zack, his ancestors ran; only they ran from the white man who was killing them off, one-by-one. Chief Henry calls Zack, Running Zack, and gifts him a headband as a symbol of his tribe. Zack shows up to class the next day to deliver a less-racist presentation that is somehow, so much more racist than
his first presentation. He discusses how sad his ancestors were about what the white man
was doing to their people. Because I’m sure this class project, done solely to compete in a track meet, would have filled their hearts with pride and joy. Zack calls Chief Henry to tell him, he nailed the presentation, when he gets some bad news. And we hear this racist music that presumably plays inside Zack’s head. (Native American flute) It turns out, Chief Henry died. Probably of shame. And Zack is so distraught about losing this guy he met two days ago, he decides he’s unable to compete in the championship and abandons his friends who were counting on him. So Chief Henry has to drag his dead spirit to visit Zack in the middle
of the night as a ghost. Because apparently, all the lessons about Zack’s ancestors
being brave and strong, were completely lost on his simple ass. And Zack shows up and
competes in the track meet, and everyone applauds this racist idiot. Let’s review: Zack Morris made an obscenely
offensive presentation, based on a random picture he found. Was racist, and rude, to a stranger who was trying to help him. Tried to weasel his way
out of doing a little work for a three-minute presentation. And when he finally learned about what the white man did to his people, he did this to his people as a white man, then ditched his friends
when they needed him most, forcing a dead guy to come
back from the afterlife, just to remind him of the heritage he instantly forgot. Zack Morris is trash. ♪ Zack Morris is trash! ♪ (school bell ringing)

100 thoughts on “The Time Zack Morris Disgraced His Native American Ancestors

  1. Zack Morris treats people like garbage. He totally ignored what the elderly man said.

  2. Really? Chief Henry died of shame? Or like the others who encountered Zack, he probably f**kin' killed himself!!! Lol!!

  3. Why would Jessie bring up that her ancestors trafficked slaves for that school assignment in the first place? Doesn’t seem like the type of family history you’d want to focus on.

  4. Come on. Besides the first racist presentation, in this episode Zack wasn't too bad a person. You're exaggerating his scumbaggery.

  5. he completely shat all over native american culture and only when he found out that he could make himself out to seem like some sort of victim because his unimaginably pasty ass is very slightly related to somebody who has experienced a hardship did he begin taking his "heritage" seriously and yet he still manage to be unimaginably racist during his presentation because hes such a garbage fucking human being that even when he decides to "try" at something he still doesn't really try

  6. "Then when he finally learned about what the white man did to his people, he did this to his people, as a white man."

  7. Zack killed Chief Henry by his never ending lies and shenanigans!!!! He must be scalped!!!!

    Zack Morris is racist Trash!😤🤬

  8. If Zack has taken the DNA test he would of found out that he does not have not even 1 percent native blood.

  9. Two friends one friends ancestor was a slave others was a slave trafficker


  10. Considering how white Zack is, he should've looked into all his ancestors.

  11. Chief Henry looks like a white man who is overly tan. He looks nothing like a Native American lmao. And every American thinks they’re Cherokee

  12. after watching some of the newer ZMIT episodes you can hear the rage hasn't built up in the narrators voice yet throughout the episode

  13. Screech was being racist, too. "Zack manipulated him" is no excuse.

  14. Yeah so he said Indian several times, I grew up on a reservation they call themselves Indians. Infact the only time I've ever heard someone get offended outside the self entitled white knights who feel the need to get offended for those who actually find the "politically correct" term more offensive was a girl I went to highschool with outside the reservation.

  15. It should be called Zack Morris is trash more like Zack Morris is a scumbag

  16. Chief Henry died. Probably of shame and fucking killed himself

  17. His ancestor, whispering wind, pretty much had "fart" as a name.
    It fits

  18. I didn't see his 1/64 Cherokee ass protesting at Standing Rock. Zach Morris IS trash.

  19. "Zach shows up to class the next day to deliver a less racist presentation but is somehow sooo much more racist then his first presentation" haha idk why that one particular line got me so bad but it just did lol 😆

  20. Please do that time Zack Morris made Slater feel like shit for joining a chicano american student group

  21. Zack Morris is the textbook definition of a sociopath. How was it I couldn't see this as a kid? Good God it's like everything went over my head.

  22. Cheif henry is a WHITE man drenched in make up, LOL!

  23. When he walked in with the fucking headdress in…🤦🏾‍♀️

  24. Zack and my name (Cherokee) should not be in the same video 😒😒😒

  25. People will say that you couldn't make an episode like this today, which is true. But did anybody ever considered that back then Native Americans probably weren't ecstatic about shitty portrayals or whitewashing of their history.

  26. In these early episodes of this the narrator sounds like he took a few hits off a blunt.

  27. Who knew that Zach Morris and Elizabeth Warren have so much in common. Also, his presentation isn’t “racist”. SJWs are such mentally Ill fairies.

  28. It keeps getting more horrid and brings tears like an onion to eyes both in sadness and laughter god i hope this guy covers the times at the beach resort…ohhhhhhhh the shenanigans zack pulls off that summer! 🤣😂😭

  29. I'm trying to replace "this Indian" with other races to see if anything sounds inoffensive. Nope. Aaaaand it just gets worse from there.

  30. "turns out Chief Henry died… probably of shame…"

  31. Try not to be too hard on zach Morris character – perhaps his mother dropped him and fell on his head as a small kid

  32. ALL white people claim they are "part native American"
    BTW Chief Henry was just a super tanned white guy with long hair.

  33. Cannot believe people actually watched these shows. Just my opinion and I admit not everyone loves the shows I like but you people are morons.

  34. Zack Morris wanted to marry chief Henry's daughter's but, chief Henry got his own daughter to place a apprehended violence order against Zack Morris due to Zack Morris being a irresponsible lying jerk plus creepy criminal stalker

  35. Is there an episode about when he disrespects slater for being Chicano ? 😂

  36. MPG didn't have to apologize for his role. He was following a script! The ones who should apologize are Peter Engel and the other executives of the show and NBC.

  37. What if you're a black person whose ancestors were slave-dealers?

  38. According to imdb the chief died almost exactly one year to the day after this episode aired. OOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

  39. I am half Native American and I remember when I was a kid I was watching this exact episode when my father changed the channel and said don't be watching this disgraceful crap and I had no idea what he meant until now

  40. Indians would beat warring tribe's babies brains in during raids as standard practice. Including white settlers and farmers who they considered outside tribes.

  41. The dude that makes these is such a SJW puuuussssy. A Zack Morris probably bullied him in school.

  42. The actor who plays Zach is actually half Asian and they had to die his hair blonde…so yeah.

  43. Zack Morris steered General Custer to fight at Little Big Horn.
    Zack Morris supports Pocahontas …
    Thanks Zack ….

  44. Back then it was just a presentation. Only from 2015 and on can every little thing we do be viewed as racist. We live in a stupid time.

  45. Damn, the narrator sounds like this one was a bit much. That or he was growing weary from all of the Zack Morris fuckery.

  46. you forgot to mention chief henry died not from shame but " fuckin killed himself"

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