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100 thoughts on “These Are The Best Super Bowl 2019 Commercials | TIME

  1. Is this all the old has been celebrities except for Harrison Ford is awesome

  2. How many commercials are there with Charlie Sheen and Alex Rodriguez for there to be "the best"

  3. You fucking kidding me?!!!! Nothing marvel related… How are they even thinking… Motherfuckers

  4. Sorry to disappoint the social justice warriors, but there is not a single woman or minority being "oppressed" or "held back" in 2019 America. If anything they're being given special consideration… If you care so much about equality and fairness, maybe that's what you should be fighting against.

  5. These commercials suck I want non pc commercials that are actually funny.

  6. They inject one commercial with a handicapped boy into the mix to try to paint the whole lot of commercials with a “meaningful message” brush, thinking the audience will fail to notice the rest are just “social justice” garbage. Pathetic. Just as I expected

  7. Not ONE of those commercials are funny. Not one. Ridiculous not one would prompt me to want anything in those dumb ads.

  8. Women the ball is in your court .
    Women : we want to be able to murder our full term babies legally !!
    Men : we won woman of the year recently , sit down Linda u crazy liberal bitch .

  9. Sure these are “the best” commercials but that was the worst Super Bowls ever

  10. Serena Williams??? Put some hair on her and she becomes George of the Jungle.

  11. Best message from Serena LoL, she shouldn’t be anyone’s role model on or off the court.

  12. Lol black transgender promoting the brainless American drones to eat and drink their sugary poisenous shit.

  13. Most of this is just a bunch of Social Justice propaganda and generic liberal virtue signaling crap. But respects to some of them especially the kids born with birth defects.

  14. 🏈😂🏈😂🏈😂🏈😂This was my fave! Lmao! 💗 the song Spirit in the Sky!🎵

  15. Aren't we all just a little tired of which super bowl commercial was the best , hell I didn't even watch the game , who cares , get a life for Gods sake!

  16. I didn't see anything FUNNY in the super bowl commercials!! Seriously BORING!! YAWN! YAWN!!

  17. Serana Williams is a cheater, she has no place in these ads. as a person of color I feel disgraced how she portrayed ppl of color, she played the race, gender, mother cards… every card she could pull off, she still lost … to a better player and person of color – whom we are proud of, please stop promoting this cheater because she is american, you guys must see this. a cheater is a cheater, in whatever country. Get naomi osaka or someone else who is genuine, and nike – come on, I love your products but serena isn't just you guys.

  18. Here's a good channel to watch and subscribe to:

  19. I was disappointed that Gillette didnt come out with another male bashing commercial for the super bowl. 😂😂😂😂

  20. Microsoft commercial was amazing had me in tears when I saw it first time

  21. Was watching super bowl with my husband looking forward to traditional "funny super bowl commercials"-WHERE WERE THEY?! Nothing made you laugh –they were mostly serious and boring. So disappointed–What happened? Hubby said its been that way for awhile now-

  22. I’m still waiting on a funny Doritos commercial & the heartfelt Budweiser commercial.

  23. EWWW sebrena w… Oops I almost called her by her name, what I should say is, EWWW that thing, burn it with fire and throw its ashes to into space, I honestly get suicidal remembering that I breathe the same air she does

  24. Wait what, there was a best? BS! Pansie ass liberals have even taken away the sport of super bowl commercial enjoyment! Oh right, wouldn’t want to offend any of these wanks that live in mommies basement, hardly come up for air now as it is. Sad when we cant even have a laugh for fear of offending some diaper wearing wussie. Ball up America! Gotta go, Trumps on at 8:00.

  25. Best google ad money is spent on this clip. I watched the regular old car ad that came on before the clip, because after all the entire vid is comprised only of ads

  26. The only thing serene got right is that they already have all the power. For ever 2 men to get their BA 3 more women will get theirs. Apparently there is a way to choose the sex of your child before birth and 70% requested sex is female. There are more woman in higher management than men. This is literally the best time in all of human history to be a woman and yet, all I hear from them is complaining and wanting more and more hand outs. Its absolutely ridiculous. Just think about it, they already have everything. I have sources but an article that sums it up nicely is

  27. title should be renamed to "These Are the Most Liberal Super Bowl 2019 Commercials"

  28. What was the Serena commercial about? They didn't let her play? I'm confused.

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