Trading Copper and Gold in a Recession (w/ Peter Boockvar) | Stock Trade Ideas

13 thoughts on “Trading Copper and Gold in a Recession (w/ Peter Boockvar) | Stock Trade Ideas

  1. after hearing brag on copper while watching it tank I'm not going to listen to what he thinks about Gold.. this guy is full of crap trend will last longer than you will stay solvent RV dont waste my time

  2. I've been watching Peter for many years and he always impressed me with his candor and levelheaded approach. I heed his advice.

  3. Great advice. I'm buying the dips in both southern copper and lundin mining. I totally agree with him on silver. Great interview too, I like the interviewer's style. I personally think that Chinese technology companies and commodities are going to be the big gainers in 2020-2021. Cheers.

  4. I think we should raise interest rates up to 8% FED FUND Rate to help the middle class to increase savings rate and to fully fund all of these retirement pension funds for retirees. If the stock market bubble pop, so what, this stock market is in a big bubble anyway and real estate prices is way too high as well for the average person can afford it. Having a big deflationary recession for the next 3 to 5 years is actually good for the middle class for they can afford to buy things again at affordable prices. The reason why the FED will not do this is because the multi-international corporations are controlling Washington and or politicians. The FED does not actually help the middle class people here. So because the international corporations are controlling our government, USA will be heading into stagflation economy and will eventually become the next Venezuela country and will sacrifice the middle class families. I hope President Trump or some other politician will prevent this from happening. God Bless America.

  5. This is trading stuff. Buy and hold

    not pump and dump. Everybody hold their metal till after the next pop and it will settle at a plateau. Then you spend it as needed.

  6. Truck tonnage is making a new all time high. Service sector matters for jobs (75% share of emplyoment) whilst manufacturing matters for GDP

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