Top 10 Commercials of 2016

I wish I could ask you How was your day? we may be different, [but] [also], the same A friend will [be] lovely Don’t you agree? Just you and me you and together feel the love Each morning I get up I die little can barely stand on my feet Crying what you do yeah? Yeah, I spent all my years believing you somebody Introducing the all-new Ridgeline the only truck with an available truck bed audio system a new truck to love from Honda And there’s your beautiful baby, any day now Really you’re eating Doritos? He’s eating doritos, on my ultrasound. Do you see what I have to deal wi- I know. Give me that! Twas the night before Christmas, a carrot gazed at the sky.. Thinking I could meet Santa, when he gets his mince pie! But a christmassy spread filled with joy to us all can be quite scary when you’re three inches tall still our carrot went forth on his dangerous Quest and Soldier done Bravely to the chimney rest. He finally arrived [though] Exhausted methinks as he said to himself Just a quick 40 winks then all of a Sudden young carrot awoke flying high over Dublin We’ll go away ork ork so the slave flew much faster that cold Christmas Eve Powered on by a carrot we like to believe Behold the bounty of Earth this is the cube of rubik this simple puzzle was actually considered Unsolvable by the humans. [Did] they not have brains? Mmm, simple ones now this was apparently a 21st century torture device How long would they keep them srapped in there? Sometimes hours at a time [pretty] gruesome? And over here we have their alphabet it was called Emoji Few symbols could Express the vast extent of their emotion uh they had chia pets Just like we do and this is the white and gold dress that caused the Civil war. This is Scott, baio [but] most amazing of all are the avocados from Mexico [they’re] always in season so you can enjoy them all year long anybody want a feed Scott bay which included in the price of admission No? I mean, double dipped… He-he’ll regenerate.. No. He won’t Kim’s a quad mo bird Avocados from Mexico [Oh] You look good. Thank you. Hey See the guy taking my little girl out huh yep, huh? You know why don’t you go ahead and take my new car. Thanks Pops. [Go on baby] Watch this. [BOOM!] [YOU”RE MESSING WITH THE WRONG DADDY!] I’m taking you home.. [Why? Back so soon? Here you go sir. [`Cause a dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do.] Honey, what’d you guys do tonight?! you you [wow]

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Commercials of 2016

  1. Who puts all the cooked food, uncovered, on the table the night BEFORE Christmas?

  2. I remember the second one! that was not in 2016!! it feels like yesterday cant believe it was that old.

  3. Try it, you might like it.dont hurt nothing to find out what's going on in your world today.

  4. That first commercial actually made me want to buy a android for some reason

  5. "How long will they keep them strapped in there?"
    "Sometimes hours at a time."
    Crowd responds with shock and disgust
    "Pretty gruesome."

  6. Can anyone tell me the last line please 9:58. No matter how many times I tried to listen but still can't figure out 🙁

  7. My top 4 would be Macy's, Android (heart warming), Doritos and Hyundai (funny).

  8. I miss 2016….2017 was like skiing off of a steep cliff and most of 2018 was like falling in a ditch….

  9. I want the details and email id of the directors who have directed these commercials.

  10. I never thought I’d be using This sentence, but

    That is a hella clingy Santa Float.

  11. Lmao I love how the commercial for avocados from Mexico were aliens

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