Top 10 Funniest Dog Commercials

Top 10 Funniest Dog Commercials Number 10: Doritos Pug Attack:3 Oh Babe Check This Out! *Music* Hey Come On! You Want A Chippy? You Want A Dorito? Are You Hungry? Babe! Don’t Hurt My Dog. *Dog Licks* Come And Get A Chip! Come On *non words being said* *slow motion* OHHHH *crunch* *more crunching* Number 9: VOLKSWAGEN™ Confidence *epic music in my opinion starts playing* *lyrics start playing that I can’t identify* Polo Confidence Das Auto Number 8: Pergo Dog Party See You! Bark! Lots And Lots Of Barking! Pergo Floors™ Are Beautiful And Astoundingly Durable For Whatever Happens In Your Home. There’s Only One Pergo™ Number 7: Consome Theres Nothing Here To Really Subtitle… So Lets Talk? You Probably Don’t Know Me… and you never will. so bye. i’ma skip this whole commercial, and the next one :/ Hello I’m Back! Number 6: Kiatnakin Bank The Dog mmm looks delicious NOT! Here You Go! *beautiful ladeh walks by* *dog whining*
(shaddup dog) NOM NOM NOM NOM not I can’t subtitle the rest of this, because it’s Chinese or Japanese. And I only speak British and English. xD Number 5: Volkswagen Car Dog *angry dog noisez* Je Hoeft Niet In Een Volkswagen™ Te Rijden Om Onder De Indruk Te Zijn Das Auto Number 4: Car Max Start Here (no need to subtitle here its doing my job :D) *Constant Dog Barking* now I have to do my job 🙁 CarMax™ Start Here Number 3: Wrigley’s Dog Breath A.K.A This Background Video *bird tweeting* *crunching* *sniff* *disgust* *barfs up a doggo and puts back in mouth* *barfs up doggo* *angry dog>:(* NOM AVOID DOG BREATH™ X-TREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mint Refreshment Number 2: Sabaru Dog Tested (haven’t we all seen this one?) ooo lala>:( STAHP IT M8 Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ Number 1: Bridgestone TYRES!!! Hello.. I Am The Person Who Made These Funny Subtitles For The Funniest Dog Commercials. I Am Anonymous Animate, I Currently Do Not Have Any Videos Uploaded I Think… Enjoy The Rest Of This Outro! 2016 Subtitles By Anonymous Animate, Like This Video And Subscribe To This Youtuber.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Funniest Dog Commercials

  1. I loved the warning on #2, "Do not attempt". Like if you did attempt it you might succeed in getting your dog to drive your car by itself!

  2. thanks good morning hello Todo mundo saludos para todos hustedes Hola como estas amo la musica y los carros y Las trocas

  3. 2:37 thats what happen when a disactivaded missile shocks into a fighter jet

  4. That thing between the comercials it consern me a little bit… What tipe of mental ilnes, that guy how made that, got…? 😐😐So it was number 7…. Is still… The guy that made it really have to a psycholog… 😐😐😐😐😐

  5. Man I fucking love dogs. My dog in the back pooping rn. Edit: ty japan and thaiwan for not being like china

  6. That last one wasn't funny at all. It was pretty dark.

  7. 9:12 9:14 Are those dogs mating? I could tell they're loving it LOL >o< especially the one

  8. Wait no ameriquest dog commercial? Well I liked the bank commercial a lot, a really nice one.

  9. 7:26 – 7:30 play this in reverse and you’ll get the terribly incorrect America’s stereotype of Asia

  10. 0:43 OMG, i remember watching this a long time ago, it's so cute seeing the dog singing, It has been so long but good thing you added that to the list

  11. มีของไทยด้วยเยสสสสเข้

  12. Lol I seen that dog one with those dogs in the Car and the dad dog was looking at that girl dog

  13. Ahoyhoy there, Fellow YouTuberino! The first commercial didn't have a dog in it, it was about plumbing.

  14. Ahoyhoy there, Fellow YouTuberino! The Afghan Hound Calbee chip commercial was cute . I don't really think it was that funny , it's probably very funny to others who aren't part of the Chinese or Japanese cultures because it's just strange to them . I'm not Japanese, yet I highly respect those oriental cultures so this commercial is just normal or cute to me . If it was supposed to be funny , that's okay, too. But this one just seems like a regular sort of oriental snack commercial.

  15. Lol when the golden retriever picked up the ball from the shiba it was kinda fake and then it was on a stick why???!! LoL

  16. Number five was terrifying lol duck seasons irl 😅😅😅 also da thumbnail is doge lol

  17. Hit or miss

    I guess they never miss


    You got a boyfriend

    I bet he never kiss ya


  18. 2:30 a day later CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME PANCHIIIIIIIII (it is officially stuck in my head)

  19. 7:23 this is what happens if you swallow dog hair kids… (my parents always told me that 😒)

  20. It was weird getting commercials in the middle of watching a video about dog commercials.

  21. The investment dog (6) is heartwarming it almost brought me to man-tears as i remember a hungry street dog i adopted and the priceless joys he brought to us…He died last year.

  22. The doritos pug attack one was stupid. WORST ACTING EVER! And I just hate doritos ads normally.

  23. 6:34, I actually was about to click on the subtitles…I should go to bed.

  24. 2:14
    just imagine this thing waddling intimidating towards you in a dark alley

  25. I got a dog for my birthday, I don’t celebrate but I get things for my bday.
    Also note my bday is the 17th of April!

  26. My favorite commercial is the one that is with the dog and the chips😂

  27. Number 2 were Subaru but the text before Said sabaru you wrote that wrong

  28. Gabby the Clown has made a fulfilling career out of taking advantage of my unfulfilled need for dog smiles, and I whole-heartedly respect that.

  29. Dog has a party and cleans up everything at the end lmfao! too cute.

  30. What? 15 for cats but o ly 10 for dogs? And where are the Thinkbox adverts??😡

  31. Number six and also the Bridgestone tires commercials made me tear up a little bit

  32. 5:04 don't mind me my eyes are just producing an excessive amount of water.

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