The Untold Truth Of OutDaughtered

When Adam and Danielle Busby became the parents
of the first surviving set of quintuplet girls in the U.S. in 2015, the family landed its
very own reality show, OutDaughtered on TLC — starring Adam and Danielle, their older
daughter Blayke, and the quints: Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate and Riley
Paige. Anyone would have a hard time taking care
of so many babies at once, but the Busbys make it look simple. And just how do they do it? This is the untold truth of OutDaughtered! A Target love story The Busby family got its start when Danielle
and Adam met as co-workers at Target. They knew each other for months before Adam
worked up the courage to talk to Danielle, but according to her, their first date never
happened because Adam hung out with his friends instead. Danielle later wrote on the family’s blog, “At this point I’m thinking, this guy […] who
does he think he is, ditching me. […] I’m done with him.” Fortunately, Danielle gave Adam a second chance. After two and a half years of dating, Adam
surprised her with a proposal and they were married six months later. “We’re so perfect together.. and even through
the good times and the bad, I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side” Eating for six Growing quintuplets means that you have to
eat a lot. Danielle told Fit Pregnancy that she sometimes
ate an astonishing 4,500 calories a day. Fortunately, Danielle managed to avoid pregnancy
cravings, saying, “I had not one craving ever because I worked
with a dietitian and I was able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted to just fill up that
allowance — especially ice cream shakes!” All in The Busbys got more than they hoped for when
fertility treatments resulted in Danielle conceiving five babies at once. “You realize it’s the next 18 years that you’re
responsible for five lives. It’s overwhelming” But the couple rose to the challenge in spite
of doctors’ concerns. Danielle told KTRK news, “At first they didn’t want us to have all
five [but] our hearts just couldn’t do that.” The girls were delivered by C-section at 28
weeks and 2 days. And according to Adam and Danielle, their
quints are a miracle; they told KTRK it was their faith that pulled them through. First touch The Busby quints spent a couple of months
in the hospital after they were born. And Danielle and Adam had to wait a whole
week before ever holding them. Danielle told Today, “It’s been hard to see your baby in the isolettes,
but that moment where you finally get to touch your baby and hold them, there’s no better
feeling than that.” Adam’s postpartum depression “I’m not used to this.” “I want you to know whatever you’re going
through, I’m here to listen, or talk” Showcasing how PPD can also affect men, Adam
opened up about his struggles with depression after Danielle had the quints. “He was hiding from it. Hiding it from himself because he didn’t want
to face it” Adam said, “This is a very real struggle that dads all
around the world go through, yet you rarely ever hear it talked about.” Adam hoped that by talking about his depression
on the show, more people would learn how postpartum depression can affect men. “Just like this pounding weight in my chest” He said, “I’d be doing an extreme disservice to our
fans if I hid this from the public and wasn’t honest with them.” Making ends meet When Danielle became pregnant with the quints,
they agreed she would quit her full time job, leaving Adam as the main breadwinner, while
Danielle stayed home with the girls. “How are we gonna be able to afford one income…four
years of college, you’re looking at almost 2 million dollars” She told People just how they do it, saying, “We budget and we do what we can to make ends
meet and make it work. God has always provided, no matter what the
situation. […] He’s protecting and guiding us and providing
[…] and that’s how we’ve done it!” The money they make from OutDaughtered also
goes toward providing for their family. While their salary is kept secret, it’s estimated
that they could make up to a million dollars per season. Mister mom Since he’s, well, “outdaughtered,” Adam has
had to learn more about fashion and girls’ hairstyles than he ever expected. “When you’re in a house full of girls, you
gotta do what you gotta do” He told Parade, “Usually the mom takes on […] stuff like
fixing hair, picking out outfits and matching hair bows with outfits for the girls. When you have six of them, you find yourself
right in the middle of that. I’m better with a round brush than Danielle!” Adam is also very conscious about being a
role model for his daughters, saying, “It’s a huge responsibility being a dad of
a little girl. Instilling confidence in her and truly showing
her how her future husband, her future boyfriend, should treat her — and teaching her not
to accept anything less than that. That’s my mindset every day.” Danielle’s at-home workout Since she doesn’t have much time to hit the
gym, Danielle got back in shape by working out at home. “It’s kinda like you find time to eat, you
find time to sleep, I try to find time to get some fitness in every day” She wrote, “To build strength, I do sit-ups and push-ups
every day. And forget about the Stairmaster — I utilize
our staircase for daily workouts too, on top of the ‘workout’ I get bringing five babies
up and down the stairs all day.” And pushing her kids in the stroller also
counts. Danielle said that the total weight of the
6-seat stroller and the babies is around 200 pounds. Will they try for a boy? Some couples might want to try to have at
least one boy, but these OutDaughtered parents say they’re done having kids. In an interview with KPLC a few months after
the girls were born, Adam said, “Our family is complete. All girls, not trying for a boy. So it’s over. The shop is closed!” Well, we can all agree that the Busby family
is pretty perfect as it is. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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