Top 15 Scariest Commercials That Actually Aired On TV

Number 15. “Hashtag” Pub Loo Shocker In 2013 a British ad designed to be a PSA
for drunk driving went totally viral. The 52-second-long video features drunk bar-goers
being scared sober by a surprise that jumps from the mirror. The men wash their hands
or fix their hair at the sink, and according to those controlling the whole scheme, if
they seem drunk enough a fake womans head crashed through the mirror, shattering it
and leaving blood draining from her forehead. The victims of this message usually jump back
or fall down in terror, and then move forward to examine exactly what they’re seeing.
A scare like this is likely to sober them up a bit, but the message behind the scare
is more important than anything. The whole idea of this is to create the illusion that
the woman is actually jumping through a car windshield, as a drunk driver hit her. It
presents a stark reality to those drinkers and makes them think twice before getting
into their car drunk. Many drinkers know of the dangers of drunk driving but having something
this up front and in your face has a much bigger impact than just the usual warnings
we see in media. Not only did these drunk men probably realize they shouldn’t be drinking
behind the wheel, many viewers of this viral ad got the same idea when they saw how terrifying
this image was. Despite the prop head being clearly fake, the jump of it and the blood
trickling down is still prettying scarring and its’ unlikely to ever be forgotten.
The short ad was produced by Leo Burnett for England’s Department for Transport THINK!
Campaign. According to recent statistics, a person dies every 48 minutes due to drunk
driving. That’s about 30 deaths a day and that’s just in the U.S. Number 14. Levi’s Evolution This Levis commercial from the early 1970’s
actually wasn’t considered totally terrifying at the time. It was apparently a very popular
commercial as this flowing and looped art style was very popular during the time period.
Especially in music videos. However, by today’s standards there’s something pretty unsettling
about this trippy commercial and its’ strange imagery. The levis commercial is meant to
advertise multiple products and styles in one commercial, which was quite unique for
advertising at the time. The video is a flowing and ever-changing depiction of not only their
products but humanoid creatures as well. The ad starts with a conch shell, out of which
swims a koi fish with a human face, which then transforms into a bird-like humanoid,
which then becomes a smoking caterpillar wearing bell bottom jeans on human legs, and so on.
The idea presented is the evolution of man, from bacteria and shells to full on humans.
Except that regular human faces are thrown onto each stage of evolution, along with a
pair of jeans. As if these human-animal hybrids aren’t creepy enough, the whole thing is
narrated by a very deep, aged and terrifying voice. The kind of narration that wasn’t
uncommon for the era, but was still fairly terrifying. This same voice was featured in
several other Levis ads such as “Stranger” but here it has a God-like echoing horror
to it. By the end of the commercial we see some relief with two human males using the
original conch shell as some sort of football. It doesn’t last long before one of them
fans their legs up and rolls back into the shell. This commercial has gone down in history
as one of Levis most disturbing ads, but they can’t be doing too bad if they’re still
profiting after all these years. Number 13. The Undeading Published in October 2012 by the heart and
stroke foundation, this commercial features a woman in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland,
fighting to survive. The Halloween themed commercial was filled with disgusting rotting
corpses chasing this woman through dead city streets, as well as some pretty cool gory
fight scenes. This woman suffers a heart attack during her fight to stay alive and not be
eaten. The creepy and grotesque zombies immediately went into rescue mode and began to save the
woman’s life. A zombie dressed as a doctor calls 911 while another living corpse performs
CPR. As this happens tips for saving someone from heart attack or stroke come on screen.
The video seems innocent enough, just the foundations fun way of getting everyone into
the spirit of Halloween in saving lives. But things get pretty dark when the woman awakens
from her state and peers at the zombies that just saved her life, then gets eaten. Yeah,
after the zombies put in all that work to save her we find out its’ just because they
wanted her fresh when they devoured her. Of all the ways this commercial could have ended,
the creators chose a pretty morbid way of doing it. On the bright side this video led
to a huge event in which over 5,000 people were CPR trained! Number 12. Phones 4U This commercial was part of a Halloween themed
series for the phone company Phones 4 U, which isn’t that scary in itself, but if you’re
watching TV late at night and you’re unaware of the “Scary deals” that are happening,
you might be given a bit of a scare. This ad was published in 2011 during the series
and it features a woman alone in a parking garage, presumably after shopping at the mall.
There’s a quick shot of a very creepy little girl, in a dirty white dress, with long black
hair and pale skin. The overall generic view of terrifying ghosts. The woman walking through
the garage immediately feels a presence and begins running to her car. She manages to
get into her car and the creepy little ghost pops up on her window and says “Hello”
in a very ghostly, echoing voice. She then proceeds to tell the woman about an amazing
deal at Phones 4 U. Perhaps the scariest part of this commercial is the chilling voice the
ghost has. Imagining this on TV in the middle of the night, as someone is working on their
laptop or trying to fall asleep is pretty terrifying. Its’ also a little unfair as
the viewer probably wasn’t expecting this during their favorite late night talk show.
Other ads in the series feature a creepy old man chasing someone through the woods, and
though these are pretty weird they’re also pretty unique. The tag line for this series
was “Missing Our Deals Will Haunt You”. Number 11. Japanese Tire Commercial Japan is well known for their horror, and
their female ghosts. Its’ pretty much the Japanese coin for horror entertainment. This
tire company used that to their advantage with this tire ad. One of the biggest points
of advertising is to make your viewers remember your commercials, and there’s no doubts
the viewers won’t forget this one for a very long time. The commercial begins on a
snowy road in the middle of night, and it seems are looking through a dash cam of some
sort. As the driver travels down the long road, a white figure can be seen in the distance.
As the car approaches its’ clear that the figure is a woman. The car begins to back
away as the driver is probably concerned about this ghostly figure in the middle of the road.
But then all of a sudden the woman jumps right onto their windshield in a perfectly executed
jump scare. She has a damaged mouth and very dark lifeless eyes. It can be supposed that
she was a victim of a hit and run caused by faulty tires, but of course that’s just
speculation. Overall this commercial is pretty terrifying, and again very unfair to unsuspecting
viewers. Imagine this coming on in between a late night show and you’re uncertain what
you’re looking at until a ghost pops right up and scares the ever living shit out of
you. Props to this company for making an unforgettable ad that was probably talked about for months
on end, though! Number 10. Kinder Surprise Commercial of Nightmares Do I have to talk about this one? This commercial
comes from the late 80’s when Kinder decided the best spokesperson for their surprise eggs
was Humpty Dumpty. Kinder Surprise eggs are chocolate eggs that open up to reveal small
toys or prizes inside. This commercial is literally so unsettling that it’s hard to
watch, yet somehow it became very popular as a meme with several remakes and remixes
made after it. The humpty dumpty creature looks more like an egg shaped obese elderly
man than an actual egg. His facial expressions are scary realistic and its’ voice is strangely
haunting as well. He unwraps the egg and shrieks “Chocka-doo-bee!” and then is even more
surprised to find a toy inside the chocolate egg. At least they got the surprise factor
down for their product, but the Humpty Dumpty creature is pure nightmare fuel. Seriously,
did this company think their best bet was to scar children for life? I can’t think
of a single kid in the world who would find this cute or amusing and not at least a little
chilling. The worst part of this commercial is a very short scene where the camera is
zoomed in very closely to Humpty’s eyes when he blinks. He goes from a creepy human-like
egg to an unidentifiable humanoid creature that is sure to haunt your nightmares. This
is one humpty dumpty that we all hope falls down. Oh and by the way. He does fall down,
the throws his hands up to cheer and just falls backwards into a scene that we can only
assume isn’t full of egg shells, but is instead blood and guts. Surprise! Number 9. Fragile Childhood – Monsters This commercial is another PSA aimed to alerting
the masses of a very serious and life-threatening issue. The ad was created and published by
the Fragile Childhood which is a foundation that was started in 1986. According to their
website “Fragile Childhood has persistently sought new and efficient methods to secure
a less troubled life for children suffering from their parents’ substance abuse.”
This PSA is not only very touching, and a perfect example of what this organization
works towards, its’ also quite terrifying. Its’ common for PSA’s to be scary in a
sense because their aim is to really shake the minds of its target audience. This particular
PSA takes that shaking to a whole new level. It can be assumed that the target audience
for this is parents suffering from substance abuse problems, but pretty much anyone unlucky
enough to view this commercial is bound to be haunted by it. The ad begins with several
children in differing settings looking toward an unknown character in fear, anger, and disgust.
At first it is uncertain who these glances are aimed toward. One scene features a sad
little girl fiddling with a milk shake and looking off into the distance. As the camera
takes the scene from another angle we see the character whom she is upset with and its’
a very large terrifying rabbit. The puppet-like rabbit has bulging eyes, sharp protruding
teeth, and wiry hair. The previous scenes of children walking or playing brings the
audience to other terrifying, monstrous creatures such as a pale hooded figure, a woman that
resembles a zombie with one eye hanging out of its’ socket, a bloody elderly clown,
a decaying Santa clause, and a man wearing a panty hose mask. A message pops up reading
“How do our children see us when we’ve been drinking?” It becomes clear that these
monsters are a child’s personification of their parents’ alcoholism. The ad is sure to make any parent think twice, and may
even urge non-parents to work with Fragile Childhood in their efforts to better the lives
of children. These childhood derived monsters are very unsettling, as they prey on the fears
of children which most viewers can relate to from their younger years. Knowing that
these monsters are actually their parents is surely sad, but also adds another aura
of horror. Number 8. Ronald McDonald Debut There’s nothing too out of the ordinary
for this commercial. Dated from 1963, this is the official debut of Ronald McDonald,
the well-loved mascot for the fast food burger chain McDonalds. The clip was published on
YouTube back in 2008 and was really brought to fame in 2011. This depiction of Ronald
McDonald is much different from the one we see today, he’s spring a cup as a nose and
a food tray as a hat. Its’ clear that the original goal was to have a clown costume
that highly resembled aspects of fast food dining. Despite this brilliant idea the creation
that occurred looks more like a haunted scarecrow than a human dressed as a clown. But for those
of you who have a deep fear of clowns, this creature still looks enough like a freaky
side show to give you nightmares for a week. Toward the end of the commercial Ronald’s’
belt produces a tray holding a burger, fries and a drink. This imagery, of course, has
caused some viewers to question if there was any sexual nature behind this but its’ likely
that it was just the most convenient way to work the meal into the outfit. The actor that
portrayed the clown was Willard Scott, who later grew to fame as the weather man of Today
on NBC. Even without the makeup and all these years later you can still see a scary resemblance.
Throughout the years good ol’ Mickey D’s has had its share of scary commercials, questionable
ads, psycho happy meal boxes, and of course several different designs for their popular
clown, but this original portrayal seems to take the cake because it has that old 60’s
found footage aura to it that makes the already unsettling clown even more nightmarish. Number 7. Bad Breath Kills Number This commercial takes the idea of the
Holocaust and dictator controlled countries to advertise their mouthwash. It has gained
plenty of backlash from viewers as it seems to make light of very serious historical events.
Politics aside, though, this commercial is pretty terrifying simply for the way it depicts
a dictatorship. A young man is pulled away by guards and led to a dark, grey, run down
and damp chamber. Its’ very clear that this is a play on the gas chambers of the holocaust
that killed millions. This victim is apparently being sentenced to this “gas” chamber
for his crimes of bad breath. As he is strapped into a seat that resembles and electric chair,
the giant cement door is slammed and sealed as a small crowd watches in horror. The leader
raises up a hand which signals for vents to be opened, and through these vents mouths
filled with greenish yellow teeth open wide and let out ghastly breath. The idea is that
this prisoner is being tortured by horrible breath from several disgusting mouths. The
depiction of gas chambers, the grotesque mouths and the slow opera music playing over the
scene makes this seem more like a historical re-enactment of hell than a mouth wash commercial.
As the scene ends the message “bad breath kills, Frezza kills bad breath” comes on
screen. Number 6. The Heart, She Holler Adult Swim has always been known for its’
late night terrifying ads and specials such as Unedited Footage of a Bear, Crooked Rot
and several of the dark infomercials that air around 4 a.m. It seems that the network
loves to prey on those night owls barely dozing off. This ad in particular is probably amongst
some of Adult Swim’s most terrifying work. The 30 second commercial features a pale white
woman laughing hysterically. She has white hair, totally whited out eyes, and dark red
lips which frame rotting teeth. Her laugh seems to get worse and worse as the ad goes
on and a blood splatter starts to form which spells out “The Heart, She Holler”. This
is of course the title for an Adult Swim series and this ghostly woman is Meemaw from the
show. The Heart, She Holler is a dark comedy that has been labeled a “Southern Gothic”
The series itself is full of pretty unsettling imagery but this ad completely wins for being
overly terrifying. Especially considering that it probably aired very late at night.
5. Dark and Lonely Water Again this PSA aims to scares its’ viewers
into remembering the message it’s sending out. The only problem here is that this commercials
audience was mostly young children and those that remember the ad claim it affected them
deeply for several years following. The ad features a cloaked figure, likely meant to
resemble the reaper. A slow and creepy narration explains that this is the spirit of dark and
lonely water, out to get show offs, fools and unwary children. This figure hangs out
near open bodies of water where children play. The first child is reaching for a ball that
fell into a pond of some kind, and the figure is off in the distance just before the child
falls in and assumedly drowns. The next child is doing something similar, hanging from a
tree branch to try and reach something in the water. Off in the horizon we can see the
figure again, right before the child falls into the water. In the last sequence of the
ad a child is drowning in a body of water behind a dumpsite despite a large sign that
reads “No Swimming” however, in this case the child is apparently saved by friends the
figure disappears after saying “Sensible children, I have no power over them” leaving
its’ cloak behind. A young girl walks up and throws the cloak into the water, to which
the spirit explains “I’ll be back” in a haunting and echoing voice. Even if the
children watching this commercial didn’t understand the references of death, or the
narration, they would likely make a connection between water and this terrifying figure,
which would keep them away from water. While that was the aim of this PSA, it was also
not brought through in a very educational way. Its’ more of an artistic approach rather
than an outright explanation. Of course plenty of children likely avoided drowning because
of being scared away from water, but they were also haunted for several years of their
young lives. Even seeing this as an adult is pretty creepy because of the aged quality. Number 4. Baby Secret Every couple of years we are blessed to see
a new toy for children enter the market that either is completely ridiculous on its’
own, or it has a horrible commercial that comes with it. From the doll that laughs like
a demon, to the doll that poops like a human, all the way to the internationally feared
furbies, toy companies just seem to keep having public blunders. This particular baby doll
was released in 1965 and was called the Baby Secret Doll. The idea was that little girls
could share their secrets with the adorable doll, and in return the doll would also share
its’ secrets. The idea doesn’t sound so bad, but unfortunately there’s no way to
avoid making a whispering doll creepy. The baby dolls’ lips would actually move as
it whispered phrases such as “I want to tell you something” “I only tell you my
secrets” and other generic phrases for the doll. Over the years not only has this commercial
gained popularity for being one of the creepiest doll ideas ever patented, but also for past
owners of baby secret to share some terrifying tales of the whispering doll. People have
shared stories that the doll would often say phrases and then never say them again, the
thought of the doll would keep them up at night as they thought every whisper in the
night was the baby trying to communicate, and of course there are tales of owners finding
recording devices inside the doll but there’s been no proof to that one. While there haven’t
been any crazy archived cases of the doll killing entire families, it’s pretty easy
to picture something like that happening. The best thing that toy companies can do is
just stop making talking dolls. Not only are they terrifying on their own, the media as
twisted talking and moving dolls into adorable little things from hell. Number 3. Halloween Candy October 31st is the one day of the year where
we can all walk around and have fun dressed up as whatever we want. The whole month is
also a great source of revenue for companies of all kinds. As many of us know from our
childhoods, candy companies make the biggest profit off of the holiday, right next to horror
films and costume companies. Not only do homeowners flood to their local supermarket to get pounds
of candy for the adorable neighborhood monsters that go door to door, but people throwing
Halloween parties get in on the candy as well. And let’s not forget the day after sales
when all the hungover bumble bees, sexy nurses and taco suit wearing adults go in for their
annual fix of cheap chocolate. With this kind of money pouring into the banks of Hershey’s,
Mars and other candy empires, you’d think they didn’t even need to post ads to remind
consumers that candy is the staple of the costume holiday. Apparently Snickers felt
the need for this horrific ad though! The idea was that two kids are dressed as an old
woman, when they meet a neighbor of theirs to remind her that “The neighborhood kids
love snickers!” this ghastly costumed duo then begin to dump pounds of Snickers into
the woman’s shopping basket as she looks on in horror. She finally manages to walk
away and one child peeps through the robe and says “We are definitely going to her
house!” Again the concept itself wasn’t too harmful, in fact it’s a pretty cute
commercial aside from the absolutely terrifying costume that these children decided to use.
First of all, their heights combined create a totally towering and well-built old woman,
that seems to have trouble balancing. The clothing they used seems dirty and old, like
something they borrowed from their grandma that has been dead for 5 years. And that mask?
That mask is like an imitation of drag makeup from Satan’s night club. Plus, the kids
eyes peering through the holes of the mask make it even worse. Overall, this costume
was scarring but maybe that’s the point. Halloween is all about having fun while being
scary at the same time, which seems to be exactly what this commercial did. Number 2. The Judderman This commercial is so unsettling that is managed
to win the title of scariest tv commercial of all time in the UK, and it landed as number
31 in the 100 greatest scary TV moments. The commercial begins with what appears to be
a puppet show, where the puppets not only make very jerky movements, but are also depicted
pretty scary as well. The commercial then follows a elf-like man with spikey white hair
that seems to haunt the forest in the winter. He pretty much resembles Jack Frost. He comes
upon an unsuspecting traveler and convinces him to drink a Metz, an alcoholic schnapps
drink. The traveler then turns to a puppet. All the while a poem is being read over the
scene by a young woman. Pretty much everything in this commercial is creepy, from the art
style, to the story, to the makeup, to the narration. Basically the only way to understand
this one is to have a look yourself! Number 1. PS3: Baby Again here we see a truly creepy commercial
involving a baby doll. As if dolls aren’t creepy enough when they’re sitting silently
in the corner, the media manages to make them even more chilling every day. This ad for
the Play Station 3 features an empty white room with a PS3 on one end and a naked baby
doll on the other end. The doll is sitting upright, and facing the console directly.
The camera zooms in toward the baby, then closer to the console before cutting quickly
back toward the doll who opens its eyes abruptly. The doll then opens its mouth and lets out
a simple baby-blah-blah noise. Then the commercial starts to quickly pick up as the doll lifts
an arm, laughs and blinks quickly. The movements the doll makes are very life-like and its
clear the plastic infant is sentient so we’ve already met a horrifying peak to this ad.
The baby’s mouth moves in unnatural movements and several noises come out of it such as
a manly psychotic laugh, and sirens. Tears fall from the dolls eyes as warfare can be
seen in their reflection. The tears are sucked back into the eyes and the baby says “mama”
as we see the PS3 floating from the ground.

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