This unique French chateau hasn’t changed since 1789! For sale near Bordeaux – Ref.: 104199LMA33

Today we are visiting, I would say, an
extraordinary Chateau of approximately 2500m², set on 70 hectares of land with 45 hectares of vines. Let’s go in! It’s been nearly untouched for decades… This place welcomed famous people like
the Duchess du Berry or Maréchal McMahon during the French Revolution They were received in that place, which costed their host’s life… Here is a portrait of Victor Louis, the architect that drew and designed this place. You have to imagine that the 2500m² are only a third of what it should have been. So that massive place wasn’t finished, and it’s only the third of what could have been if it was. But the Revolution happened… Look at those paintings! It’s untouched… Famous French writer and poet, Lamartine, stayed here and he wrote some letters to Madame de Lille, here is her portrait, and it’s even written here. It’s such an amazing place, let’s go
there! We didn’t open the shutters but look, everything is as if it hasn’t moved for centuries almost It was built in the 18th century, 3 years before the Revolution. All the original books are still there, let’s go further! That place could be an amazing B&B business! Check this depth! It’s unique, it’s really unique! Another living room… Look, it hasn’t changed in 2 or 3 centuries. So today we won’t have the time to film everything, the place is too big. We’ll just show a few parts that are accessible to us today. This is a dining room with the original plates on display. Let’s go upstairs and see what it’s like! The kitchen is downstairs. The staircase is at least 10 meters high, if not more. That painting here is, I think, 5 meters high. It’s incredible! We’ve never been here so we don’t even
know what’s behind that door… Here’s a bedroom. Look, a canopy bed! It’s sad that we cannot open the shutters today, we don’t have the time to, but it’s really sad because you’ve got a view of the Dordogne River which is stunning. That’s a bathroom, from the forties/thirties, I’d say. It’s a suite! I wish we could open the windows but
we don’t have the time for that… The view of Bordeaux must be stunning! Let’s head back downstairs. It’s for sale with Leggett Immobilier, the reference and the link are in the
description, so if you want to watch the virtual tour, or if you want to see more pictures and get more information on that property, it’s on our website. Basically, that place is full of history. It’s just amazing to be able to visit a place like that. And it’s for sale! Just next to Bordeaux! We are 25-30 minutes away from Bordeaux. It could be a luxurious B&B, or a hotel. Many other projects could happen here. So if you’d like more information about the Chateau, I’d be happy to show you around. It is a beautiful place, beautifully situated, beautiful terrain, view over the river and so please, get in contact with me. I’m Linda Matthew and I’d be happy to organise the viewing! Thank you!

100 thoughts on “This unique French chateau hasn’t changed since 1789! For sale near Bordeaux – Ref.: 104199LMA33

  1. if it hasn't been touched why do I see electric lamps; it has to have been modernized at some point!

  2. Bâti par la famille la tour du pin . Ministre de la guerre Louis 16. Inachevé à cause de la révolution.

  3. Will there be a sale of contents or is everything sold with property

  4. This is exquisite! Please don't let somebody buy this beautiful chateau and ruin it like they so often do by "modernizing" it. I don't understand why people purchase these beautiful, historical old structures and do that. Please, please, please, don't do that to this one!!!

  5. Chateau Leggett is a vary special place the possibilities are endless with it. What a wonderful place to live.

  6. j'ai visité le château de Lamartine près de mâcon et là je vois où il a vécu !

  7. What an amazing and beautiful place this is. I wonder how many rooms there are? It would be fascinating to learn about life during its heyday. Thanks for the video!

  8. Wow how beautiful and amazing this place is. And the history behind it must really be wonderful. I love the beautiful furniture and beautiful workmenship in this amazing mansion. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Exquisite, but it has been touched since 1789, there are many beautiful features and furnishings from Napoleonic period and on throughout the19th c. 🙂 Seems to be at the same family for centuries since it is filled with fine antiques and family heirlooms! What a pitty it is for sale…

  10. Hasn't been touched my a***. Utter bull. It would be crumbling by now if it hadn't been touched.

  11. at least 3 – 5 million euros for a complete renovation including expensive wallpaper like Zuber & De Gournay.

  12. The chateau hasn't been touched since 1789 ! This means that he had no modification of the architecture, neither addition nor demolition, on the other hand, it was perfectly maintained.

  13. Well worth the price, just to have a reason for routinely saying 'Gironde' (and also the magical words 'Aquitaine' and 'Dordogne' – all three being joyful words to say). And then there's the delightful 'Folie de Grandeur' dollhouse scale of the chateau, which would make it highly manageable to own.

  14. What’s the story here? It’s an old property, very attractive, but it’s no different to thousands of other such large well furnished houses!

  15. Wow awesome video how much they asking for it and who do I see about getting more info on this awesome place

  16. When it comes to architecture the French are in a league of their own. Spectacular!

  17. The listing says 30 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms.
    The cost is 7,350,000 Euros. One would need to put in more bathrooms!
    If course there is a fascination of the past here, but the money needed to turn it into a hotel, for example, is enormous. I do not think it is a suitable family home. Gone are the days of servants, gardeners, cooks, etc. I wish whoever buys this time capsule all the best! It will be interesting to see what becomes of this chateau.
    Merci pour votre déscription!

  18. I hope whoever buys it restores it without too many changes. The colors, wallpaper, tiles, stone work, windows…..beautiful!

  19. Absolutely delightful… but the cost to bring things like electric up to code! I suppose if one wanted to create a hotel/b&b, it would be a one-room-at-a-time project, probably starting with the kitchen!

  20. What is extraordinary is that the chateau was saved and not destroyed during the revolution. And of course the subsequent world wars. It begs to be saved and have new life breathed into it.

  21. I don't know about untouched, thats an awful lot of dusting right there. Probably a full time job.

  22. I really appreciate your time doing this lovely video. My only disappointment is that we didn't get to see the kitchen, which was the room I was most interested in seeing. Thank you anyways! Very nice job.

  23. Impossible to take on such a project, the roof repairs alone !!! dealing with a heating system, French property taxes !! looking after the grounds alone is a fortune, then restoring the rooms, many need a lot of work so it doesnt look like a museum, only a hotel and spa complex would be interested or some mega rich zillionaire who would strip out and modernise it all ,,,,

  24. Beautiful place needs a ton of work. Obviously the vineyard has a soil analysis Providing valuable information.
    A lovely money pit for someone who wants a property. It must have stables too ?

  25. It's an absolute gem, one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. Eighteenth century French houses are the pinnacle of perfection.

  26. Wow! Talk about a time capsule. This place has stood still for a few centuries–basically untouched. It makes me want to come over and help with some sweeping, tons of dusting and even waxing furniture to protect it for future generations. This chateau is an absolute treasure. Thanks for bringing us along..

  27. Yeah right not touched for over 200 years yet the lawns are well maintained, and no dust and no cobwebs

  28. If I bought this, I wouldn’t change a thing! I’d keep it just the way it is.

  29. Was this place lived in or just some parts? This is not a chateau, but a palace, well if if had been completely built instead of just 1/3.

  30. "Hasn't been touched for 2, 3 centuries." Doesn't address those modern portraits at 3:54

  31. I wish the decorations remained in there as well. It is so beautifully decorated.

  32. This angers me so much!
    This is history!
    I have so many words racing through my mind I don't even know what to say.
    This is a priceless possession. Someone's legacy.

  33. Finally someone thought to bring a light along with them so we can see the interior most I've watched it's been too dark in the rooms to make out what they were showing

  34. Magnificent!… I would love to be that agent and making that Commission on the sale whom ever is lucky enough to buy it

  35. French chateaus are to be enjoyed and lived in, and this one will find a deserving owner who will cherish it and keep it maintained for French history. Viva la France!

  36. This treasure should not be for sale . It should remain in the hands of French citizens . No one like the French appreciate and love their history and country .

  37. How sad that this is not a museum, it must be restored and preserved like a time capsule

  38. We have lovely places in Britain as well, Chatsworth is beautiful and there are many others. Windsor
    Castle and Warwick Castle are hundreds of years old and they’re wonderful.

  39. The French chateau 1789 wow it,s so amazing and interesting the art and the furnishings It should not be destroyed but made into a place for tourist I love it and the guy who did the video his accent and he ,s a cutie
    Wow thanks for sharing good day matie😏❤️

  40. Where Is the French National Trust? It should be sAved for the nation, as it is rare to find French chateaux with orginal furniture. With any furniture in fact as it was all burnt in the revolution!

  41. An absolutely gorgeous home. I would love to see it, after it has been renovated. I know it will be incredible. It's going to take a lot of money to renovate it.

  42. We want to see where the servants resided!
    Back staircases, servants quarters, kitchens, life for those who made this possible

  43. It would be cool to fill it with modern art and hang modern lighting pendants in places like the hallways and staircase room! … Bring it to life!

  44. If I bought it, I wouldn't do anything to modernize it other than put electric in, but use low wattage, low UV lighting to preserve the color of the paint, then I would restore the original paintwork. I would put a kitchen and bsthroom, but make it a seperate wing in the center of the arch way, and connect it through a walkway. It would match the architecture of the rest of the chatue along with the roof. To further preserve the building I would install AC, and then place UV windows to further preserve the original interior.

  45. She’s a beauty. I’m praying for France and hope that someone can care for this beautiful place.

  46. love love the house its so BEAUTIFUL it hurts my heart to think that it has no family in it

  47. I thought chateaus were smaller. Can you imagine how cold it'd be in the winter months? Whew.. I'd have to wear my winter clothes AND winter outter wear

  48. If this home had been in the States…in ten years it would have been stripped and vandalized beyond redemption. Just waiting for the Powerball to come in! I'm there!

  49. Wow this place is so amazing and complete with furniture.A look into the past that can’t be beat.

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