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  1. 10:21 Oh, it's beautiful. I didn't know that i needed a vaporwave age of empires priest in my life, yet all this time, it has clearly been the missing component.

  2. How dare you display the Space Shuttle as a product of Western culture. Don't drag my cool spaceship into your discussion of borders and stupid human crap.

  3. I'm from South America and I find it funny that here fascists are dying to join the "western" club when in reality most fascists would actually include them in the mass killings when they start.

  4. The rebel flag is not racist, just the representation of Southern Culture.

  5. With all due respect, I like most of your stuff so far but I have seen no evidence that our society is suppressing or all around looking down on People of color. I have seen all the evidence in the world that the lame stream media is pushing an evil white man narrative as part of their divide and conquer strategy. And since people do not do their own research, the just buy anything that the lame stream Media. That being said, let me congratulate you on not buying into anything trump says simply because he says it even though you support him over all, I'm like that myself. I like most of his stuff as President so far but certainly not all.

  6. Did you Mick someone for dressing as a wizard while you're dressed as some kind of butterfly man?

  7. Fascism almost destroyed the West but this time I am sure it will rescue it.

  8. Cis woman here who also spent waaaaaaaay too many hours playing age of empires. you can reconcile that memory as something girls did too! <3 just found all your videos and am loving them! Keep it up, lovely lady!

  9. "This is a man dressed up in the guise of a wizard to talk about Frozen"

    is dressed up as a fairy to talk about western culture

  10. After all the intellectual shit, THAT is how you end this video?! Contrapoints… I LOVE YOU, YOU BEAUTIFUL HEDANISTIC WOMAN!

  11. I always enjoy disagreeing with your videos. And agreeing. Sometimes. Very well made.

  12. I started Swan’s way a few days ago and had a Proustian moment while reading the madeleine scene. Where had I heard that before? And why did I suddenly crave mustard?

  13. The SJW reformation never will happen, and you know why? Because any revolution require blood, and this blood is always provided by big and strong straight males!
    And by the way, you already lost "the battle for the west" when Trump was elected the "god emperor" of USA.
    If SJW manage somehow to make any more trouble, if somehow democracy is hijacket, the response will be brutal, and there wont be any sjw cucks to stop it!
    It won't matter who is right and who is wrong, all that matter is who has more power, and it will always be men, after all brute force is always the last resource, but it is effective and inevitable.

  14. Another thing is people who identify as 'Western' being offended on a subtle level by the idea that as time goes on the 'west and east' dichotomy must evaporate as the world becomes more unified. At this point they suffer an existential pang of meaninglessness as that part of their identity starts to mean less and less and their ego deflates.

  15. You don't need exemplify your carnivorous taste every video, honey, Dhankxs, 😉

  16. The % white people without minimal historical knowledge is incredible, for example, Poland and its horrible long history of dismembered state … by its neighbors…

  17. People vote for the west, with their feet. Immigration crisis is a uniquely western phenomenon, because it is superior, Especially the United States, to those other places. The rest have an emigration crisis cause they suck… that’s why they leave , and no matter what they say to the contrary, their actions reveal the truth.

  18. Their both wrong. Elsa is singing about not having to hide her powers or feelings anymore, because she is not going back to the kingdom, therefore no one can be hurt by her powers, so she is free to use them and see what they do.

    She's not gay or anything else until she actually dates someone in canon. Also she's queen already, and if she doesn't go back, she can't conquer anyone.

    Seriously, would any of you marry if you had badass ice powers? I doubt anyone would dare to date me with ice powers.

  19. Omg I legit never heard Jordan Peterson speak. He does sound like Kermit. Lmfao!!!

  20. You are that motherfuckin bitch! You are always so on point and bring it with a humor that disarms the preconceived prejudice you are hyper-aware your presence will draw. In turn, it makes them listen to you and consider the truth in your often very accurate, mostly objective assessments. A gift! You're just getting started bitch. Shove those corndogs where the sun don't shine. For freedom! For virtue! For the culture! 😉

  21. I'm so sorry that the only comment I have for this video is about Dr clean your room 😂 isn't he preaching about order and chaos and stuff? I laughed so hard

  22. What's even more ridiculous as a concept, for me, being french, is that in the U.S., latin culture isn't even considered "white", meanwhile in Europe, at least a third of countries are by definition latin, and even though some cultural changes and ethnical developpments might have occur in southern America, the core culture is still pretty white for me.
    And what I mean by cultural changes is an awful taste for Despacito-like songs.

  23. “Snowflake Yahweh” this made me lol, thank you for your amazing videos. I love your mind!!!

  24. Religion, as it is known in 'the West', is one of the stupidest things [and that's putting it extremely lightly] ever. Why. Because they all speak of A: the same mystics/prophets, and B: Greco-Roman [and Egypt if you count Atenism, and the connection therein to "Judeo-Christianity"] and B: and than conflate misgivings from historical wrongs [put to writing & dogma] with the phallo-logocentric philosophy from Athens [in Plato, described as the bifurcation & choice between it & Atlantis, the Atlantis of myth, but according to Plato, legend- as in a true thing given, but it is either embellished, of uncertain origin, or is so extravagant as to be unbelievable]. Plato would, by degrees, posit the freedom of all souls [psyche] in the Republic of Souls.

  25. I think you'd really enjoy "penda's fen" 1974. Good critique of false concepts of western identity.

  26. The West isn't a good topography. I prefer North & South, via an ethnosociological stance to parse such things as in this video.

  27. No one gives a rat's ass about your dressing habits or sexual proclivities. We give a shit about your desire to censor (by violence wherever possible because that's always fun), your sick identity politics, your rampant racism posing as "anti-racism", your insipid bigotry calling itself "tolerance", your obsession with the destruction of the family, your deranged (and utterly baseless) Rusoian blank-slate bullshit. Every "point" you make here is an absurd misdirection and gross over-simplification.

    All that aside–you would never, under any circumstance, presume to speak with such derision of any other civilization. Why is that; because Western Civilization is so uniquely god-awful? Compared to what, exactly? When you hold those of your own ethnicity to absurd standards that no one could ever live up to while refusing to hold anyone outside it to any what-so-ever (you know, like you and every leftist on earth without exception does) all you are ultimately saying is how innately superior you honestly believe you are. YOU are the racists. You're just pretentious and back-handed about it.

    In summation you are full of shit, you are pretentious, and you are—in no way—shocking and edgy; just tacky.

  28. Brazil is Christian (Western religion), Roman Germanic law (Western judicial system), western language derived from Latin (Portuguese), liberal democracy, teaches European history in schools… Well we are poor and not homogeneous white… that's why you don't consider us part of Western Civilization???

  29. I don't agree with half of what you say, but this shit's way too entertaining. subscribed

  30. I came here to see how the other side think. To understand better. This odd ball has convinced me I’m in the right path .

  31. Try doing business or working in different parts of the world and you'll see pretty quickly that there definitely is a 'West', and that it operates on a whole different set of assumptions from other regions. They're not trivial things like aesthetic preferences, either. They're differences that are so deep seated I'd hesitate to describe them with a trite term like 'cultural values'. They're fundamental assumptions about your place as an individual, and they effect the way people think and respond to just about everything.

  32. Bruh, wtf am I, I binge watch Steven Crowder and Dank then turn around binge watch ContraPoints and agree with and like all of them

  33. Man I love these videos. Although sometimes it leaves me thinking "What is going on and why do I love it so much?"

  34. You did make a mistake in your explanation of monogomy in Christianity, or I guess it's more of a misunderstanding. The church didn't endorse monogomy because of the bible or anything to do with Christianity itself, it did so because the Romans were monogamous and it is within their empire that Christianity first spread around to actually reach the rest of Europe. Christianity was born in the middle East and like most religions born there polygamy isn't really off the table, but it had to be for it to spread into Roman lands as they were never for polygamy. Ironically the view most people have of a good Christian family being made up of 1 man and 1 woman is solely because a Pagan society predating the religion required it to be so. The medieval Pagan converts to Christianity played fast and loose with these rules as well of course, but that's another matter entirely.

  35. At this point I just plan ahead to have corndogson hand when a new Natalie drops.

  36. America had progressive candidates like Henry A. Wallace in 1948 but some how after Truman, America picked Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Bush. American government never wanted peace and progressiveness, these boomers wanted capital, wealth, Jesus, Guns, and the largest military in the world. White people are something else.

  37. I have a good idea on what those immigrants should do, GO BACK HOME. Don't come to Europe or America and destroy the place through crime and poverty. A nation has the right to mandate who enters and who doesn't, and it also has a right to keep their culture. So no, Trump isn't a racist, he's just an actually reasonable person.

  38. Here because you are cancelled, want to see your content. You are a crazy SJW on their side and they decide to cancel you for one opinion? I guess pretending you are a girl isn't enough armor.

  39. You are a grown man who thinks he is a women so, there isn't much difference between you and the wizard. Secondly targeting preschool children about sex is disgusting. The west is the best, #Trump2020.

  40. "Josept was a massive cuck who raise another man's child."

    I told a Christian guy that in a debate group who call atheist – "cuck"

    … So I responded with: "Who are you calling a cuck ? Let's not forget your entire religion is based on being a cuck for the Father and The Son …

    I linked a family guy video about Mary having sex with God on Joseph wedding night while he's outside getting enraged.

    He never responded because he know it's true lol.

  41. 9:00 Gotta take issue on the biblical polyamorous point.

    Genesis 2:24 is where the one man, one woman dictate originates in Jewish Culture which Jesus Christ- founder of Christianity- affirms in a debate against his religious opposition in Matt.19:4-6. Jesus, after affirming a male/female distinction and the one man/one wife in marriage/sex policy, closes by stating, "What God has brought together, let not Man tear asunder."

    That's why Modern Christianity rejects transgenderism, polyamory, divorce, and other queer sexual identities. Loyalty to scripture, not to tradition, culture, whiteness or bigotry drives it.

    So on this point, you are just wrong CP. Still love you though. 😎

  42. I've grown more prejudice over trannys after watching months of ur videos. I think u killed urself or something?

  43. Wow, you really tried to say something good about Islam, even though they proved themselves to be savages multiple times… At the end the day, you can try to logic your way out of that some of the values of the SJWs are fundamentally against Western civilization, but what actually is happening in Western countries, (Sweden, etc.) confirms that.

  44. Natalie,
    Why go right? Well… it is simple. Today's progressives (like yourself) are seriously flawed. Is there evidence to support such a thesis? More than enough. 
    I am not surprised that some intellectual out there denies there is such a thing as The West.  After all, Marxist want to destroy everything Western.

  45. weird ass question but at what point in your transition did your nipples become explicit??

  46. You are so goddamn hilarious. I unironically like corn dogs. Tea . Political philosophy. And hand massages.

    Hit me up if yer ever in Portland. I could put on some David Attenborough and quietly whisper Stephen Fry fish puns.

    Seriously though, your work is astounding. Many virtual hugs.

  47. why are all of the terrible problems we have now all made of random mishaps. the world is like a perfect storm of terrible

  48. i struggle to watch contrapoints i public incase of moderate nudity and jokes taken out of context by passerbys

  49. The idea that Greek philosophy was reintroduced to Europe thanks to Arab Islamic svholars is false and debunked by every serious historian. The Byzantines, as direct inheritors of the Roman Empire and being themselves Greek had actual universities, teachers, church fathers and their own contemporary philosophers that thought about the ancient philosophers like Aristotle and Plato. The Arab Muslims themselves got to know about Aristotle and Plato after they occupied Persia and parts of the Byzantines Empire.

  50. 12:19 … I don't think you really meant the Holy Roman Empire there. Despite its name, the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire.

  51. Wait
    The west are judeo-christian values
    But the jews are not part of the west?
    Not only that, they are against the west?
    This religion is too paradoxal for me.

  52. This so-called 'SJW reformation' is just a form of decadence. It has no vitality, no motor force. E.g. Martin Luther who started the protestant movement set in motion a movement that lead to the 30 years war – a fantastic war of attrition that killed a third of European society. He was a consummate A-hole. Reformations and revolutions have always been done by determined and unpleasant persons. Yes, this trans Natalie Wynn is unpleasant but is he/she sufficiently determined? I am determined NOT to join her cause and that's easy!

  53. Oh, pigs’ balls, ass, hooves, and ears all ground up together, and breaded. How appealing… 😒

  54. The corndog and then the mustard going into the tea was possibly the most upsetting scene in all of cinema.

  55. Re: the map at 19:19 and why Latin America is not considered part of the West.
    Could economic development have anything to do with that? I'm pretty sure that all of the highlighted countries with the exception of South Africa (which many wouldn't even consider Western) have greater GDPs than most or all of the Latin American countries.

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