56 thoughts on “Trading 101: What is a Mutual Fund?

  1. Hey there, Clay, i've been googling a lot, but can't really find a proper answer… the question is, what will happen if for instance you buying shares in your online broker and have a big amount in there , but the website breaks suddenly, or something like this. What will happen to your money?

  2. Great explanation. I wish to get into online stock trading but I'm a complete newbie (also not from the financial field). In one of your video you mentioned rushing to a broker is similar to wanting a surgeon scalpel as a high school student, and that "schooling" is very important. You have tons of videos and playlists, where should I start from? With the vast information online I find it very confusing and have no idea where to begin.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong: A mutual fund is a way of being hands off and still being diversified at the same time when investing your money, correct? Great videos by the way. I am new to this. Thanks for demistifying stocks and investing.

  4. This video was very informative!! Thank you for making this… Its time for me to start investing. <3

  5. where can i go to make sure my mutual fund is performing better than a big market index? iv seen a fund i like but i hear indexes are cheaper to invest in and nearly always outperform mutual funds. is this true?

  6. thanks for making this video. Makes the definition simple and clear. I leave here with a much better understanding.

  7. Great videos thx. just some questions if I chose to be hands off , how do I know that the middle man is working with integrity and not using my money to run experiments. in other word, why will he work hard to make me some money. i know he gets fees and may be commissions. Also,mutual funds without a middle man = diversification done by the money holder? but diversification done by a middle man = mutual funds? Thanks in advance

  8. I’m considering buying the package. Very informative video. Just a question, what is your thoughts about Dave Ramsey? Do you agree with him? His philosophy is to invest into mutual funds and retire with millions. How does your philosophy differ from his?

  9. Hey Clay, great video. How does it work if you hold a mutual fund long term? is the only income you get dividends or do you get income any other way when you buy a mutual fund?

  10. This was very easy to understand. Thanks for that pizza analogy. It helped a lot. New sub!

  11. Does that mean if I buy different shares of various companies to trade, is that considered as a mutual fund?

  12. is there any way to buy Mutual funds or like when I buy all the different shares then only it's a Mutual fund? Like can I find a category to buy MF with my broker?

  13. You great brother. Thank you for the explanation. I have a question. What if you pick 5 top companies and invest most of your income money in them for 20 years, you think it would pay off?

  14. Hi claytrader I am from the philippines. I just want to ask, can I join the inner circle even if I am from another country? I know a little bit about mutual fund and stock market

  15. This WONDERFUL country where information and web access like this is freely available you cannot just access information to learn at your will in all countries of the world because of the dictorial government but we have it SO good over here in these United States of America God bless America.

  16. I liked the explanation and the way the information was delivered, but could you slow down the speed of the speech? 😁

  17. If I’m putting money in a mutual fund, when do I now if it’s not doing well? I can’t afford anyone to help me with it.

  18. Please do more videos on investing in stocks. I watched all your videos on them and they are wonderful, but we need more. Thanks.

  19. Great video, very good except your spelling of "mutual" on the board 😉 I have subscribed as your videos make the most sense to me. Thanks for drawing pictures!

  20. Everything es good about the video but I really dislike the pizza example.

  21. I've got about 500$USD I'm willing to invest in this idea.
    Can you turn both of us a profit on it? And build it from there?

  22. Your video was very helpful…loved it.. please make the advanced mutual fund video..👍

  23. Mutual funds= different ingredients in each slice of a pizza into Box. Hahaha

  24. thanks clay i've been watching since the 1st video trading 101. However, i would appreciate if you cut down the unnecessary words from the video, because i always fall asleep if the video too draggy at some point. You elaborate too much in video and email as well. ^.^

  25. Great lesson on investment.

    But @04:24, 'That's the worst…' Lol.

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