The Top 3 Powerful Questions To Qualify Sales Prospects Successfully – Sales Techniques

If you’re asking the questions that are
leading the right direction, eventually the client will go, “when do we start?” That’s it. And they’ll be pulling out their wallet going ,”okay when do I start?
Where do I sign?”, because if you’re asking the questions it’ll help them determine
what they really want, and at some point they’re going to, and you may give them a
little part of education of course on the product, or something like that, but
you know that’s part of the process. Yes, the opening questions and you may have a couple solutions, and they say, “well is this more important? Or is that more
important?”, they go, “no this one!” So you go over here, “well what about this, and this,
and that’s nice! Oh I think that’s more important.. .. okay now we’re over here.. okay what
about all that?.. hmm, oh I need to be over here..”, and before you know it if you’re
asking the questions the right way the clients going to go, “okay I’m ready
already, just take my money!” Now imagine this, if you had a guaranteed way that
you could, you know, three different questions that you could ask people, you
could walk up to anybody, you could see if they were a client, potentially or not,
and you could walk up and you could go “Hi my name is Rich. How are you doing? I have three questions for you Jeff, would you mind if I just take a minute and ask you
a couple of them?”, and you could (snap fingers) go, right? Can you imagine how powerful that would
be? That’s part of your client process, right? (Audience acknowledges) Every industry is different, but you know what? There’s usually three different things that they’re talking
about. So let’s write this one down, not in your book, but it’s in my personal one,
they have an issue with time. There’s always going to be something around time or the physicality of time, and so in your industry might look slightly
different, but you know think about that, if there was a time issue with my
clientele, what would that be? Never take time for myself. Right? Heather! You know, by the time you realize that you don’t have what you have got.. Margaret! Every time I try, I take all, and put all
that energy into it, but it never seemed to get anything done. Paul, it’s too much
trouble for me to try and switch over from the big ones. Furnace. By the time
they realize you need to come in and check that furnace out, it’s too
late. Time, you see? Time. Control. No control. I love control, I just did the whole room. So there’s something about control that
we all love and when people lose control, it’s a prime opportunity for you to walk
in as a vendor, or as a service provider, and have them come in contact with that.
So whether you’re providing service in the sense of a phone system, or whether
you’re turning around doing something in the healthcare industry, or whether
you’re providing service and product like Austin way back there, or Tim in the
sense of what’s going on here, you know there’s a control issue that they want
to maintain control with, and so control is always going to show up. So we have
time, we got control, and economics, usually. There’s something to do with economics occasionally that pops up and so it might be for Paul and his
service, you know, “I’m getting sick and tired, you know, paying Bell!” Well that
brings number-four up. For me that’s the service. Right?! Sick and tired
of paying Bell, right? Economics. So economics will show up in
your industry there Karen, economics right? Shows up all the time. Pricing
shows up all the time, right? For our webmaster here, I’m going to call you the “web guy”, “master web”, “spider web guy”, you know, it’s more about the fact that they’re
spending money and they don’t know what they’re getting. So that’s a control
issue and that’s money issue. Service, you know, I want service. Why do we want
service? Because we want to feel important and we want to build that
rapport, and we want to be able to say that I got this service back from
whatever we’re doing right? So Dan provides service. You know he’s got bins,
but he provides the service. He takes the stuff to make sure that he doesn’t
rip up their front lawn, and and all that kind of stuff, when he drops the bin or
on the driveway, he does all those special things. Service is important. So
you got really four different areas that you can actually have a question that’s
going to get their attention. You can qualify your client in some way, some
aspect, to help them figure out whether they’re your client or not. They’ve
got to be curious questions.. “have you ever noticed this.. but found this..?
Have you ever found yourself in a position like this..?” You know, whether
you’re you’re helping them in a service or you’re helping them in the product,
your product provides something that tangibly they can get out of it, and
there’s also the emotional part of that as well, so if we just leave it to the
product itself, it’s not enough, it’s the emotional gain that they get from that.

5 thoughts on “The Top 3 Powerful Questions To Qualify Sales Prospects Successfully – Sales Techniques

  1. Some of the best qualifying questions you can ask. Well done sales training video.

  2. 2:11 "Contol, I love control". Yes, that's obvious from the way you speak. You have lots of confidence and overwhelm people. It's very clever, but to me, you are a see-through salesman. I would know to dodge you very quickly.

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