The Ungodly Machine – Escape the Night

– [Voiceover] Previously on
Escape the Night. I hosted a party at my estate
which only exists in the year 1920. There, a friend was murdered by the evil force that haunts
it. – What the heck is going on? – He said he was poisoned! – [Voiceover] We now have
to recover four mysterious artifacts if we want to get back
to 2016. (electricity crackles) – Please don’t do this, please! – Shut up. – We didn’t do anything! – Shut up, I need, I need to think! – It’s time. – No, no! – No, no, no! (metal clanks) (electricity crackles) (screams) – We’ll need more. – The machine needs to be
recharged. It requires more electricity
than a small city. – Try using this. – Once I place the object in the
machine, it may be impossible to
retrieve. – It’s better that way. (suspenseful music) (dramatic music) – Boom, the car blows up
and you see this guy– – [Voiceover] Loud, cracking
noise, everybody screams. – What if we actually were in
that car? – [Voiceover] Oh shit! – We have to leave! – Oh my god. – Okay, what just happened? – [Voiceover] Need some help? – [Voiceover] I don’t
understand what just happened. – I can’t believe it! – Wait a sec, was that the
driver? – Yes, he’s just laying on the
ground! – Literally right outside. – I’m not getting near that car
at all! – We’re stuck. People are going to die,
and all I’m thinking about is I need to make sure that it
isn’t me. Here’s the thing, I’m
trying to get back to 2016. We’ve got to find the four
artifacts, or we can’t go home. That’s really what it comes down
to. – Well somebody’s gonna die. Maybe we could just decide who
gon’ die. – No, oh my god! She wants to kill us! – People are going to die,
regardless. It said that we have to vote
people in to who’s gonna do the
challenges. – I wanna get the hell out of
here. I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t checked my
email in like 48 hours. – What do we know? – Okay, well we know from
Shane’s pocket that that symbol that was on
that square is what’s gonna lead us to our
next clue. – So we got to look for more of
those symbols throughout the house. – Oh what? My wallet was in the car! – Okay, you know what? I think that we should just
like start looking now. – So should we just split up? – I think we should split up. – Oh my god, splitting up
is never a good idea, okay? – How much time do we have? – Until the sun comes up. – What? – We have the one night, or we’re stuck in 1920. – Why are we standing here? Let’s do it. – We need a clue. – Oh my god. – There, there. – Sketchy Sarah walks in with a
box and the last time she
walked in with something it was a head, so I’m
not feeling too great about this next situation. – This arrived in the post
earlier today. (screaming) – [Voiceover] What the hell is
that? – What the hell is that? And there is a flipping hand in
there. – All tatted up. We’re trying to figure
out what’s going on. Maybe these tattoos are
clues for something. – [Voiceover] Did this
come from the bayou? – [Voiceover] Look what it says! – What does it say? – Her essence can speak to
you through the spirit board. – I don’t mess with boards. – Spirit board! – Her essence can speak to you
through the spirit board in the library. – So she can speak to us
through the spirit board. – Giving you clues,
however it requires great strength to speak from across
the grave and can only occur once an hour. So she’s kind of like a
lifeline. – Okay, may I make a suggestion? Someone should act as the voice and read the invocation. – We call you now to bless our
meetings. Heavens promise our spirits
thrive so now for the living
let the dead come alive? (yelling) – Stay away from all spirit
boards. I don’t mess with it. I don’t want to open up that
door and give the ghost a little
way to peek his way in and then haunt my life forever. – Greetings spirits. Speak to us. (ominous music) Oh my god! It just lit up. I’m not even joking, this just
lit up. – What should we ask? What should we ask next? – [Voiceover] Wait, hold on
there’s B. – [All] O. K. – [Voiceover] Book! – [Voiceover] S. – [Voiceover] Books. – Books, we need to look at the
books. – The spirit board spells out
books. We’re in the library so that
could mean anything, there’s books
everywhere. – I just hope that I
come out of this alive. (eerie music) – [Voiceover] That’s gotta be
it. What’s on the side? – [Voiceover] I’m gonna take
this. – So, I’m not sure if I was
supposed to open the cabinet, but there
is a symbol here, on the chest, and it’s got a lock with a
symbol on it. – [Voiceover] So we need a key. – No, we need a code! – All right, so the code
is probably in the book. – [Voiceover] Wait, hold
on, hold on, hold on. This, yeah, this has a number on
it. – But that’s another book– – That’s another one here,
where’s the other book? – [Voiceover] Yeah, so get the
other book. – Look, it’s got this cool. That’s a symbol. – This is the first book. – This is five, five. – But look, they both have
arrows, look. – Wait, I have one. I know where there’s one too. There’s one in here. Guys, I have a book as well. – This is some demon stuff. – Piece by piece, everyone is
finding these books that have that same marking and
we realized that we need to take all these, put ’em on
the table, and really figure out what we
need to do with these books. – Wait, maybe it has
something to do with this? One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. There’s five here, we need three
more. – [Voiceover] Hold on, I’ve got
one more. – Okay, we need book one and
two. – [Voiceover] Guys, I
found the other book. – [Voiceover] So we need one
more. – We’re searching everywhere. It’s this book we need
to find with the symbol. I’m looking at this grandfather
clock, it has cabinets. No one is looking in it. I open up the door and I found
it! – [Voiceover] Where? – It was in the clock. – [Voiceover] Oh my god! – [Andrea] I was so happy! – So we find all the books, we
put them down on the table, and
I realize that they’re obviously all numbered and
they all have different arrows. There’s lots of different dials
on the box where that hand is and we realized that from the
books, it actually tells us exactly
where each dial has to be. Down, right. Left. Right. Up, and up. (cheering) – [Voiceover] Three five four
seven three. – [Voiceover] What the, guys? – [Voiceover] Five four seven. – Five four seven! – It said three five four seven. – [Voiceover] Three five four
seven. – Bring it over here! Three five four seven. – Three. Five, four. – Chess pieces! – Chess pieces. – Chess pieces? – I’m so confused and I
don’t know what’s going on. – Chess board over there. – [Voiceover] Oh, oh! – [Voiceover] Let him read, let
him read. – 30 men and only two women, but they hold the most power. Dressed in black and white,
they could fight for hours. The ladies need to find a
perfect pair, a handsome knight on
their right with a flair. – Who knows we had to play
chess? I wish we had a dumber ghost. We’d probably be out of the
house by now. – Yet one of these
ladies is in deep sorrow. Her white bearded husband will
not have his home tomorrow. Because a vicious bishop– – [Voiceover] Bishop
is gonna get the king. – That’s these. – Okay. – Chess isn’t really my game. I’m more of a Yahtzee guy, or a
Guess Who? That’s my shit! – So you need to move the bishop
over to– – Took his house a
beautiful, medieval castle. – So, would these be
considered the castles? And then the bishop just
goes and takes his spot. – Oh he takes the castle, yeah! So push that off. Take that. (gasping) – We did it! – Oh my god, what? – That scared me so bad. – Today’s experiment was a
success. The machine was able to consume the life force of two college
students and produce an ungodly monster. (screams) However the machine’s
demand for power is endless. I’m using an ancient
artifact with an, artifact, that’s what we need to
find, with an origin I do not wish to know as a source,
but it has come with a price. My mind can no longer
distinguish between reality and nightmare. I’ve locked the key to the
machine inside the green cabinet in the
ballroom, but my scattered mind cannot
recall where I left the combination
on the first floor. All the thoughts I can
hold are the four elements of triangles I learned as a boy. Fire, water, air, and earth. – We find this leaflet with
four different elements on and we decide to split up. – Please everyone. – [Voiceover] So we cover
more ground, and try and find them all as quickly as possible. – Okay, fire, water, air, and
earth. – Think of something that is
trying to hide in plain sight. – But look for a number, ’cause
we’re looking for a code. – [Voiceover] This is like my
first iPod. – Lele actually pointed
out this metal object. – Air? That air? – Obviously we’ve never
been to the 1920s so we had no idea what this thing was. – Yeah look, here’s the
symbol of the box here. – What do we do? We have this wooden box with
these like daisies or tulips in one side and a hole in the
other. We have to put something in
there. – What would fit in there? A lightbulb? – We go into the study, and
there’s this fan turned on. Wind? Is wind one? Fire, water, air, and earth. – Well, the fan is on and
there’s air. – Look, the symbol’s on the fan. – Okay, all right. – Yeah yeah yeah yeah, look. – [Voiceover] Are we gonna die
here? – We might. – [Voiceover] Because I don’t
want to die in the ’20s. – Oh I found a clue! – [Voiceover] You, no! – No, I found it, it’s right on
the back. You were right from the
beginning. It was just on the back side of
it. It turns out that item that
I dismissed at the beginning was actually a heater. – This is water. (gasps) Oh! Eventually we realized that
we needed to pour water in it. How much water are we gonna put
in there? We’re pouring the water in and
it just feels like it’s a black hole. It’s eating it! It just sucked it all down. Like the water is just going in and nothing’s happening. – Where did it go? – I don’t know. Keep filling it. – More? – Yeah. – So wait, what’s the number? – [Voiceover] It’s probably on
the thing. – [Voiceover] What thing? – [Voiceover] On the blade. We need to turn it off. – Here, put your finger in
there. – No! And cut my finger off? – Oh my god. Eight. – Eight! Eight, we found it! We got it, eight, guys! – Guys, we have one! – This is my clue, actually. – Oh you take the clue, you take
the clue. – I’m not really a big fan of
Lele. This girl is the problem. – Where is this going? We are obviously not
doing something right. – We put the water in the wrong
hole. – Oh god, this is not a good
idea. This is not a good idea! That was the worst idea ever! – We need to plug it in? – Should we plug it in? – I don’t think we need to turn
it on. There’s no bulb in it. – Well it’s a heater, so it
radiates heat. – What are you doing? – Are you fishing? You’re plunging? – What is that? – I’ve got it, I’ve got it, yes! Yes, yes! – This is five. This is five. – Three, number three. – Three, guys we got three! – We have five.
– Five! – We have five. – Finding earth is more
of a struggle, you know? It’s dark outside, we
have these little dinky flashlights that don’t really
work. – This looks sketchy, this
is a basement situation. This one’s open. I don’t want to look in there. I’m scared! – [Voiceover] Do you want
to get trapped in the 1920s? – [Voiceover] No, I really
don’t! I want to go to 2016. – I’m kind of feeling like after
the club when you’re drunk and you’re
trying to get your phone to text a booty call but then
you’re drunk texting your ex. That’s how I’m feeling. – What’s this? – [Voiceover] What is that? It’s a handprint, it’s a
handprint. – It’s two handprints, ooh! – In the dirt, in the dirt. – I think it’s a box. It is a box. Here we go. – Two. – Dirt, two. – Dirt two, guys! We got it! – Okay so three, five. – Guys! – [Voiceover] You guys have it? Yes! – We got it, two! – Two, okay two, three, and
five. Eight, eight is air. – So all the groups come back
together and we each have a number which correlates to the combination of
the lock. – [Voiceover] We got it! (cheering) – Awesome, good work. – Open it, open it! Oh my god, oh my god. What is it? – What is it? – [Voiceover] Read it out loud! – The ungodly machine is in the
basement, oh god, not the basement! – Ungodly machine, I mean, what is that? – The cog key will
ignite its wicked engine, but understand once the
machine has been started it can only be stopped by
the loss of an innocent life. Two guests must be selected
by the vote of the group to be locked in the machine, then those two must each choose
a partner who will aid them in
defeating the machine. – I’m not going in the basement. – Timothy is one of ’em, ’cause
he just killed everybody so he deserves
to die. – I don’t– – You’re gonna need this. – I don’t kill my friends. – Yeah, I think we need to
lay off Timothy, all right? – I have a method for voting. Please, have a seat. Here is how the final voting
will work. Each one of you will write down
the name of the person you want
to attempt the final task and put it in this hat. I will then draw two
names who must face death. Please, discuss this amongst
yourselves. – Oh my god. Okay, come with me. – I mean this is crazy. Like, what dinner party do you
go to and you vote two of your friends to go in a basement and
fight a bloody machine? That just doesn’t happen! – I kill people for
business, not for pleasure. – Out of all of us, you
are the worst one and so– – But, the best dressed. – Okay, with an attitude too. – You guys are very quick to
throw stones from over there. Lele needs to go. As soon as we got into the
mansion, she was accusing Tim of being a
murderer. – I think we should form an
alliance. – Me too, but who do we kick
out? – Someone who’s useless. – Andrea. – Andrea. I feel like Andrea just is in
the shadows. Like she’s not putting in like
effort. – I’m the one finding all the
clues here. I cannot die, we’ll all die. – Eva, she was the last person
with Shane and he’s dead. And she still hasn’t explained– – What happened. She just said she was in the
bathroom. – She was not in the bathroom. – Okay, so let’s go with her. – I’m choosing Matt. He’s just very bipolar. I don’t like that. – Okay, I think we know
what we have to do. – I don’t feel safe. Like I feel like my
name could go on there. People are starting to come
after me because I invited people here. (dramatic music) – Andrea? (gasping) Lele. (gasping) – [Voiceover] Oh my god. – Wait, what, wait, so that
means I go down in the basement? All the sudden, my name
gets pulled out of the hat, and I’m just like, what? – Andrea? – Yes. – You get to pick your partner
first. – And the partner solves the
problem. For you. – Our partners have to try to
save us and whoever succeeds first wins and the other one just, I
don’t want to even imagine. – [Andrea] I’m going to pick– – Please don’t think that
I am gonna be any good at going down in the basement and fighting an ungodly machine. – Justine. – What? No, I’m an idiot, you don’t want
me! – I’m not sure if I trust
iJustine to put in 100% to save Andrea right now
because I kind of feel like she’s part of the reason
that Andrea’s going into the machine in the first
place. – So Andrea picks Justine. – Okay I’m picking Eva, you
know. – Lele picks Eva. – I chose Eva ’cause she is a
journalist and she’s very clever and all
that stuff. – I’m gonna get the challenge
done and we’re gonna get out of here. (dramatic music) – Down the stairs. – Are you serious right now? – Oh no. – This is like Saw. – Until Dawn. – I’ve seen this stuff in movies
and nobody comes out alive. I regret coming here tonight. – Ladies. Welcome to the ungodly machine. – Why do you even have this down
here? – Please read the directions. – To free the artifact from
the bowels of the machine, it must be forced into
malfunction. The two guests selected by vote must be locked in a
separate glass chamber. The machine is started
by placing the cog key in the center console. Basically, the first person to
get the machine to malfunction gets the person out of their
tube. However, the other chamber will
fill with a noxious gas killing the
guest whose partner was not quick
enough. If after 30 minutes the
machine has not malfunctioned, both guests will be killed by
the machine and a monster will emerge? – It begins. – Okay. What? This is not even in English. It’s just all these weird
symbols. – I’m freaking out. I’m just praying here. (speaking Spanish) – The blueprints have
these different levers so we have to lift the
levers up and the levers down and you have to get them
the correct combination. So, each lever has a
corresponding little code that’s matched up with a
decoder, so we have to decode
which way the arrows go. D13, so you just have to match
them up. Do I gotta push harder,
is something not right? (sighs) Girl, I’m trying. And it was just getting so crazy
because our time was running out. – [Voiceover] Eva has
solved the first step. – We’re in deep shit. – Okay, but ahh! – I’m doing a pretty good job and I’m feeling pretty
confident, almost a little
cocky. – I’m gonna die in here. – I’m doing exactly what
this is telling me to do. – I get to this point where
I have to stick my hand in this vat of ice water? Remove bolt, okay I gotta
unscrew this. Oh, it’s so cold. My hand is getting numb right
now. I’m just unscrewing, unscrewing. – Okay. – Girl, I can’t get the bolt. – [Eva] Finally, it breaks free. – You can do it, Eva! – And I move onto the next step. – What? – This is ridiculous! – Kinda sketchy though. Justine wasn’t taking off her
glove when she was doing this. – I’m getting really fussy! Really, really fussy! – You gotta hurry. – I have to take the screw and
un-bust open the, like, I guess. – Eva, you got this! – Control center of this
machine. – Girl, you want to give me a
hand? Did you actually take this bolt
out? – Don’t tell her anything! – It’s all of these
connectors with blue to blue, red to red, yellow to yellow. I have to essentially put
them all back together. I’m doing pretty well until I
get to blue. I don’t know where blue goes
like at all. At this point, I’m just sticking
it into literally every single hole. – [Justine] Oh god, I did it! – Oh yeah! – Hallelujah, the bolt has been
removed. – Dang it, like I was so far
ahead and now she’s catching up to me. – What’s this? Oh god! – Oh my god! – Eva’s done it. Justine, I’m sorry. Andrea did not survive. – Oh my god! Oh my god. – Caused the machine to
malfunction, and it will now produce the
artifact. – I’m very sad for Andrea,
but I’m very happy for me because I didn’t die. Trust me, she’s in a better
place than I am right now. because this house is the
devil’s house. – They’re coming. – I hope that Lele comes back
from the ungodly machine. I really do. – If Lele comes back up right
now, you might see my head on the
next platter. – I survived! And now you’re all happy about
it. – They all know that I voted for
Lele, so they might just go tell Lele
like, yeah, he had it out for you. Let’s vote him in next. – I knew it, I knew it, I knew
it! – Andrea’s dead! – I seriously tried. Like I honestly did everything. I think I was sabotaged. – What did you have to do? – There was like this big
contraption so then we had to go down
and solve all the puzzles and she solved hers super quick. I did the same exact thing,
but nothing was working. – Ehh, ehh, ehh. – It’s super obvious to me that
Justine wanted Andrea to die. She totally didn’t play
to save Andrea’s life. She set Andrea up. Justine is the rat, I know it. You let my friend die, Justine. – Maybe she needed to go,
honestly. What is she even doing here? – [Voiceover] I love you! – You killed her! – All I’m saying, we were over
there trying to open up that lock
and I was like oh hey, fixer. Why don’t you fix the problem? And she was like, mm. Didn’t even try to help. And that’s where I got a little
bit upset, so you know what? – [Voiceover] So you killed her? – And the people get what they
deserve. – Who’s the fixer now? – iJustine might have saved me, but she doesn’t look very
trustworthy. – What is that? – We got an artifact,
which is one of four. – Gosh, it’s heavy. – She pulls out this artifact
that was like, I’ve never seen anything
like this. – Only three more artifacts to
find. – The artifact goes up on the
mantelpiece and I look over, and
in the corner of my eye I can see a bit of paper. – What does it say? – You’ve been warned. One among you in league
with the evil of the house. – Someone’s working with the
evil? – [Voiceover] Guys, who is it? – It’s not me, because I almost
died. – It’s your house. – So who’s the rat? (eerie music)

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