Top 10 WTF Commercials! 📺

Son, there is something I need to tell you.. I’m not your father. I am your mother. Everything you need to transform. I know, I’m so spoiled.
It is you.. Hang on a sec. Excuse me.. Hi Hi.. Where’s my chips? They’re on your plate. No, they’re not. Here they are! The bigger fuller bouncier double
breasted burger from Nando’s I used to be a black bear. Really? Yes. They said you just have to stay out of the sun,
and you’ll whiten naturally. It will gradually happen over 10.4 million weeks. I’m going to be white! White! I’m going to be white! (with an African accent)
Is everything OK my daughter? Congratulations for being born as a human. Verena Ll-Gluta Berry Plus with
250mg of Glutathione Son, there is something I need to tell you.. I’m not your father. I am your mother. Well, I’m not your son. I’m a marionette puppet. I’m a marionette puppet. If you like unexpected turns you should try Vivident Blast. Sugar-free chewing gum with the liquid surprise These mountains truly are my home man I was like.. born here. I think I’ll..probably die here. For some it’s all about the exploration. But for me.. It’s about sharing my adventures with the world. I’ve actually been filming for years But I could never do anything with all the footage.. ..until now! I’m psychic and finally added my videos man. Just by shaking my phone. Wow.. did you do this? Hey Melissa, the whales need your help.
– I love whales! Go Melissa! Hey Melissa. Now the trees need you. The ice caps are in trouble! Hey Melissa, now the Rhinos need saving.
– Rhinos.. It’s hard to be an eco warrior.. but it’s easy to drive like one. Introducing the most fuel-efficient crossover: The KIA Niro. Dad, why don’t get some Panda cheese? Enough, that’s too much already. (Just you know why) (Why you and I) NEVER SAY NO TO PANDA. Dad, why don’t we get some more Panda cheese? (Just you know why) Get one. (Why you and I) Get another one. NEVER SAY NO TO PANDA. There’s good reason for my glistening skin. And how I shine.. and how my pores are so clean and clear. I eat little baby’s ice cream. It keeps me young. It keeps me light on my feet. I spring from activity to activity I love my job I love my life When you eat little baby’s ice cream.. you’ll wink and nod and hug and high-five each other
with great enthusiasm. This is a special time. Little baby’s ice cream Ice cream is a feeling. Braziiiiiiiiil! You guys are amazing! And Old Spice wants to tell you in person. Here I coooooooooooome! Hello Brazil… Oops! I’m in Egypt! What..?! Oops! Brazil is actually not this cold. Old Spice thinks you’re amazing it is now available.. in Braziiiiiiiiiiil! Obrigado. Oh no! I’m in SPAAAAAAAAAAACE! PAPAPAPAPAPA POWER! (LIKE for more) (LIKEGOAL REACHED!)

100 thoughts on “Top 10 WTF Commercials! 📺

  1. подъехали расистские шуточки
    братцы, а как же стыд

  2. Yep this just proves that the United states has best commercials because i haven't seen any of these commercials.

  3. Top 10 was way too racist!!!!! Fucking sushi eating mice eating, animal eating slut bitch

  4. Son,there is something i need to tell you i'm not your father i'm you mother *CRYS OF LAUGHTER *

  5. Yo gozer je moet nu echt ff een taal kiezen waarmee je je video’s maakt, gast dit is echt erg gwn

  6. Are they trying to say black people are dirty and light skins are clean?! *R A C I S T*.. 😡 0:30 – 0:49

  7. The man in the baby's ice cream commercial looks like he wants to kill me.


  9. THE BEGINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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