The U.S. Space Force, The Gender Chore Gap & The Greatest Missy Elliot Karaoke Ever | The Daily Show

I’m not a big fan of most
of President Trump’s policies, but there is one idea
that gets me really excited: Space Force. -(laughter)
-And today, Vice President Mike Pence
came out to join in on the fun. Now the time has come to write
the next great chapter in the history
of our armed forces, to prepare
for the next battlefield, where America’s best and bravest
will be called to deter and defeat
a new generation of threats to our people, to our nation. The time has come to establish the United States Space Force. (laughter) (applause) (cheering) Goddamn, this dude is boring. (laughter) When Trump talks
about Space Force, he makes it sound like
we’re gonna be on a rocket riding to the moon,
like: Space Force! ♪ Running ’em down
and killing aliens… ♪ -(singing gibberish)
-(laughter) Mike Pence makes it sound
like actual space. He’s just like…
(exhales sharply) (quietly): Boop, boop,
boop, boop, boop, boop. (exhales) Boop, boop, boop,
boop, boop, boop. This is Captain Mike Pence.
Nothing to report. Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. Yeah, Trump’s like,
“We’re gonna go up there, and we’re gonna have sex
with those aliens!” And Pence is like, “There
will be no sex with aliens. Not until after marriage.” Anyway, moving on
to another frontier– the gender pay gap. It’s a problem
all over the world, and it turns out the problem
starts earlier than you think. NEWSWOMAN: The New York Times
reports on a study that shows daughters do
more chores than sons, and that could contribute
to gender inequality in pay. Girls do about 45 minutes
of housework a day. Boys do about half an hour. Girls are more likely
to be paid for cleaning. Boys are more likely to be paid
for personal hygiene, -like brushing their teeth
or taking a shower. -MAN: What? Now, now, now, now. -(audience jeering)
-Now, look, now, look. No. Wait, wait, wait. Don’t boo. Vote. I know, I know
this doesn’t sound fair, but if you’ve ever smelled
a 15-year-old boy, you know that the showering
money is totally worth it. Okay? Not that I smell
15-year-old boys. I’ve just heard things. -(applause)
-I’ve heard things. But this story
just makes me sad, right? Because this means Steve Bannon
never got an allowance. (laughter) (cheering, applause) And finally… finally, we’ve seen a lot of
white women go viral this year, but now one of them has
gone viral for something good. One woman from Rhode Island
is a huge fan of Missy Elliot. Now, she even posted a video covering the rapper’s song
“Work It.” This video is so popular, Missy Elliott retweeted it
herself. This is my second time exclusive
here at Goddard Park. ♪ Is it worth it? ♪ ♪ Let me work it ♪ ♪ I put my thing down,
flip it and reverse it ♪ ♪ Ti esrever dna ti pilf,
nwod gniht ym tup ♪ ♪ Ti esrever dna ti pilf, nwod
gniht ym tup. ♪ ♪ Hey-ey-ey-ey ♪ ♪ Hey-ey-ey-ey. ♪ (cheering and applause) If that woman doesn’t have
a record deal by the end of the week,
these people are not focused. My only question is,
my only question is what event was that? Like, was it, like,
a kid’s birthday party and she’s just doing
raunchy-ass rap songs? Happy ninth birthday, Dale. ♪ My neck, my back, my… ♪

100 thoughts on “The U.S. Space Force, The Gender Chore Gap & The Greatest Missy Elliot Karaoke Ever | The Daily Show

  1. My brother did trash. And that is really it. Mom couldn't trust him with anything else. He is literal when she told him to go to the dumpster and dump the litter box he threw the whole thing in there. My husband had a stay at home mom so he didn't really do chores either. So sometimes getting his help is more work than doing it myself because I have to teach him or tell him every time because he refuses to commit that to memory. So if he helps it is sweeping and mopping, trash, litter and mowing.

  2. I think that woman was holding a shofar. Which is weird because Rosh Hashanah isn't until September.

  3. soooo we just gonna ignore the fact that that lady at the end was holding a shofar..?

  4. Bogus study….only rich kids get paid for doing nothing. And 45mins a day? That’s not much eh, help making the food do the dishes that’s already easily 45minutes. This study was probably done on some lazy rich kids. And spaceforce is no joke eh it stops being a joke when some giant butt shaped thunder clouds start shitting tripod aliens

  5. My parents are immigrants from India. If I didn’t do what they told me to do, I got the crap beaten out of me.
    “Allowance? I ALLOW you to live in this house!!”

  6. Space Force is stupid as hell with our Veteran Benefits and health care being garbage. Michigan water is still ratchet. Mass incarceration still exists. Where the hell is our priority list?

  7. Nobody ever payed me for shit at home. Jesus fuck America how r u raising your kids?

  8. Kids being payed for chores? Wheeeere? Gender chore gap? Traditionally, kids helped their parents: girls in the house, boys outside with their dad. Because of modernisation men have less duty outside the house (there is no need for fire wood and hunting animals down for survival ~ things which men can do the best). So we are passing through a transition where men have to learn more about housework, where actually biologically speaking many of them are still really clumsy, better said many suck at it!!!! As a girl, I prefere to do my own chores in my house because my when my husband helps me, he does the job probably half of how well I am doing it. What gender chore gap! Hahaha ! It's about what we were biologically designed to do better!

  9. Comments saying space force is a joke (and it is) but I'm over here like "chore gap? Really? Fuck off"

  10. Next your gonna hear arguments like why is it called space force gives everyone the wrong idea and the next person is like yeah we should call it Space Equality

  11. Any other Pentecostal folks on here wondering about the shofar horn?!?! What kind of call to worship was that? 😂😂😂

  12. Who THE FUCK is paying their sons to care for their personal hygiene, but NOT THEIR DAUGHTERS??!

  13. Space Force…a term so dumb it could only come from the “mind” of stupid Trump; and it makes anyone using it sound equally dumb

  14. Contact Neil Degrasse Tyson for his take on Space Force. The US Air Force has a Space Force by placing satellites in Space. He has a very logical perspective.

  15. Am I the only one that realized that these people just admitted that the Moonlanding was FAKE. America has never been to space

  16. I see gender roles in my own house. I was always forced to do chores no matter what including my little sister now my little brother doesn’t do anything and still gets whatever he wants and my sister doesn’t get shit

  17. I do pay my son for his personal hygiene, he smells like ass if I don’t, he has actual chores to do to though as well lol.

    For all of those saying I never got paid for this or that it is called advancements in developmental psychology rewarding a kid or having the ability take that reward away works better than whooping your kids ass!!!

  18. The space force will be a force able to destroy enemy meteors that might hit the USA!!

  19. I'd like to see the sources on that study. Also media tends to misinterpret studies for clicks, seems backwards.

  20. So they pulled out of Paris agreement because they don't want to pay to save the planet we live on, but have money to build a space force?

  21. Okay there was really not enough information here to form an educated opinion on the "chore gap"

  22. Now you laugh, but when the first sayan come to earth, everything is going to change!

  23. Parents are paying their boys to shower? WTF?! No wonder this world is so f***ed up!

  24. I don’t think most teen boys don’t care about personal hygiene. My high school sweetheart certainly never had any issues. But I know some don’t. My clients 16 year old son stinks to high heaven all the time but insists that we’re wrong. He doesn’t shower much and when he does, I know he does a piss poor job because there is no change. He leaves for school without brushing his teeth and don’t get my started on his clothes and linens!

  25. The most funniest thing is……. that u guys get paid to do chores
    My mind was Seriously BlowN

  26. Most of the time I forget Mike Pence exists. Other times I think of him as the republicans attempt at a leash.

  27. I wont lie. When the white lady started singing I broke my neck like Busta Rhymes. I regret nothing.

  28. There are parents who pay their kids to help at home or clean themselves? At our place those things were taken for granted. Children are expensive enough as it is!

  29. I hate Gender pay gap. They say pimpin’ ain’t easy. Less easy for the white trash drug addicted prostitutes. Now there’s a gender pay gap.

  30. I never, and I mean NEVER, got an allowance, there was no such thing when i was a kid. I went and cut ppls lawns and shoveled their snow for money. When I was 14, my uncle paid me to tutor my 8 yr old cousin.

  31. She's holding a shofar so I assume…rosh hashanna?? Either that or it's a party for goat slaughtering season

  32. Some kids allowance for doing chores or bathing: money
    My allowance for doing chores and having good hygiene: not getting beat with a chancla

  33. This is so annoying, space force isn't actually going to space. It's just updating the 8 FREAKING SATELLITES THAT RUN ALL OF THE COUNTRIES BUSINESS ON 1970'S TECH. It was just very, very, very poorly communicated.

  34. Who said aliens will want to talk to American politicians or the military?! Or America's in general? They might already be on earth, in Kenya or Latvia? Who knows?!! 😂

  35. When we knock the next mile wide asteroid off course you won't be laughing; instead it will occur to you that we just saved the Planet and we couldn't have dreamed of it without having stumbled on too much power for Earthly use while trying to wipe each other out. Irony.

  36. Nah the white woman from english xfactor was bettee at that missy Elliott thing. Go honey G

  37. I want to Rename Space Force.. Ugh, Space Force sound like a 5 year old's cartoon….

  38. Is that nasa was for national airnoticts and space amiderition

  39. you know and I know the chore pay gap crap is freaking not true and again who sets around adding up exact minutes kids spend doing things and who conducts the studies and again this is why the left loses seriously you make unprovable ridiculous claims and yes a lot of people do dismiss them so if the right wins again thank this video because wrong is wrong and no one should be judge for gender and other stupid things either way.

  40. i love when ppl talk about gender shit…but mostly because im such an opposite lmfao. i mean my parents would leave lists of chores in the summer and my brother & i would sometimes trade but only because he hated cleaning his bathroom so much that if i helped him then he would do the dishes and it basically left me with nothing else i had to do plus he would still do part of his bathroom with me. like he'd have to do trash, yardwork, everything lol all i did was throw dirty laundry in the washing machine & at most folded some towels while also cleaning the bathroom…also if anyone needed to be paid to have good hygiene that would have been me out of the two of us lol. my dad was always yelling about how i needed to shower & put some deodorant on lmfao & on top of that i was being paid to read even though i wanted to lol & to walk to the end of the driveway & get the mail lol so easy

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