Trading Experts Getting Started Program

– After I put out the Trading
Experts video last week I got a lot of good feedback and was asked by many people to review
the individual booklets that are part of the trading program. So today I will be going over the very first booklet in the series, the Getting Started program. The Getting Started program is basically the first step in the journey
to profitable trading. It is a crash course for people that have little to no experience trading and consists of a 43 page PDF. Contained in those 43
pages are seven lessons and five mini stories. The purpose of this booklet is to introduce the new trader to terminology, charts and the beginnings of game planning. So there are seven lessons
and five mini stories. But what exactly are in those lessons? Well, the first lesson
has to do with the role consistency has in success. Now, I mean, to some people
that might be alarming that the very first lesson
isn’t even about trading, but, consistency is so key in success. It’s just something that is first and foremost to getting there. In the book it states multiple times that random efforts yields random results and so, basically what that means is you have to be out
there and consistently put in effort every day if you want to see consistent results. Now, I’m always talking about consistently profitable trading, not just profitable trading, consistently profitable trading. So, since you are likely a novice trader and don’t know what to trade the fourth lesson is all about the certain criteria that stocks must meet in order to be tradable. Now, how do you keep
track of all those stocks that you have deemed tradable is you create a watchlist on TradingView. Now, the third lesson has to do with this, it’s step-by-step instructions on how to create your own
watchlist in TradingView. I mentioned in the previous video that I have built a
watchlist of over 500 stocks and I consistently would scan about 400 stock charts per day. This is all made possible
through the use of TradingView because it’s so easy to
use and very user friendly. Now technical analysis is one of the best tools available for trading. At the Trading Experts the saying goes, the charts never lie. This is why there’s an entire lesson dedicated to the bull flag chart pattern. And why is a preferred chart to trade, I mean, can you believe that. An entire lesson,
several pages of the book is dedicated to just one
single chart pattern. And then finally after
you’ve gotten through 36 grueling pages of
reading you’re rewarded with the bread and butter of
trading, Game Planning. This is perhaps the most
important lesson in the book because it gives the
novice trader the tools to go out and begin
formulating trade ideas. For me, this was the turning point. Because before joining Trading Experts I knew that you should create strategy, I mean, you obviously don’t wanna go on the, no plan, plan. But I didn’t know exactly
what a game plan was or how to make one or
even what it consisted of. So the three things that a game plan will consist of are: entry price, stop-loss
price and target price. Once I had learned those three things I was able to go out and begin formulating my own trading ideas which
was super cool and empowering because all of a sudden I didn’t need anybody else to tell me what to trade or what to put on my watch list, I knew all that stuff. So after just the first 43 page booklet I already was ahead of 90% of traders, oh, and did I mention that
the book is free, yeah. You can go on Trading
Experts Instagram page right now, send them your phone number and you will get this
43 page book for free. Along with access to the
game planning chat room where you can get one-on-one mentorship with experienced traders. So I’ve included a link down
below for your convenience. So go over there, just
give ’em your phone number, it’s super easy, there’s literally no obligations at all to make and you don’t even have to want to be like a day trader or
anything, you could just be interested in learning
more about trading. It’s a super easy read
and once you’re done you’ll know a lot more
than you did before.

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