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19 thoughts on “Trade and tariffs | APⓇ Microeconomics | Khan Academy

  1. Trade is ELASTIC. People will substitute. People will not purchase. Companies will move their supply chains to better countries.


  2. It's not about trade. It's about exporting jobs for cheap labor. China has nothing we need except cheap labor which advanced technology has made possible more than ever. We handed China an economy at the expense of our own.

  3. Well actually tariffs protects, the economy of nation states. The founders of the US Republic believed that thoroughly. Tariff allowed the US to become the greatest and most innovative manufacturing economy in history. While keeping cheap and slave labor products out of the US, produced the greatest middle class in history. When tariffs were removed by the implementation of the General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade ( GATT ). American Labor was forced to compete with those cheap and slave labor economies..

  4. Yes, tariffs are bad. Or are they? Neodymium, oil, and gold tariffs would indeed bring in revenue without killing American business. Those are the only 3 tariffs that would work.

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