Toddler Commercial | Allstate Mayhem

Mommy! Mommy mommy mommy mommy! Mommy! MOMMY! MOMMY! Mommy! Mommy! Mayhem is everywhere, so get an Allstate agent. Are you in good hands?

100 thoughts on “Toddler Commercial | Allstate Mayhem

  1. i love the look on his face when he looks in the camera…"watch that ima screw this trip up"

  2. Bahaaaa this ones my favorite one and so is the raccoon one!! XD

  3. For some reason this video reminds me of Shepard from Mass eating Pringles…..

  4. My 5 year old son absolutely loves THIS COMMERCIAL! He doesn't care about the others though.

  5. The fact they had to construct an adult sized car seat only amplifies their dedication, both Allstate and Winters.

  6. Bet this guy had the hardest time trying to contain his laughter.

  7. Looks like mommy turned around once already given all the bruises on his face

  8. when hes shaking the bag i hear obama saying …we want hope and we want change

  9. ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾When mom is ignoring you and you just want attention😂😂😂

  10. Dean Winters Dead June 19, 2009 – resurrected 3 minutes later – sounds familiar. The last guy took 3 days lol. Love this character

  11. Wow! Does that bring back memories!!! These are the best adds on tv, hands down!

  12. Came here to say…
    This one killed me the most LMFAOO
    Its freaking hilarious

  13. You know what the bad thing is? The first time I watched John Wick, all I could see was him doing mayhem. I wonder how many awards they have won for these commercials. This would make a great ring tone for mom's!!

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