The Truth About The My Pillow Commercial Guy

Do you wake up feeling tired in the morning? Are those mornings ruined by phantom headaches,
a stiff neck, and “a tingly feeling” in your fingertips? If so, you may have spent one too many sleepless
nights watching MyPillow infomercials. And who can blame you? After all, they’re nearly impossible to avoid,
as according to CNBC, MyPillow creator Mike Lindell has spent more than $100 million on
them. But it seems to have paid off, as by 2017,
MyPillow was reportedly raking in more than $300 million a year in revenue. But how much do you actually know about Lindell? It may all sound like a crazy fever dream
when you learn the amazing truth about the MyPillow commercial guy. ​He was a crack addict Lindell founded MyPillow in 2004, but it was
nearly derailed by his crack addiction. How bad was it? He told Bloomberg that in 2008, his dealer
actually staged an intervention. “The one guy says, ‘Mike’s been up for fourteen
days.’ He said, ‘We’re shuttin’ you off. You’re not getting anything.'” Lindell said he eventually cleaned up his
act on January 16th, 2009, when he reportedly quit all substances after one last blowout. He told CNBC, “And I said, ‘You know, God, I’m gonna wake
up in the morning and never have the desire again for this.'” It worked. Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for
you! Dream come true Fittingly enough, Lindell claims the idea
for MyPillow came to him in a dream. He told CNBC, “I mean, I got up in the middle of the night,
it was about two in the morning, and I had ‘MyPillow’ wrote everywhere in the kitchen
and all over the house.” In a moment he vividly reenacted in a MyPillow
commercial, Lindell claims one of his daughters entered the kitchen that night and found her
father working. He told her. “I’ve got this idea for this pillow. It’s gonna be called MyPillow!” All his daughter apparently said was: “That’s
really random,” and turned and headed back downstairs. Sounds like a well-adjusted child. If we ever walked into the kitchen to find
our father scrawling “MyPillow” all over everything, we would scream. He thinks MyPillow was an act of God After dropping out of college back in 1979,
and being fired from a job at a supermarket, Lindell struggled for decades, trying everything
from raising pigs to becoming a professional gambler. So it’s no wonder he credits God with both
the initial idea, and for the massive success of MyPillow. He told CNBC, “I look back now and go, ‘The only way we
were able to do that was divine intervention.'” Lindell has tried to pay things back in numerous
way, including staging the world’s largest pillow fight at an evangelistic meeting in
Minnesota. “Keep swinging at everybody! Keep swinging it! Woo! Say, ‘Jesus!'” And he also co-founded LIGHTBEAMedia, a Christian
production company that offers cinematic fare such as Heaven, How I Got Here: A Night with
the Thief on the Cross, which stars Stephen Baldwin as a thief who dies on a crucifix
several feet away from Jesus Christ. “I did it and it felt good. When a thief gets sloppy, a thief gets caught.” “Lord, make these pillows that people take
home their prayer pillow.” Bad boss? Back in 2014, an anonymous source posted an
audio clip on YouTube that allegedly featured Lindell ranting and dropping the f-bomb on
several of his employees after an order of 150,000 pillows got botched. Lindell reportedly berated one employee, screaming “Don’t shake your f—ing head!” Lindell’s lawyers had the audio scrubbed from
the internet, and Lindell told the Star Tribune he suspected “two former employees and relatives”
with a grudge leaked the audio. Some speculate he may have been referring
to relatives of his ex-wife, Dallas Yocum, who Lindell says sent him packing with the
words, “I don’t love you. I never loved you. You’re boring.” “Shipping department!!” Deceptive ads My Pillow is famous for its comfort guarantee: “My Pillow, guaranteed the most comfortable
pillow you’ll ever own or your money back.” What you’ll no longer see in their advertising,
though, are claims that the pillow will have a positive influence on your health, ridding
you of insomnia, restless leg syndrome, migraines, snoring, sleep apnea, and fibromyalgia. That’s because MyPillow paid a $1 million
settlement in a lawsuit brought by the state of California alleging “deceptive advertising
practices” for making claims they “should have known […] were untrue or misleading.” “They don’t care! They don’t care!” “They don’t give a rat’s ass!” Meanwhile, Truth in Advertising Executive
Director Bonnie Patten sounds pretty certain Lindell did plenty wrong: “MyPillow was deceiving consumers into buying
these expensive pillows thinking that it was going to help their health conditions when
he [Mike Lindell] had no science to back up these claims.” That wasn’t the only problem with their ads
either. In January, 2017, MyPillow’s “A+” rating from
the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota dropped to an “F.” The issue
this time? An ongoing “buy one get one free” promotion
where you didn’t actually get anything free. “The Bureau’s Barb Greeman says a pricing
deal with no time limit is really just the product’s regular price.” “There was one other thing, too. If you look at Walmart, if you look at Target,
if you look at Amazon, you can get a MyPillow for fifty bucks.” “Right.” “If you go to their website, it’s eighty-nine.” For his part, Lindell denies there’s anything
shady about his shady practices, and claims he’s being persecuted because of his relationship
with Donald Trump. Speaking of which… Trump says Lindell makes a ‘great’ pillow As the expression goes, Mike Lindell and Donald
Trump are as thick as thieves. According to Lindell’s website, the two first
met in 2016, with Lindell telling Trump that he was a “divine appointment.” Since then, Trump has publically shilled for
MyPillow in his political speeches. “First of all he does make a great product,
great pillows. I actually use them, believe it or not.” Believe it or not.

100 thoughts on “The Truth About The My Pillow Commercial Guy

  1. This is the only time I'm agreeing with trump the pillow keeps its shape and is comfortable imo

  2. I bought one of his pillows. Worst expensive pillow I have ever had. He also creeps me out.

  3. I hate “My Pillow”. I have one and I threw it in my closet! it gave me headaches and is the worst pillow I’ve ever owned. Hand to god!

  4. How about Ty Domi, the retired hockey player who advertises for Comwave.? Or, Shaq who does The General Insurance? We know Shaq though, lets see…..

  5. Hmm, ex druggie, bible thumper, Trump supporter. This dude be a worse person than his drug dealer, his drug dealer has more morals than him. I used to want one of his pillows, not anymore.

  6. I have a mypillow that my dad gave me. I just use it to snuggle at night and it's ok, but I'll stick to my memory foam pillow for my head.

  7. Would you talk about this guy if Trump didn't have anything to do with him? Because i notice yall wont talk about anyone who isn't a airheaded starlet with 15 year old fans unless you have something shady to say about them for the sake of making them look bad, and time and time again these days you bring up their relationship with people you obviously don't like.

    The irony in yall not getting that it's your vindictive nature that's putting people off from voting blue, but by all means continue with the salty tears, it's been working out great thus far lol.

  8. Buy a down (not feather) pillow if you want the BEST kind of pillow. There will never be a better pillow than that and they ARE washable.

  9. Thank you YouTube for establishing the union between drug addiction and addiction to God.

  10. He holds the pillow like its a child, and he dilibrately has his cross show, believing is earning from the church masses.

  11. Yeah, let's hammer on a guy that worked to be a success. Maybe you don't like the product but what have you done?

  12. I personally take offense from this guy for his outwardly showing off his crucifix, his incessant laughing at nothing and his Trump like mannner of speaking. Grandpa once told me never buy anything sight unseen, never buy anything from a TV commercial. The one time I didn't listen to his advice I got screwed……..Trump University ! Nuff said ?

  13. The pillows on the website are $89, but they are buy one get one free….. That equals $44.50. So a guy worked hard to make it. Give him a break. I love our My Pillows! Made in USA !! Make America Great Again!!!

  14. It has been stated by someone in his circle that he ripped off a close friend for approximately $30,000 .

  15. So much BS if you and your husband didn't like your pillow send it back for a refund. These pillows are guaranteed , they also come in different firmness levels. My wife and I have the firm ones and best pillows we ever owned. Including hundred-dollar down pillows.

  16. BIG BOOOO to you judgmental and hypocritical, viewers here! LEARN about MIKE/history FIRST – BEFORE you open your lazy teeth and mouth….eesh!

  17. Is it true that the pillows are covered with the skins of the immigrant children that trump threw into cages?

  18. Worst pillow I ever had. I threw it out the first night. It also had a terrible oder. This is a scam and total rip off.

  19. Gambling, Crack, Pimping over priced Pillows stuffed with chunks of foam, CPAC Speaker.

  20. I love his wife….again, awife calling a crack head boring? I doubt this crack addiction

  21. "No Science to back up his claims"" No wonder he just spoke at C-PAC……republicans HATE science…ya know, evolution?

  22. I <3 my pillow MyPillow! I get more sleep now and I feel better!

  23. who would be stupid enough to pay 100 dollars for a pillow suckers born every minute

  24. I actually wonder how much of the whole "crack addict" thingy is even true and I have a even harder time believing how "God" would want some guy selling a pillow for 50 bucks, it's all so bullshit, all just another "sales" pitch but fools are fools.

  25. Jesus slept on a "My Pillow" and passed it on to the new Messiah trump.

  26. This guy looks like a 70's porn star.He'll waste his money on crack again,once a crack head always a crack head.

  27. I made a professional parody video of the my pillow commercials on my channel! Watch it now please you will laugh!

  28. I just received 2 regular size my pillows and 2 smaller my pillows for a total of $89.00 plus tax, plus free s/h. Somebody’s not being honest in this video and it’s not Mike Lindell. 🤔

  29. To get a really good night's sleep, you have to kick out that person who is next to you.

  30. Nice recovery story. Good work, Mike! Jesus rocks! Mike is kind of odd, but Jesus is THE MAN! Go Christ! Give me some thumbs up for Jesus Christ!

  31. Don't hate him he's human too just like everyone else damn shameless

  32. Idgaf, the my pillow is the best pillow ive ever used😂😂 why am I the only one who loves it🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  33. Crappy pillow made by a crappier guy. And to top it off you're friends with trump and fox News. Sad man…. sad,sad man. Giving Christians a bad name. And ripping people off. Don't buy his crap!!!!

  34. I have always said this man was a con artist; his "made in American" overpriced pillows are made be people in northern factories make wages that would be considered low in Mississippi!

  35. No those mornings are ruined by the constant "hello I'm Mike Lindel inventor of my pillow"

  36. I have touched this pillow I sores it's extremely lumpy and filled with pieces of foam. As soon as you tohch it you can tell its junk

  37. Anybody that buys anything from this creep, deserves what you get, junk, he is a sad joke….

  38. I mean folks at McDonalds will yell at their employees for messing up 1 order. Ruining 150,000 pillows in comparison seems like a rather reasonable thing to get angry at.

    It's not like they are making 300k of these daily it most likely resulted in weeks if not months worth of lost profits and work.

  39. Mike is a great guy… the pillows are awesome too… it's amazing what a positive attitude can do.

  40. The my pillow guy is a fake. Why does he have a cross hanging out of his shirt? Are the people supposed to believe this just came out? I wouldn't buy anything from this fake.

  41. From rags to riches, from addict to boss this is the power of god and shows how great America is.

  42. I am completely baffled. I googled "creepy my pillow guy" and was lead here. I was not prepared for these results!!!! 🤯

  43. Unless My Pillow makes gold plated pillows, there is no way Trump sleeps on their products (let alone the fact that Trump barely sleeps).

  44. My Pillow is total crap! It's slightly better than the cheapest pillows but it's not worth $50.

  45. This dude is the biggest scumbag out there literally my pillow is filled with recycled cushion material from all kinds of bedding sofas whatever it is exactly the same material shredded up put into a bag that says my pillow and then resold. No doubt it’s a brilliant marketing campaign but totally no morals no responsibility doesn’t care about anybody only money

  46. I was given one of these beautiful pillows my wife burned a hole in it accidentally. And I found the truth it’s all a bunch of bullshit it’s no different than any other pillow recycles chopped up foam from bedding and couches maybe even cars

  47. 300 million a year on waste products are you kidding me the only thing that makes me OK even a little bit is that using waste products to recycle. But selling it as a revolutionary pillow. Totally ridiculous

  48. I sure hope his crack dealer got some royalties
    This man is a scumbag who came up with a good slogan not new materials not new type of pillow or rest simply a slogan. And he probably sleeps well at night not caring that he fucking rob the public. All of this all of this that he is done is about selling that Piece of shit pillow

  49. For the best crack hit in the whole wide world visit Mike Lindell, Crack-Head!

  50. This guy is living proof that Americans are stupid. His pillow is a piece of shit / No different then any other pillow . His next job will be announcer on Fox News to lie for them.

  51. My sister gave me two My Pillow as a present, she knows I love pillows and can't sleep well, she would buy any pillow for me… Thank you sister….

  52. He needs a bigger cross, not compelling for this fraudster :))) Just another conman as Trump is.

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