Top 10: Scariest Adverts
Compiled by: HelloImAPizza #10 “Zombie”
Phones 4u
2011, UK [Screams] Oh dear, the Samsung Tocco Icon is only £59.95 on pay as you go. [Whispering] Phones 4u, missing our
deals will haunt you. #9 “Deep End”
The Meth Project
2011, USA If I had asked, “What does meth do to your brain?” “Does meth make you hear voices?” Or, if I asked… “Can’t you just stop doing meth?” My mom wouldn’t be asking… “What did you do?!” “Honey?!” [Yelling] #8 “This is a Special Time”
Little Baby’s Ice Cream
2012, USA There’s good reason for my glistening skin. And how I shine, and how my pores are so clean and clear. I eat ‘Little Baby’s Ice Cream’ It keeps me young. It keeps me ‘light on my feet’. I spring from activity, to activity. I love my job, I love my life. When you eat Little Baby’s Ice Cream, you’ll wink and nod, and hug, and high-five each other with great enthusiasm. This is a special time. Little Baby’s Ice Cream: Ice Cream, is a feeling. #7 “Little Girl”
Phones 4u
2011, UK (Screams) Hello? The Samsung Tocco Icon is only £59.95 on pay as you go. [Whispering] Phones 4u, missing our
deals will haunt you. #6 “Mental Wealth”
Sony – Playstation
1999, UK Let me tell you what bugs me about
human endeavour. I’ve never been the human in question, have you? Mankind went to the moon, I don’t even know where Grimsby is. Forget progress by proxy: land on your own moon, It’s no longer about what they can achieve, out there on your behalf. But what we can experience, up here, in our own time. It’s called… mental wealth. #5 “13”
Alton Towers Resort
2010, UK If you go down to the woods today, you’d better not go… alone. [Whispering] Thirteen. #4 “Spider”
Audi – RS4
2005, UK [Car radio: “it wriggled and jiggled and
tickled inside her–“] “The new Audi RS4 quattro” ‘”Vorsprung durch technik”
[“Lead by technology”] #3 “Baby Doll”
Sony – Playstation 3
2006, USA [Baby voice] Mama… #2 “Car”
1998, Germany
Warning: this ad is a ‘screamer’ So wach warst du noch nie.
[You have never been so awake.] [Whispering] K-fee.
Kaffee in hohen dosen.
[Coffee in high doses.] #1 “Judderman”
2000, UK Beware The Judderman, my dear, when the moon is fat. Sharp of tounge and spindle limbed he is and cunning. With sweetened talk of schnapps and Metz and the deliciousness of Judders. But schnapps though sweet, has teeth my love and sharpened ones at that. Beware The Judderman, my dear, when the moon is fat.


  1. Roses are red, violets are blue.
    Don't be scared, Because we love you.😊

  2. "So, you've covered me in ice cream, what do I do now?"
    "Just eat the ice cream off yourself with this spoon and stare, as creepily as you can, into the camera."

  3. The fact that number 9 wasn’t in the top 5s says a lot about the quality of commercials nowadays

  4. Me watching #9:oh ok so she did meth ok I ge- WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK

  5. AHHH! Even with the volume down, the ad called "Car" made my heart skip, like, a thousand beats! It's still gonna haunt me in my dreams… good thing that I watched this at midnight! 😳🤦🏼‍♀️😰

  6. These are all cursed you finna die baby

    Jk they ain’t cursed

  7. Why would somebody to an advert for a rollercoaster ride and then in the advert, make the rollercoaster break?

  8. Was that icecream dude trying to seduce me?

    Mission accomplished.

  9. You know, I’ve seen the K-Fee Car commercial about 5 Millon times and it still gets me

  10. Y’all already know I had to skip the car commercial only legends survive that

  11. 1:34 is the worst one it’s just creepy
    2:53 and this one is creepy too
    5:00 I hate spiders but the music makes it 10 times creeper

  12. 2006 Me: okay the PlayStation 3 is coming out very soon and I have enough money to buy the system

    sees the doll commercial for the console

    Me at the video game store: one Xbox 360 please

  13. On the ice cream

    Me: watches it
    Me: okay I’m done for ice cream now 😨

  14. 1. Why are Playstation so messed up?
    2. The car/spider advert is so beautiful and haunting.
    3. Beware the Judderman when the moon is fat…

  15. 5:04 "spider"
    Arachnaphobia: it's my time to shine
    Me: ah shit here we go again

  16. Imagine watching a funny cartoon video all by yourself suddenly one of this commercial pop out

  17. When I would see The Man/Women Covered in Ice Cream I would shutdown my laptop.

    And. I eat Little Baby’s Ice Cream.

  18. I've seen the liittle baby's ice cream commercial beofre so i'm not creeped out

  19. The commercial with the girl is a alien/ human hybrid….she really not a hybrid. 8n fact shes a Brittish actress……maube the. Direction the commercial trying to say she is what humans will look like in a hundred years from now….i would think the English lanuage would also evolved as well….modern theory states in a hundred years we will not communicate with our mouths anymore but by communication thru the mind.

  20. Num 9 about meth shocked me though. Because it happens for real…

  21. 2:17 really freaking creepy man like who eats their own head with is made of ice… Like if number 2 gave you nightmares 👍👍👍

  22. In 3rd grade I recommend the little babies ice-cream we to my teacher to show to my classmates,
    Wanna know what she said, she said, "this is too scary" and she was right

  23. it’s the 3rd September 2019 11:36
    i’m scared
    i’m hiding in the comments section
    school is tomorrow

    right me something positive please

  24. Is there less creepy ads on tv these days or is YouTube copyright so bad these days that these commercial countdown videos are slowly not appearing on channels like this anymore?

  25. 3:33
    That one isn’t creepy.
    If you’re talking about her look, she looks beautiful as/is. 🙂

  26. At 3:39:
    "I' ve never been the human in question".
    Yes, but have you ever been a human in general?…

    Why do I think that I made this comment again, a lot of years ago, but now I can' t find my comment? Maybe it is on that other video with the drowning clown. Let' s see…

  27. 4:01 reminds me on a girl who I used to be friends with😂 (called Gracie) but she’s not Scottish

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