Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom The World’s Best Day Trading Strategies Part 1

hello traders it’s samurai trader here
welcome to my webinar trade your way to financial freedom how to fast track your
day trading career traders in this webinar I’m going to be promoting my
fast track day traders program which is valued at $197 what I’d like you to do
is to put that aside for a moment please and imagine that I’m not even promoting
this course because what I really want to do is to really grab your attention
because I promise you I’m going to give you enormous value for the time that you
spend watching this particular webinar this is not a universal studios
production I’m going to be talking to you as your friend as your success coach
it’s going to be raw real and direct so if you could please be open-minded which
is absolutely critical of course and even put aside that I’m going to be
talking about my program which I’m selling I sort of the community as most
of you here are aware I’m a traders coach I’m a day trader and I’m a
researcher and I’m going to be talking a lot more about that in a moment this is
not going to be the shortest of webinar so put it on hold just remember where
you pause if you need to leave a room for a moment but please watch this from
end to end because so I promise you you’re going to receive enormous value
now for those people that are new to YouTube or don’t normally watch your
video and YouTube down on the bottom right hand corner if you go and click on
there it’ll expand to full screen it’ll perhaps just make it easier to read some
of the things that we have actually up on the screen of course we I have to
quickly mention our understanding the risk I’m going to be talking to you
about trading futures and Forex here today and of course you never trade with
money that you cannot afford to lose now we’re going to be talking a lot about
risk management etc as we go on but very very important that you understand the
risks and what this webinar is all about of course is how to minimize those risk
so who should be watching this webinar today well if you’re not earning a
minimum of $100,000 a year as a day trader or as a swing trader this
webinars for you please invest the time and watch this video from start to
finish I’m just going to keep an eye on the time I may end up splitting it into
we’ll just see how we go and I’ll try to stay to two-track on on here now as most
of you know I’ve been in this business for over 20 years I’ve got literally
hundreds of clients from around the world I’m a day trader I’m a trader
success coach to both new traders and professional day traders I have current
clients in over 20 countries around the world
thanks to technology today using Skype etc we can connect and it’s just
fantastic of course I’m heavily involved in the as
a consultant in the funds management industry so why should you listen to me
because I’ve made more mistakes in business and trading than most people
will ever make in their lives I’m 55 years young finally found my niche that
is for many many years I have been trading I think it’s 24 last time I
checked and and I’ve been involved in all sorts of things but finally realized
the power of focus which we were also going to be talking about so I’ve
developed a trading style that is very much pattern based rule space that
anyone with the desire for an incredible cruiser master trader can model I’m
going to be running through very quickly maybe spend a little more time
on some of these setups but 12 easy to learn rules base mechanical strategies
that be 95% mechanical now where I say 95% where’s the discretion coming well
of course red flag news I want to make sure that I’m as a day trader as a
scalper that I’m not in a position during a news announcement I want to be
able to visually see that I’m in a trend now I have rules that advise me or will
guide me that im a military in that trend or not but overall you still need
to be up to look at that and you still need to be able to
visually recognize that and of course by having rules based mechanical setups or
strategies that removes a lot of the emotion because for me I’m really about
statistics now we’ll cover a lot more that on that as we go along so I’m
going to cover Who I am and what I do in a little more detail some of the
research and development that I have under way and for those that have been
in the trading industry or even looking at entering the industry it should be a
great deal of interest to you the real truth about trading for financial
freedom I don’t say it lightly because there’s lots of people out there and
speak about financial freedom in trading etc traders there is no magic bullet
there really is no massive shortcut I can fast track you through experience
and showing you what not to do which we’re going to be talking about but you
still do need to gain screen time so we’ll be talking about in my opinion 12
of the world’s best day trading strategies
what I recommend also if you don’t have a pen and a notebook a need to please
get a notebook or a pad and a pen take notes pause the video as we go
those that are attending today that are students of mine as you know I have
literally dozens of spiral-bound notebooks when I trade life I take notes
when I’m teaching when I’m talking to my clients when I go into my meetings I
take notes the amount of research that I’ve developed and ideas and techniques
it’s just enormous so please open up a spiral binder and keep records now the
truth about trading here here it is traders and this is so true and I want
you to really let this seep in now also trade is if you’re an
experienced trader I know what you’re thinking now I know here we go again but
this is truth 5% of trading is money and risk
management will cover more on that 5% is your trading strategy I know probably at
least 200 Trading meth elegies strategies that worked at least
200 but it really comes down to your entries exits your money management but
a massive 90% of all of this is really your mindset in psychology your mindsets
the most critical factor in trading yet the most neglected it’s also almost a
cliche we talk about it every day now being a full-time trader and coaching
and dealing with some of the people that I deal with it’s something that we still
bring up and the greatest traders will admit this is if you’re going to make it
or break it this is where it comes down to your mindset your psychology now what
I am going to cover here is only a tip of the iceberg now the world’s best day
trading and swing trading strategies as I mentioned there’s so much more so
after 20 plus years as a trade and research and development I still learn
something new every single day now I’m also going to be very very candid I
remember once I had a sales organization very recently come in a marketing guy
and talk to me about marketing some of the coaching services and as you’ll see
in a moment I only do 15 on averaged about 15 hours of coaching a week he
came in and I showed him what I what I do and he said look give me a sales
presentation I did and he said he said right you two candid you’re gonna have
to make it more sales orientated trades I’ve done that in the past and what I
really realized is the best thing for me to do is actually to be direct with you
if anyone has read the book by Jack Walsh called winning jack of course is
one of the greatest CEOs of a company in the world General Electric and just
massive profits that was because of Jack Walsh and Jack in his book he talks a
lot about lack of candor being the biggest killer in business when I’m
coaching you yes I want to be a friend but I also want to be a coach and mentor
and I want you to be successful which means I need to be really direct now
the things I talk about and particularly some of the old traders
that are in watching this webinar right now
is that there are no new fundamentals be careful as someone that says I’ve a new
fundamental it’s the same as somebody saying to you is I manufacture antiques
you don’t manufacture antiques when it comes to trading traders what work fifty
years ago still works brilliantly today as long as you have some volume and some
volatility in the marketplace so be very very aware of somebody that says I’ve
got some brand new discovery because there’s a lot of sri very smart people
out there and some of the people i’ll show you and talk about peps in a moment
so the sign of an intelligent person is how open they are to new ideas
this is particularly directed at some of the experienced traders or those that
haven’t been making it up till now I don’t have all the answers however I’ve
been in this industry for over 20 years and I promise to give you some of the
best I half of a time you invest in watching the same this webinar that is
for many people we need to go back to the drawing board and we need to restart
I had to do it myself is that we have to retrain our brain in many cases the best
people for me in my opinion to train a brand new traders because they usually
open-minded you see the way we think in in learning is many of us when we’re
learning something we’re not thinking about what we’re learning we’re
remembering our past experiences let me save it again the best way to learn is
to be thinking about what we’re learning but many of us for an example I’ll show
you various things here and you remember some of your past experiences you might
be thinking about the setups and this is really important now every master was
once an apprentice and every professional was once a student what I
mean here is it anyone providing you can visually see and that is you can follow
the rules one two three you can become a master but you need to believe that
everybody started somewhere now as much as I mentioned and some of your question
might have might be going through your mind
is why am I qualified to talk to you about day trading well for over 20 years
I’ve been seeking a better way to trade one might even say searching for the
Holy Grail I’ve run seminars all around the world
for hundreds of traders and I have hundreds of books a massive library
that’s my good looking photo of me sitting there and since in by the way
I’m going to be talking about my desk I’ve got it even tidier now will you see
me there were six screens you don’t need six screens you need a
minimum of two maybe four remember the more screens you have the more things
you’re looking at now one of the big things I really work a lot on is science
is I love things that have been mathematically proven or side spaced and
there’s now a whole new study that’s been done on ego depletion your
depletion is not what you think it’s not our ego as in a person but ego depletion
is a study that’s now being done I think was bio ROI by master and what he really
says in his reports in any science is that our life we only have during a day
so much so much decision-making abilities that is the more choices you
have the more mistakes you make now for more choices you make less power you
have so in other words the more things you’re looking at on your screen or on
your desk it’s going to be draining mentally it’s going to drain you from
your own personal trading ability now getting back to why should listen to me
as I mentioned I’m a researcher and developer
I literally have dozens of volumes of various subjects to do with trading that
we’ve researched and you name it we’ve probably bought it I probably own it etc
and I’ll be quickly showing you some of the research I’ve been doing and have
done and hopefully it be once again you think okay this guy knows a little bit
about what he’s talking about which is really important now as I mentioned in
the past I’ve been involved in all sorts of things I’ve been fortunate and so
anyways I’ve made a big allah speak making it back again and some of the
things i’ve really come to realize is the power of focused traders is that’s
all I do now is straight and focused on research and development and if you
looked at my desk all I’ve got in front of me now is my trading journal where I
take copious notes as I trade during the day
now when I say copious notes I mean I’ll probably do a page of notes today and
and write down the trades that I’m taking of course why I took the trades
any mistakes I made etc and the students that are in the webinar of course you
can’t speak but you know what I’m talking about here now what I also had
is these plastic covered small binders in front of me which I
have all my trading rules some patterns setups etc on some research that I’m
currently doing for statistics on various patterns such as the wolf wave
which is an incredible pattern we don’t have time to talk about it today but
it’s absolutely just just huge profits from the wolf wave and it all gets back
to the concept of the ego depletion that is the more decisions you make so keep
your your desk very very clean now I only trade on average in real life
Trading probably only in executing traits between one and two hours a day
maximum because I have a target of a minimum of $200 a day per contract I
usually hit that within one hour plus and just at one point what I’m gonna
roll that is when I’m in at what I call the sweet spot of the market I’ll keep
going for an example the last two days we’ve had some brilliant trends and you
can fire off five or six winning trades in a row and pick up I usually pick up
if I’m trading the NQ 13 or 16 ticks and I’ll only give back one trade so if I’ll
have six winning trades in a row I’ll only give back come up close to $400
there per contract I’ll only give back one before I quit but I might get seven
or eight in a row that’s why I’ll keep going and that’s something for another
time we talked about that in my training course in more detail so you know why do
I coach and this is a really good question and this is something you may
be asking okay samurai trader you you reckon you’re a
good trader you probably seen by the way my YouTube
videos and many of you of course I’ve tendered my seminars of webinars and so
I’m sorry if I’m going to repeat this but he who teaches learns twice I’m a
much better trader also that is when you’ve got a trader that you’re coaching
looking over your shoulder as you trade asking why did you do that it keeps your
discipline traders I’m a much better trader and I learn something and it
reinforces and remember in many cases when you’re coaching somebody you
actually remember something that you’ve forgotten trading also is my passion you
know my goal is to change the day traders world forever
to slow the massive failure of traders I want to be known as a game trader as a
paradigm shifter now some of the goals I’m going to be talking about are my
personal goals in trading now they’re my goals and you may not have those goals
but we’re going to be covering some real essential some very essential
information about the importance of having goals when it comes to trading
and as I mentioned point number one here you teachers learns twice you know I’m a
much much better trader because I coach and I love it now I’ve been fortunate to
have employed some of the world’s best traders in research and development and
some of the companies I’m involved in and had been involved in have employed
some brilliant people and in my role I get to sit down and talk to these guys
now you know one of the secrets of business of course is to surround
yourself with people better than you and are that’s one of the great things about
it there is a lot of smarter traders out there or and what I’ve also discovered
by the way with some of these really smart guys they’re not great traders
within their rights because it’s too analytical now remember in this business
we want to follow our rules so what’s my style of trading personally here’s what
I know successful trading is a game of
probabilities the markets have a memory patterns repeat themselves every day of
the week now let me just qualify that if you’re a day trader
and you know it’s a trading the the YM 89 tick chart or say the NQ
133 maybe the ES550 tick will range chance these patterns and I’m going to
be showing you some of these patterns in explaining them in detail repeat day-in
day-out some of these patterns have a 585 percent probability
now when you learn your probabilities you know it’s simply a numbers game
these patterns these geometric patterns etc repeat every day
they’re run by psychology of traders the market has a memory and this is what’s
exciting about some of the things I’m going to be teaching you so I’m a day
trader I’m very patient I’m a sniper one shot one kill
I’m a rules-based pattern trader using a combination of geometric trend Follette
following trend continuation canter trainer and trim reversal strategies now
that’s a mouthful that sounds complicated it’s not I’m going to be
talking to you about the best way to learn today trade and of course we start
out by doing it very very basically but one thing I want to impress on every
trader here become a sniper every single day I’m serious every day I deal with
traders that have failed or over failing and when I look at their trading
style what they’ve been doing I’ve been doing far too many things suffering from
a massive case of ego depletion now I love the trading funds management
industry I they trade around 20 hours a week now actively I’m one to two hours a
day but the rest I’ll be tracking back testing etc I coach professional traders
ten to fifteen hours a week so some of you that have sent me emails even
recently know that in many cases it takes me a week to get back to you and I
apologize for that but I’m extremely busy and I’m booked out generally
speaking around eight weeks in a dance for coaching but the big thing that I’m
spending a lot of time on at the moment is high frequency scalping strategies
with a soon to be launched follow me funds management group and I’m gonna be
showing you a couple things there because we’ve got some really exciting
projects helping now my objective is to be one of the
world’s best I’m going to be challenging you and saying to you you need to have a
target of being or becoming an epic day trader as well and you’re about to see
why don’t play small play a bigger game as
Robin Sharma says now if any of you haven’t watched robin Sharma’s work
going YouTube Google amor look up on YouTube Robin Sharma dot-com here in my
opinion is one of the world’s best in personal development you know play a
bigger game I believe in Canaan this is what I’m
doing every day constant and never-ending improvement so I’ve got the
mathematical edge what gives me the edge my patterns my indicators my trading
rules and of course my money management now I don’t want you to do this
something that I’ve done for years because I’ve been doing it for you
that is save yourself time money and energy and frustration don’t go out and
spend a small fortune on books tapes I’ve traveled the world for courses so
and once in getting back to it that I’ve employed and still involved with some
brilliant traders that are doing all this right research for me it’s
fantastic I’ve been doing it I’ve spent in hours years thousands of man-hours
hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and development I’m delivering
that to you here that is in my program you gain all of this so stop spending
your money and stop see it searching for the Holy Grail so let me quickly show
you some of the research and development that we have underway at the moment you
know one of the big things is of course through computerized trading this is
something that we’re doing for the follow me accounts this is trading the
euro dollar for range now if you look at here and this is based on TradeStation
here incredibly successful and I’ve been using the full range rule of – that’s a
trading concept I won’t go into it’s a proprietary one but the rule of two has
incredible periods of successes it states here but then you get in a choppy
market anyone can show you a great training market and say look at all the
money we made but it’s when you’re in periods of consolidation or it’s
range-bound but you really have your challenges here
this is where we’re applying range and some of our trading applying them time
based charts as well so we’re looking at high timeframes or anchor charts and
I’ll be talking if we get time I’ll talk about anchors a little more looking at
divergences etc working on Renko charts Renko tick range and time-based
so this is just part of the report that we’ll put together so we’re looking at
trend following breakout scanner trend trading now and that’s no further than
your traders here thinking while where is it going with this I’m not going to
pick this up you know you will and it’s really I’m just showing you some of the
research that’s underway which is really applicable but remember it’s a bit like
a an aircraft you don’t need to know how the jet aircraft or the engine works you
know it works likewise a lot of the things I’m going to be showing you in a
moment you don’t need to know how you know what makes the turbine spin you
really don’t so this is really important though for
some of the automated trading that we’re doing because we need to build from top
down that is we need to look at a higher time frames
what’s our higher time frame doing for an example in this case because we’re
looking at trading with all with hundreds of accounts at one stage what’s
really important is that you be able to execute those otherwise you get what we
call slippage for an example traders if we had 1,000 traders try to jump on the
133 tick chart on say the NQ the market will move traumatically so when you have
large accounts or large amounts being executing of a market a large amount of
contracts you need to be trading higher time frames and this is what some of
this work is really all about is that with the follow me accounts with this
particular company we’re putting there we’re looking at hundreds of subscribers
we’re looking at higher time frames to really make this work
and just before I move on another project that I’m involved with with a
very very very skilled financial engineer out of Los Angeles Tom Brown
this is something we’re doing on hedging with the forex market now of course
there are different regulations in the US compared to the rest of the world
when it comes to hedging but this is the program that Tom Browns and I’ve been
working on and he’s the guys literally just absolutely brilliant what he’s
putting together so this is not ready to be launched yet but once again follow me
accounts etc it’s just got a huge potential and this is just a live
account their profit loss statement just on many accounts in we’re in the testing
phase at the moment the beta phase very very exciting now what has shown you
what does all of this mean to you the trader well trade is not only am i a day
trader in my own right and a success coach for traders but I’m also a
researcher and developer so when I present some of these strategies and
some of the concepts it’s coming direct from the heart raw real direct with
things that I do every day full time as my wife said I’m married to the markets
because it’s my passion it’s what I do and I absolutely love it so my message
to you is whether you trade stocks futures or Forex is to stop looking for
the Holy Grail traders in many ways I’ve been looking for the Holy Grail for
years and what I’ve discovered is I’ve discovered the Holy Grail in many ways
and and really there’s probably most of us know particularly experienced graded
traders the real Holy Grail it truly is is a controller one emotions that is the
most important factor that is why over 90 percent of traders are failing today
so I’m going to be sharing with you some of the best trading strategies that I’ve
come across they’re not automated strategies because some of the charts
I’ve just shown you a great in certain markets but not in others and nothing
beats out of all the research and development I’ve done and being involved
in I think beats the human eye that really
doesn’t so our four cornerstones are for if you like legs to the stool to make
you an epic day trader the right education and I’m not talking about
spending thousands of dollars here the patient’s having a sniper mentality
sitting back and being patient discipline the follow your trading plan
your trading rules and of course money and risk management now please remember
this if you struggle with trading in the past the past is not equal the future
you can change your future you can change in an instance but what
it means is is rewiring your brain and that’s a big thing that I do because
traders you know what I mean many of you here have blown accounts numerous times
you’ve tried different strategies and you’ve gone from one thing to another
your past you can’t change that every trader has an incredible future ahead of
them if they do it right now very quickly we know scientifically now and
many of you have probably heard a bit heard about or even read about learned
helplessness why it’s strongly tied to animal psychology and behavior it really
is applicable when it comes to human beings and this is an extreme example
but I’ve got to mention it of course we’ve seen big things happening with
Isis over in the Middle East and we’ve seen and and this happens in every war
and the Second World War the first world war will you see huge lines of prisoners
and maybe a handful of guards for their arms actually looking after these
hundreds of prisoners why don’t they try to overwhelm their guards well I’ve got
what we call learned helplessness no it’s an extreme example but it’s really
true what happens in many cases with traders they become and they developed
learned helplessness syndrome there is an answer but you need to be open-minded
as I mentioned that is so critical and we’ve got to go back to the start
and rewire you with the right habits so though trading some rocks rocket science
yet it’s estimated and we know now from the CFTC figures the NFA figures that
many traders it’s over ninety percent will fire within six months the great
thing about the NF TCV in the CTE but some I’m getting are at the end I’m
getting all the figures wrong Jim I’m trying to cover so much information the
bodies in America let me just say that is that they put out monthly statistics
of all of the broker so we can now get accurate stats of who’s making main
who’s not not individual accounts but overall for the brokers so once again
these are statistically based the NFA I meant to say before sorry traitors
so most traders lose because they trade without any real strategy if I trade on
fear and hope and if you were to ask most traders to document their trading
strategy of our minutes gut feel or is varied from their plan that they had
some period of that is I’ve got lost along the way you know I don’t claim to
be inventor of most of a trading strategy if techniques that are all
techniques I’m going to show you now and you’ve probably heard this before in
fact it said to take everything out of one book it’s plagiarism to take it out
of twenty books is research by am a researcher you’ve probably saw remember
if you go back to my library there I’ve hundreds of books tapes videos of Ghana
courses and I’ve studied some brilliant traders but it all comes back to the
same thing and has gained famously quoted one day there’s nothing new Under
the Sun and when it comes to trading I really believe in that and all I’ve
really done if many things is to fine-tune some of the strategies to suit
my trading style which suits most of my clients as well and the people that I
work with in for funds management industry now you only need to master one
of these trading strategies for it to become an epic trader in fact I talked
about this and if anything I probably sound like a broken record you’ve
probably heard the story and let me quickly tell you this story I think it’s
really applicable here some years ago there was a famous man
minister in a church in America and he gave a sermon to the we call it to those
present in the church on a Sunday and the next week he gave the same sermon
and for six weeks you gave exactly the same sermon there
finally the elders in this church we’re really concerned they asked to see the
minister in private and they met with him privately and they said so we’ve
noticed the last six weeks you’ve given the exact same sermon every week for six
weeks with that he said is everything okay he says something wrong with that
the minister just smiled at them and he said I’m glad you noticed and they said
why why have you given the same sermon and he said I’m going to keep doing this
until you start applying what I’m teaching in my sermons I’m going to keep
running the same sermon until you apply it likewise you’ll hear me quite often
talk about the same things and even in this webinar because it really comes
back you’ve got to have this information seep in so the big thing is with the
traitors that are brand-new watching this the first time those that are
considering becoming a traitor likewise and if you do go ahead and
purchase my program you’ll hear me talk about it in over five hours of
recordings you’ll hear me say it time and time again and the experienced
traders you have to master one set up one strategy to you own it remember they
for movie Karate Kid wax on wax off in Korea the Korean arches for three months
before they’re allowed to fire an arrow have to practice using the arrow or sari
drawing back the bow I should say for three months before they fire the arrow
there is a technique just in drawing the bow so it’s all about using the power of
focus and focusing on one set up one strategy before
additional strategies to your trading plan this is one of the key secrets to
really learning how to trade and you do this by becoming a trend trader to begin
with you’ve only trade with the trend now there’s no magic bullets just there
are no magic indicators patterns or strategies but there are probabilities
statistics and patterns that appear every single day now some of the
strategies and techniques I show you work in all timeframes and markets when
you trade Forex futures and stocks and I’m going to be quickly covering
particularly talking quickly about Forex and trading futures which is the best
one for you to actually trade and remembering of course all of these form
and appear in geometric patterns that is a appear consistently the same pattern
every day every market and in all time frames now here’s what I would like to
make sure you please write this down as traders we need to learn to not only
learn how to master one setup but we need to learn to trade what we see and
not what we think we need to let me serve it again we need to trade what we
see and not what we think absolutely critical now this is a great line
absolutely love it and I use it every day in coaching I can only show you the
door but you’re the one that has to walk through it which is a great line out of
the movie The Matrix and let me say it again I can only show that all you’ve
got to walk through it that is I’m going to show you some of the world’s best
trading strategies and methodologies and techniques but you’ve got to take them
up and follow the rules it’s absolutely critical many of you have probably heard
of coolie and seen a movie city slickers a Jack for lance of course played that
role and he had a great line in it and many of you have probably remembered of
a towards the end of a movie he talks about one thing and Epix s is a trade it
really comes down to only one thing choices but choice is you and I that
might we make on a daily basis now let me quickly talk a little bit about
psychology here because this is once again 90% of trading we’ve all
heard of a butterfly effect that is so it goes is that a butterfly flaps its
wings on one side of will and it causes a tsunami or a hurricane on the other so
let’s consider then the consequences of a choices even the smallest ones that we
make every day now if we consider and this is absolutely critical to you
please focus in on what I’m about to say if we take the home-based day-trader
someone that works from home day trades on their own self-taught maybe goes to a
couple of courses etc versus the institutional trader or some of the
professional traders our work with if you take that it to be institutional
trader they do have a full-time coach if it’s not me it’s their floor manager
it’s their manager there they have someone they answer to they have rules
are going to abide by they are floor limits they have lost
limits now if you’re not disciplined in that role you’ll be reprimanded usually
a maximum three times and then you’re fired if you’re making poor choices
consistently you’re fired are you allowed to drink on the job in
these F course not now if you break your money an money
management rules on the floor and these institutions you’re what you’re fired
now one of the challenges for day traders and this is one of the greatest
things for us working from home but working from a small office if you’re
not getting peace and quiet working from home who is our coach who keeps us in
check unless you’ve got a trading coach you need to do all that and that’s where
some of the challenges come in now Robin Sharma says this beautifully small tiny
improvements every day leads a stunning success now people don’t just don’t
usually fail overnight as traders though you can be something it happens over a
year or even over to May they keep restocking their account
putting dollars in it fire is the thigh you to do the small things that matter
now small tiny improvements every day lead the stunning success now in
learning how to trade if you are new to trading along the way
you know treat this is a three month internship you’ll have what I call our
higher experiences along the way now I had a lovely couple in my office last
week and these people but basically semi-retired and they were looking at
the screens I was explaining various setups to them and as I said to them and
I could you could tell they were thinking oh gee can I learn this and I
said what’ll happen is in 30 days time ago aha that’s how that works
oh gee aha that’s what that means you’ll love our ha experiences with what I’m
saying here is that if you look at this as a three month internship now if you
need to relearn how to trade it needs to be a three month internship I’ve got
this up European trader who’s no doubt gonna watch this some webinar he’ll know
who I’m talking about he’s blown his account many times now he’s had the
capital to do it as I said you’ve got to go back stop trading with the real money
and you’ve got to relearn and look at it as a three month internship you need to
rewire your brain now the majority of losses in this business are losses
because they keep moving from one system to another one indicator to another one
strategy or system one guru to another by the way I’m no guru I’m just a guy
that loves what he does and it’s passionate I lift this it’s my lifeblood
now people going from one broker to another and they never learn how to put
it all together spending a fortune along the way so let’s talk about reframing
your mindset now remember there are no failures in this life there are only
results when it comes to trading you don’t fail as a trader you give up
that’s what most people do they give up they keep blowing their money will they
run ahead of money will stop training with real money while you’re learning
there’s nothing that you cannot accomplish if you’re absolutely
committed to achieving it you’re willing to take massive action you notice what’s
working what’s not you continue to change your approach until you achieve
what you want you know Tony Robbins talks a great deal
about this and you maybe notice noticing sorry try this is it I’m talking a great
deal you all talk about Robin Sharma Jack Walsh Tony Robbins some of the
world’s best because this trading business it’s a mind business that’s
what it is as I mentioned earlier there are hundreds of strategies that work but
it comes down to us the individual so let me now give you some really bad news
and I’m sorry new traders this is a reality but I’ve also got an answer for
you you’ve got a 90% plus chance of failing as a day trader 90% plus unless
you join the 5% Club now in the 5% Club a 5% Club you’ve got to be willing to do
what the other 90% of traders wait to which means for many traders going to
their limits now the great thing about it is when you push yourself going to
your limits you have a paradigm shift your limits start to expand you start to
learn now what I’m talking about here doing 90% of what traders don’t do it we
talk about some of the basic things remember what Kelly said life comes down
to one thing choices that’s what it really is because when
you enter our business you’re entering a very highly competitive field of trading
now remember you’re up against some of the finest sharpest toughest minds in
the business it’s true some of the people I work with have a plumage of
privilege you know and sometimes even think by the way if they should be I
should be paying them to be coaching them because what I learned is
incredible some of information but what I try to do
is model them I try to get into their head what makes them tick so yes they’re
learning of course for me otherwise it wouldn’t
call me in but I’m learning from them you’ve got to have an open mind
you know once again how’s it go you know the mind is like a parachute a parachute
only works if it’s open likewise with the mind we’ve got to be open-minded now
when I say been open mind is a big difference between being open-minded and
saying to yourself how can I improve this strategy rather than constantly
looking for in your strategy huge difference but we’re dealing you’re
dealing with a lot of really smart people now we know that over 90 percent
will lose their trading capital here’s how it works
either you take the cash from another trader or I take yours that’s reality of
trading trading is a zero-sum game now one must lose and it’s not going to
be me traders I’m going to take money from other traders legally because they
have the opportunity to change that but if it’s not you if you don’t take theirs
they’re going to take yours now I think norman vincent peale said this
beautifully people become quite remarkable when they start thinking they
can do things when they believe in themselves have the first secret of
success now what you were to do is in trading is not only develop confidence
confidence is important which is what we’re talking but you also have to
develop confidence you’ve got to become a competent trader and you do that over
time now there’s lots of books written about
millionaire traders this is a good book one of the challenges with this
particular book by the way it’s an excellent Boris and Kathy averts are
really good but it doesn’t drill down on their strategies and what I really want
to do is I want to really besides getting in someone’s head and finally I
want to also find out okay what’s the methodology how do they think etc is
that it really gets down to that they were talking about everyday people and
the point here is you can do it you can master the art of trading remember great
traders are not born and whatever the limits you put on yourself if you’re
looking at for example in a moment when we get to the trading strategies
and remember and you look at these and by the way and you say I can’t do this
well that’s a self-imposed limit it sounds like a cliche I know but if you
believe you can you’re right if you believe you can’t you’re right you can
learn how to day trade so traders what I’m going to do now is I’m going to stop
this save this and the next video I’m going to put up will be part two of
trading your way to financial freedom

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